Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's Not About the Truth. It's About the Show

Doesn't Harper look like a director sitting in his chair, watching to ensure that the show goes on as he imagined it?

Consider how the lawsuit he has brought against the Liberal party is being played out. First the revelation by Zytaruk, then the implausible rebuttals by James Moore in the House, then the whole 'we'll see you in court!' exclamation and finally the flashy presser to announce, in language verging on hysteria, that the tape had been altered.

None of the above has yet addressed the essence of what all of this is really about of course. That is the Conservatives offering Cadman financial compensation of some sort prior to a vote of grave importance, but it's been a pretty good show so far hasn't it?

It's funny how quickly the Con's presented themselves as being vindicated, because after all, the tapes were doctored right? 'Case closed as far as we're concerned, but we'll still see you in court! '

Except, the Harper gang, as is their wont, didn't provide all of the information they received as it relates to the tape.

A former FBI scientist hired by Stephen Harper's lawyer in the prime minister's $3.5-million lawsuit against the Liberal party has contradicted two other experts who said an audio tape at the centre of the legal action was doctored, court documents reveal.


The initial two experts, one from the United States and the other from Stratford, Ont., categorically ruled that an audio tape recording of an interview Zytaruk conducted with Harper in September 2005 had been altered.

Koenig, who also performed an authenticity analysis of the Linda Tripp telephone recordings in the investigation of former U.S. president Bill Clinton, reported irregularities in the copy tape and portions where an earlier recording had been taped over, but concluded Zytaruk's original recording, his tape recorder and an external microphone if Zytaruk used one "are required to conduct a conclusive authenticity examination in a forensic audio laboratory."

That kind of examination is required to "scientifically" determine whether the original information is truly original, contains or has alterations, such as deletions or additions, Koenig said in the report he submitted with his own sworn affidavit.

There is nothing surprising in what he says of course, nor is it odd to have different results from various witnesses. What is odd though are the lengths to which the Conservatives go in relying on the 2 experts they told us about, while ignoring this one.

Didn't they think Mr. Koenig's affidavit would be revealed? Did they not realise how ridiculous they look in doing this? How is it that they continue to believe the public will accept their half truths and ridiculous scripted replies? Maybe they really do believe that they can convince Canadians that black is white and up is down?

While the Conservative strategy may be banking on Canadians being stupid, something tells me this one is going to backfire, especially if this all comes down to the first two experts picking up noise from a previous conversation that Zytaruk taped over.


Platty said...

Truth and Show??

Truth about the Green Shift Show:

Findlay said it's impossible to calculate the emission reduction numbers at this point, "because energy prices have gone up so much, we don't know how the shift will affect consumption," she said.

In other words, the truth is, we have not done any real research, but, the truth is, it's all about taking Saskatchewan and Alberta money and shipping it East anyway.

The funny thing about all of this is that no matter how many times Liberal supporters try to change the channel, there's another Liberal MP waiting to change it back....


knb said...

Speaking of changing the channel platty...

Omar said...

LOL @ platty

You go girl!

Conservative strategy is banking on Canadians being stupid and Albertans remaining so.

ottlib said...

platty said:

"Look at that shiny thing over their!!!"

I am paraphrasing of course.

At any rate platty, lately when the Liberals are in the news it is about a comprehensive policy to reduce ghg emissions, alleviate poverty and reduce income taxes.

When the Conservatives are in the news it is a further development on one of their many scandals.

But you keep pointing Canadians at that policy position there platty. I am certain the Liberals have no problem with Canadians focusing on it.

knb said...

Irony does seem to by in short supply amongst our Conservative friends Omar.

As to what the Con's are banking on, I think they've made a bad investment.

I know, what a shock.

What I find most interesting is when this is going to court. September.

The Con's are saying they will not prorogue and will come back as scheduled, but depending when this goes to court in September and what comes out, there may be a change of plan me thinks.

knb said...

I wonder what those shiny objects are ottlib, ;). They must be sent out when you subscribe to their newsletter.

That platty doesn't even understand what MHF is saying is rather sad really.

Anyway, you're correct. The Lib's are speaking substance and the Con's are busy handing out cheques while swatting the flies that land on them.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Harper looks like a leader. Maybe your leader could take leader-looking lessons. Dion always looks like he's ready to fall over from a small gust of wind or start crying.

More to the point, when it comes to the Libs, it is not about the truth. It is about stealing, lying, and saying what they think others want to hear.

I have voted for Libs, PCS, and NDPs in my life, and I will NEVER vote for Libs federally ever again.


Steve V said...

"something tells me this one is going to backfire, especially if this all comes down to the first two experts picking up noise from a previous conversation that Zytaruk taped over."

I agree, and this is why I caterogize this strategy as high risk. The Cons are the one's responsible for elevating this tape as the central question, for this entire affair. If you ask me, they were better off with the earlier, "it's no big whoop" argument, playing word games, shrugging their shoulders, others making something out of nothing. The media had largely forgotten, but alas, they choose to re-introduce the whole question, and have focused entirely on discrediting the tape every since. This strategy accepts the premise, that the tape, as is, serves as damaging evidence against Harper. The attacks mean the tape is important, so the success or failure is now defined within that focus.

