Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Endorsement...You Decide it's Merit


Steve V said...

It's a good endorsement, primarily because of the timing. Richardson's endorsement gives Obama some positive coverage, something he needs, after the last couple of weeks. It is also relevant, because Richardson is latino, a demographic which seems quite hostile to Obama.

I don't think this endorsement makes much difference on the ground, but it changes the channel for day, at a good time.

Karen said...

It is also relevant, because Richardson is latino, a demographic which seems quite hostile to Obama.

And, quite wedded to the Clinton's.

I would agree that it's a good endorsement but how it translates is anyone's guess.

It's quite the roller coaster of a race.

Dame said...

Judas comes To Mind..
somehow it feels wrong and dishonest .

Karen said...

Marta..I've missed you.

I'm not religious, so Judas was not my first thought, but I get your drift.

Judas is a term that seculars use freely and having seen Richardson today, yes, there is an aspect of that there.

It's separating the wheat from the chaff now and I'm not sure she can pull that out.

Baggage may just do her in, rightly or wrongly.

I think she should win, but I also see that the country has changed too much to see her as a beacon. That is not a reflection of her in my mind. It's more a result of the damage that Bush has done.

As it relates to Obama, as shallow as you may believe he is, you must remember that the country, the people in the US, haven't had any idea of what reality is. Many do not know where Canada is for god's sake.

Love him or hate him, Obama is opening dialogue.

If they didn't have 'term' limits in that country...I think Hillary could have called her time. That is why I like our system, even though idiot Harper has tried to change it.

Sorry, I'm babbling.

It may not be right or just, but it's all about timing.

Dame said...

I believe Hillary has more to offer and on the base what USA is operating as today .. The big problem is she is in skirts...
can You have a beer with her ?? Nope. This is reality woman as Commander Of Cheef just can't happen yet.. But Obama is a very shaky Choice For me. Vaste majority of Americans have an Identification problem if he is the Nominee /on the psychological level/ It will work out in the Voting boots at the last minutes/
And I am very afraid Both could be beaten by McCain ... so i am thinking the Democrats fumbled the ball already.
I have a Very close Friend In Maryland with whom i exchange alot of our thoughts .. she never misses a chance To be out on the streets on antwar protests and goes near confrontations when things are not easy .. and she told me if Obama is the Nominee she will Vote McCain....
I Think Obama would be a reckless suicidal Choice

Pure madness all Over everywhere you look.

Bubbling To You..LOLOLOL

By the way I am way off from ANY religious thinking.. I used the term Judas as a Historical Figure
All Religions are LEGENDS .. no More no less

Karen said...

All Religions are LEGENDS .. no More no less