Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Consistent Dearth of Truth

The Con's are fond of telling us that they are consistent. That you always know where they stand. Well I would dispute that because they rarely tell us where they actually stand. They are satisfied with telling us where they want you to believe they stand.

Their one consistency is, misleading, or what I like to call their dearth of truth. Whether it's the environment, crime statistics, sound economic policy, our sovereignty and space industry, voting to uphold the Canadian position on the Death Penalty worldwide then twisting the meaning of that vote, transparency, well you get the idea.

The latest in this long string is an interview I heard with Diane Finley on Duffy. The lies began as soon as she opened her mouth, led on by Duffy of course. She is asked about the amazing immigration numbers under the Con's and she replies that for the first time in 100 years they've attracted 430,000 newcomers. Note the word newcomer, not immigrant. Duff points out that we used to be thrilled if we got 250,000. Guess what, we really only attracted 251,000 immigrants, in fact the Con's attracted 10,000 fewer permanent residents than the Lib's. So how did she get her number? Well she added in the balance of 178,000, which is made up of temporary foreign workers who have no legal status and are at the mercy of their employers, as well as students.

Rah, rah! The Con's once again are manipulating language and their lies are being given air time. Well, the new legislation that they snuck into the Budget Implementation Bill last week, actually means a reduction to permanent residents and give the Minister new power. Finley was looking pretty smug on this one, (well to be honest, she always looks smug), but I when the truth comes out it'll come back to bite her.

Let's see if she has the courage to appear on media that actually understands the subject and would challenge/expose her. Somehow, I doubt it.

Hmmm, it just occurred to me that her riding is tobacco country. I presume that is an area that would welcome seasonal workers who can be paid a low wage. I'm just saying...

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Jay said...

Well, They can say good-bye to any urban or immigrant vote now. This story with all its details including how they fudge their numbers by including work Visa's has hit big here in TO. All the papers and free dailies.