Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reaping the Rewards of Nastiness

So I see our cowardly PM in his continued obsession with attacking, while hiding behind a law suit, has decided to increase his claim against the Liberals by an additional $1M.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has upped the ante in his $2.5-million defamation suit against the Liberals, claiming an additional $1-million for "misappropriation of personality."

I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read what he is claiming. Anyway, it's not surprising that he's keeping up this strategy, but I do find it interesting how this supposed strategic genius doesn't understand the impact of attacking people and institutions on Canadians. Actually, I take that back. I'm sure he does understand, but his hubris prevents him from caring.

The poll suggests that he's turning people off rather than attracting them to the party.

A new poll suggests the federal Conservatives have lost key support amongst women, Quebecers and Ontario voters.

It's easy to understand that he turns off women, but it would seem that the progressive base that he thought he could tap into in Quebec and Ontario is beginning to get a clearer picture of the man and his party.

The poll suggests the Liberal advantage among women living in cities has increased to 10 percentage points over the Tories from five since December.

In Quebec, the poll suggests Tories lost a 15-point lead with voters who say they're neither federalist nor separatist - and are now tied with the Liberals.

And in Ontario, it indicates Conservative support has dipped outside the greater Toronto area and especially in the 613 area code.

613? Oh, oh! Petulant Pierre may be in trouble after all.

Interestingly the article states that Harper lost this support over the last session of parliament. That has become a pattern hasn't it? The more people see of the Con's, the less enchanted they are. So, you would might expect his numbers to go up now that we are into the summer, but I'm not so sure about that.

He certainly hasn't dialed things down. Frankly I don't expect him to. As I said, he's too arrogant. No I think we can look forward to more ridiculous comments about the Green Shift and the environment in general, especially at the upcoming G8 meeting. I'm sure too that his and some of his party's (yes I know that 2 Lib's didn't not react positively either) remarks about Morgentaler won't advance his cause to woo women and urban voters.

Additionally, I think Dion's strategy of calling Harper out to debate is a good one.

Accusing the prime minister of indulging in "low blow politics and character assassination," Liberal leader Stéphane Dion challenged Stephen Harper yesterday to a one-on-one carbon tax policy debate in Calgary, the Conservative PM's riding and the energy capital of Canada.

Harper will never bite of course because he's got everything to lose. The strategy doesn't even make Harper out to be the coward he is in the classical sense, it simply underscores out that he cannot debate because he has nothing to offer. Furthermore, his reactions (or his spokesman's reactions), sound more ridiculous as time goes on.

"Mr. Dion hasn't even realized that the debate started weeks ago," Harper's spokesman Dimitri Soudas said.

Really Dimitri? I must have missed that. Canadians just aren't that stupid. They know how to read report cards.

Since your strategy seems to be to solidify your base here's an idea for a future talking point.


penlan said...

Yep. Good ole Steve continues to be the asshole who unfortunately represents our country on the world stage. Wonder if he'll somehow bring up something at the conference & point fingers & blame the Libs for it.

I'd love to know if there has been any other PM who has used the courts as much as he has. He's pathetic & it really, really shows now to one & all.

RuralSandi said...

The debate started weeks ago - huh? Attack ads aren't debates - they are cheap shots.

I live in rural Ontario and we are starting to see letters to the editor of our paper indicated disgust with Harper's legal suits and negative attack ads.

A lot of people in my town and neighbouring towns work at GM in Oshawa - I think they have more on their minds that Harper's stupid vendettas - it's not going over well at all here.

My husband takes VIA to Toronto every day to go to work....and he says that he estimates about 95% of the folks in the car out town commuters sit in are really upset with Harper. I would say at least 100 people take this train from my town.

My husband works for a bank/brokerage firm, others are lawyers, accountants, office workers, medical workers, film/art industry workers, engineers, tech people, etc. - quite a cross section - they do not like Harper.

Anonymous said...

"misappropriation of personality."
I wonder about the Connies using Dion's image and misrepresenting what he said is...
The conservative will lie about Dion but Harper refuses to explain what is on the Cadman tape...
What a fucking assmonkey...

knb said...

penlan, indeed he's pathetic.

I just hope he keeps showing Canada how pathetic he is.

knb said...

My husband works for a bank/brokerage firm, others are lawyers, accountants, office workers, medical workers, film/art industry workers, engineers, tech people, etc. - quite a cross section - they do not like Harper.

Sandi, who does that leave out?

No one is the answer, except of course the true believers, and we'll allow them to fade into the blur they belong to.

Gayle said...

"The conservative will lie about Dion but Harper refuses to explain what is on the Cadman tape..."

Well, if the lawsuit gets as far as examinations for discovery, he is going to have to explain it.

ottlib said...

Where did you get that picture knb?

It make him look evil.

knb said...

cherniak_wtf...I have nothing to add. Well said.

knb said...

gayle, indeed he will. If it really goes that far, he'll no doubt rely on the 'doctored tape' defense, but of course the other side will have their more extensive proof that the tape was simply stopped and started in the same fashion that every reporter employs.

knb said...

Ottlib, I can't remember but I grabbed it a while back precisely because it conveyed that to me. I knew it would come in handy.

To turn a now ancient belief on it's head, sometimes the camera captures the soul.