Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Appeal of Appealing....Too Tempting?

For someone who seems thrive on diminishing institutions that most Canadians hold dear and considers avoiding public scrutiny as sacred, it's difficult to imagine that the Con's won't appeal this latest ruling.

I mean, it would be brilliant if all of this came out during an election, because I really believe the Con's are dead in the water on this, but I cannot imagine Harper allowing that to happen.

The Conservative party's 15-month legal battle against Elections Canada could draw to a close this fall after the federal party lost a last-ditch bid to enter new evidence in its lawsuit.

However, if the Tories decide to appeal the decision, voters may not find out until after the next election whether the ruling party perpetrated campaign spending fraud during the last campaign.

The timing of an election of course is far from certain, but indications are that we will go in the Fall. I guess it's all about guessing. If we do go in the Fall and there is an election, then the coverage of the court proceedings will likely play against the Con's. If we don't go, the same scenario plays out and Canadians have more truth when they finally cast their ballot.

I'd prefer to have the outcome before an election obviously, but I don't think it's critical, so long as the media is able to follow the story.

The official gave the party until Aug. 29 to file its final submissions and gave chief electoral officer Marc Mayrand until Oct. 10 to respond.

It's beyond me why so much time is given and required in this day and age. When this whole thing came to light, I thought it would be wrapped up in quick order. Silly me. What is it about our court system that takes so long?

However, the Conservatives have 10 days to decide whether to appeal the decision before a Federal Court judge, potentially dragging out the lawsuit beyond the fall.

Michel Decary, lawyer for the two Tory campaign agents, would not say Thursday if he'll launch an appeal.

"If there is to be an appeal - and there can be - it's within 10 days," Decary
told The Canadian Press.

Uh huh. Sounds to me as if they will appeal, but what they can offer now is beyond me.

Conservative party spokesman Ryan Sparrow also refused to comment on a possible appeal, although he denied the court officer's decision is a setback for the party.

Sparrow dodged when asked if the party believes the lawsuit should be settled before Canadians head to the polls again.

"I think Canadians accept that we used Conservative money to fund Conservative advertising. We did that legitimately," he said.

And exactly why do you think that young Sparrow? Have you done a poll lately? I mean a poll that asks a legitimate question, clarifying first if the respondent is conversant on the issue. I think not.

Fascinating isn't it? The Con's really believe that most Canadians agree with them. The world of delusion must be an interesting place to live.

Thankfully, 2/3rd's of the country don't live there.


Steve V said...

"I think Canadians accept that we used Conservative money to fund Conservative advertising. We did that legitimately," he said."

Good grief man, go outside once every so often.

knb said...

He is rather pale isn't he Steve? No sunshine.

Or should I say, beyond the pale?

Anonymous said...

Wow, when stated in that fashion, it sounds practically an admission of guilt.

It's like getting tickets for reckless speeding and then saying, "But no one can deny I was driving my own automobile . . . legitimately mine."

It's that last emphasis that he expects to throw "the Canadians" off track.

Look at this shiny object over here ;)

knb said...

joseph, I want to buy stock in that shiny object, then dump it as it crests and falls.

foottothefire said...

supporters of his party are the first to bleat about misspent tax dollars. These law suits are funded directly out of the pockets of frontline conservative schmucks. Fitting? Oh yes, indeed.
You get what you pay for.

ottlib said...

If they are really confident in their position they will let the court case end this Fall. After all having the courts say they did nothing wrong just before or during an election would be good for them.

If they are not confident the court decision will go their way then they will appeal. For obvious reasons.

I wonder if the media will pick up on that?

Anonymous said...

One of the great things that I love about Canada is the fact that you can acually criticize or question some of our sacred institutions.(Or so I thought until I read what you wrote, and the comments)

Lately there has been alot of criticism of another of Canada's sacred institutions. The RCMP. Just a question...because they are a Canadian icon, should we not question them? I'm glad we can. I'll bet that a guy named Stephen Truscott is also glad that here in Canada we are able to challenge both the courts and the RCMP. The name is not coming to me at the moment, but should we criticize the people that question what happened at Vancouver Airport?

I really hope thatcertain 'smucks' in our society are also able to question any and all institutions. If we are not able to do that, some of the sentiments from some people in our great country(jailing for being AGW denier) would get out of hand!

I'll bet that Bob Rae would even agree!

knb said...

Great point ottlib...but we know they are not confident in their case.

Consider what we have seen committee after committee.

Media...we'll see.

knb said...

foottothefire..bleat is an excellent word to use as we listen to the Harper supporters.

ottlib said...


If the Conservatives just criticised EC and took it to court because it had a legitimate difference of opinion of how to interpret the Elections Act there would be no problem.

However, they have not done that. Instead they have consistantly and repeatedly accused the organization of bias based on no evidence except their own prejudices and short term political goals.

The Conservative caucus actually voted no confidence in EC for crying out loud. And for what reason?

Just because it was doing its job?

The Mounties have done some questionable things in the last few years but no one is really accusing it of anything more than incompetence. Bad enough to be certain but there is no malice towards the institution itself just how it has been managed for the last few years.

Contrast that to the Conservative actions towards EC. I would say there is nothing but malice in its actions and words. They have not really argued on points of law, instead they have attacked everybody involved, including the integrity of EC and the CEO, who happens to be a Harper appointee.

The irresponsibility of the Conservatives in this case is really quite astounding.

knb said...

Anon @10:39, I have no problem in questioning our institutions. In fact I think it's vital to keeping our democracy in tact.

Harper is not doing that though. He's arguing that they have no place here and he'd rather see them gone.

There is a huge difference between questioning and suing, let alone wanting to abolish.

If I didn't know better, I'd respond to you as Olaf.

Does anyone else miss his intelligent rebuttal?

RuralSandi said...

Harper and his group of puppets remind me of a disfunctional family - always combative, always suspicious, always's very tiring.

Seems to me that ever since Harper's been PM there's been a fight of some sort going on - Harper and his caucus family need serious help.