Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She Fits Right In

This is Gloria Kovach, the Conservative candidate in Guelph.
In today's Guelph Mercury, there is a story about Stephen Truscott, the compensation he was awarded and how life is now for the family. Given that this is a contemporary issue, the candidates in Guelph were all asked their opinion on whether or not the federal government should share the cost of the compensation that Mr. Truscott is to receive. The issue was raised by a spokesperson for the AG of Ontario.
"We have made a request to the federal government to contribute 50 per cent of the total cost of the compensation for Mr. Truscott," said Sheamus Murphy, a spokesperson for the Attorney General of Ontario. "I don't know we've got a timeline. The request has been made and that's been standard in the past -- the cost of compensation has been shared between jurisdictions."
Here's what the Liberal candidate, Frank Valeriote had to say:
"If you've investigated this, you'll know that the Criminal Code under which he was convicted is federal law.

The rules of evidence that would have been applied, there's actually rules of evidence provincially and there's rules of evidence federally. The application of the law and enforcement of the law is a provincial jurisdiction. So both the federal government and its laws and the provincial government and its application of the laws contributed to the failure of the system of justice," said Valeriote, who is a lawyer in Guelph.

"So it makes sense to me to conclude that since the whole national system of justice failed Mr. Truscott, the entire national system -- provincial and federal -- should contribute to (compensation)."

"Personally, I support that decision that it be born 50-50," he said. "Neither was more at fault than the other. That's clear."
A well thought out reply, spoken by someone who is not afraid to speak his mind and weigh in on issues.
Conversely, this is what Gloria Kovach had to say, er, type.
I am pleased with the Truscott decision," the current city councillor said through an e-mail. She declined to weigh in on the cost-sharing proposal.
"The issue of funding is not a local issue and those questions are best directed to the PMO press office," she said.
Clearly, she has not received permission to speak and is experiencing the joys of the short leash mentality of the PMO.
Not a local issue? She does realise that her current position is not the same as being an MP doesn't she? I mean I hope someone has told her that should she win, she will be involved with national issues and be expected to debate them.
Well, at least she looks like a good fit for the Con's.


Anonymous said...

Good Post. Yes, it is clear that she is a well-trained parrot, which is what we all expect of our national representatives.

Personally, I think we should just elect amorphous blobs or symbols of the riding area. So everyone can fell all cozy seeing them, and not have to bother what their opinion is knowing in our hearts that Harper will call all the shots.

Anonymous said...

feel, not fell ; ).

RuralSandi said...

Is this not almost the same as the London by-election where Lib. Glen Pearson got elected?

The Tory candidate did not talk, go to debates, etc?

knb said...

Thx joseph.

amorphous blobs , or oily ones, ;).

I can't figure out how the Con candidates and MP's can stand it. Imagine having your voice stifled and accepting that?

knb said...

You're right Sandi. I wonder if there are debates scheduled.

It happened to a certain extent in all the Ontario by elections.

Steve V said...

What I want to know, when is the media going to weigh in, on what amounts to censoring candidates, depriving ridings of a simple tenet of our democracy, getting to here the candidates opinions on issues that matter. I mean, it is the media's job to say point blank, she is a trained seal, who can't speak freely. If voters knew this dynamic, the Cons wouldn't be able to get away with it, their candidates would get murdered and they would be forced to open up. Fine, if the Cons want to play this game, quite another for the media to give the technique a pass.

Scott Tribe said...


That would be Diane Haskett, former London Mayor (in)famous for refusing to allow a Gay Pride parade 10 or so years ago and being fined for it by the HRC.. She finished third behind Pearson and May, and promptly took back off down to Washington DC to work for her Republican friends.

Red Tory said...

Just what the Conservatives need, another soulless, preprogrammed automaton.

knb said...

Sadly, they see the need for nothing else but that.

Anonymous said...

She has an impressive CV. She likely will win Guelph for the Conservatives.

Demosthenes said...

"She has an impressive CV. She likely will win Guelph for the Conservatives."

Like candidate, like commentator.

Meet today's modern conservative: basically a parrot with thumbs.