I just hope the Liberals keep going, because the Conservatives are clearly trying to scare everyone. If we go to trial, it's hard to see any "victory" for the Conservatives, even if the Liberals were wrong, we all still get a very public airing of this tape, OVER and OVER again. How that can help the Cons escapes me.

knb said...

Well Barb, if arrogance suits you over integrity, what can I say.

Talk to me after you've seen Dion in person. He backs down from nothing and unlike the guy you adore, he chooses discourse over attack.

Just to be accountable, who exactly did you vote for who proclaimed as Liberal and NDP? We're speaking federal elections here.

Interesting that as it relates to the Con's, you said the PC's. You do know the difference between this bunch and the PC party right?

Steve V said...

Barb? Ya okay. Next.

RuralSandi said...

That phrase "looks like a leader" makes me laugh.

Exactly what does a leader look like - because we've had some terrific leaders in this world of ours - and not all had this "leader look" - FDR comes to mind.

And, you can't judge a book by its cover - Harper may look the part to some, but he sure doesn't act like one when he constantly sulks, insults, bullies, pouts and messes up every file he touches - oh but hey, he reduced the GST - now that's a real work of leadership art for you.

And, it's the quiet ones you have to watch as they say.

Steve V said...


And, he looks like such a leader, he consistently loses to "nobody" on polling questions of leadership. It's also noteworthy, that when people point to Dion's weakness, it actually begs the question- why then is Harper lower in the polls, than his fragile minority showing?

knb said...

I agree Steve, but they upped (sp) the anti when they brought the suit, so they had to make that look important.

I'm with you, the Lib's have to keep going with this and I think they have a case to make when you look at how they are going to defend it.

'Harper continues to shut down dissention.'

True and good strategy in my opinion.

knb said...

No kidding Sandi.

To some I suppose playing the tough guy equates with leadership. How that link is made is beyond me, but it's not a cerebral equation in my mind.

Give me brains over brawn any day, though I won't turn away a combo, ;).

ottlib said...

The Conservative mind.

Bullying and arrogance=leadership.

Thoughtfulness and listening to other opinions=weakness and lack of leadership.


The fact there are a significant number of people in this country who agree with the above is frightening sometimes.

knb said...

The fact there are a significant number of people in this country who agree with the above is frightening sometimes.

All the time ottlib, all the time.

Hopefully they will be marginalised by the next election. I'd be comfortable with that because as it stands, Harper has given them voice and it's ugly.

Canada's back! could honestly be proclaimed then, though I doubt it's a phrase that Dion would use.

Back-woods, back-wards perhaps is what Harper meant.

Platty said...

You guys are hilarious, shiny objects aside, it really is amazing how you continue to defend a man who has said the following:

" There will be no carbon tax in the Liberal plan"

Okay, next...

" We,(the Liberal Party) will not look to Alberta or the Oilsands to finance our proposals."

Yeah, OK...

"The Liberal Green Shift will effectively reduce GHG emissions in Canada"

Of course, when asked for the numbers, Dion got that deer in the headlights look, which he does on every second question regarding the Greed Shift, and answered,
" I could tell you the numbers, but you wouldn't believe me".


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada...No, really! He's their leader!!

Maybe you guys could get him over here to lead you in this little cirlce jerk you have going on.



Hey, did you see him on CPAC, when asked what the effect would have on the price of diesel fuel, Dion said, "Well, it's in the book", the host said, "Don't you know the answer, you shouldn't have to look in the book". At which time, the milquetoast became frantic, searching in his little green book for the answer. The host had to ask him again for the answer, while Dion searched on......


Lead on McDion, Lead on.....


knb said...

platty when I am speaking to the Green Shift, bring on your arguments.

Until then, we are speaking to the ridiculous law suit that Harper has brought against the Liberals.

Speak to the point please.

We'll no doubt re-engage on the other issue, within days even, but until then, stick to the post.

RuralSandi said...

Gee Platty - trying to tell us something you probably got off the Conservative talking points or the other dumb trolls?

Hey, Platty - speaking of climate change and Harper following Bush's view on the matter, it has now come out that Cheney has been up to no good. Cheney had sections of a report taken off - proof of climate change and this isn't the first time.

So, your brilliant leader has been "following" and not leading and Harper's been had and/or is involved in trying to dupe the public. Ya, right, leadership -call Bush and ask what we do next.

Anonymous said...

Conservative strategy is banking on Canadians being stupid and Albertans remaining so.
So so far off reality, sadly.

Also, both "key" experts did not have the same conclusions.

Like you said - all show.

RuralSandi said...

A loss for words
Sunday, July 13, 2008
At this stage of the game, it's surprising to be surprised by what the administration of George W. Bush has wrought.

And yet, we're still shaking our heads over the matter described last week by a former Environmental Protection Agency official who says a report on the health dangers of global warming was censored by Vice President Dick Che ney's office.

Former EPA deputy associate administrator Jason Burnett said an official from Che ney's office ordered that six pages be edited out of the testi mony of Julie Gerberding, di rector of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in October 2007.

...Platty, I just thought you'd like to know what's really going on - I'm sure you don't appreciate being made a fool of.