Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Forgiving Interference Does Not Give You Permission to Interfere

Man, I thought I had problems with Cellucci but this man, David Wilkins, makes me crazy. He admitted last week on The House, that yes, the NAFTA leak was interference in the Democratic Primary.

Today, he comes out against the Liberal ask to remove our ambassador to the US, Michael Wilson.

Hello? This guy has interfered in our process more times than I can count and it's ticking me off. I know he had no experience as an ambassador before this appointment, but you'd think he'd 'caughtened on' by now, to use one of his expressions. That in itself should tell you something, but let's move on.

He spoke to a group today and suggested that there was no reason to remove Wilson, because the Canadian government had acted swiftly to denounce leaks and to look into the issue, so it's time to move on. Huh?

Why do I always feel as if I'm living in Alice's world when a Conservative speaks?

Wilson leaked, "allegedly" (lest I be sued), and that is very, very, bad according to Harper, but it's fine to leave the leaker in his position, because after all.... What? He's one of you? He's on your side? He strengthens a McCain talking point?

Good grief people, open your eyes and ears.

For those who are not following the issue, it was reported tonight that the NAFTA issue is going to PA. Yep, Clinton is not letting go of this issue which keeps Harper's lackeys in a tough spot. Apparently McCain is willing to use it to his advantage as well. Harper is not faring well on this one.

Wilkin's should just shut up. His words are not diplomatic, they are partisan beyond belief and that is how he began his diplomatic career in this country. My dream is to have the Liberals in power with this guy as our diplomat from the US.

Cellucci was a pain to be sure, but he's toned down since leaving that post. Wilkin's is unbelievable. When Bush is gone, so will his short lived career.

Until then, it's about time someone called this toady to account.


Red Tory said...

He's quite the prize, isn't he? The US gets our former finance and international trade minister and we get a Republican hack fundraiser from South Carolina who went to Clemson on a tennis scholarship. Kind of says it all...

RuralSandi said...

If I recall correctly, Wilson is a very close friend of the Bush family.

Wilkins was a major fundraiser for Bush - hence his position. From what I've read, Wilkins can be a ruthless person.

Did anyone else not find it strange when this whole NAFTA thing came out that McCain was quickly up on stage declaring he was pro-NAFTA and combining it with the Afghan mission? What do NAFTA and Afghanistan got to do with each other? Too obvious to me that the Bush White House/Wilson have been playing games.

I remember Wilkins interfering in the last Canadian election - re: US/Canada relations and Paul Martin.

Time for this phony to go.

Karen said...

LOL RT. I must have missed that bit of his history. He's one of those people who just get under my skin.

How are you doing btw?

Karen said...

sandi, I've never seen this guy take a diplomatic tone.

I missed that bit with McCain, but it doesn't surprise me some how.

Red Tory said...

KNB — I've got a date... May 6th! By June I should be back in form and fighting trim. ;)

Things are a bit gruesome in the meantime, but it's nice to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel...

Karen said...

I'm so happy you have a date to alleviate some of the uncertainty. I'll remember it I hope, it's the day before my sis's birthday.

It'll be here before you know it and with so many pulling for you, you're bound to come out of it all with flying colours.

Hugs and patience are being sent your way. I suspect the latter is tougher for you to take, ;).

Between now and May, take good care. Many of us care.