Sunday, March 02, 2008

They Lowered the Bar...Again

As we already know, some journalists and pundits will, (and have), go to any length to either change the channel on the Cadman affair, or simply dismiss it. Their motive of course is to defend and save the current Conservatives.

One of the more disgusting displays of this was when Duffy suggested to Jodi Cadman that perhaps pain medication could have clouded her father's recollection. You might ask what could be worse than that?

How about, someone suggesting that Cadman wasn't offered enough, so he rejected the offer. Yes indeed, one of this country's Rush Limbaugh Wanna Be's says this:

3) Could this be a deathbed confection manufactured by the wounded pride of a man who in a moment of high vulnerability was being asked for something very valuable — his vote — and offered nothing more than a pig in the poke?

Yes, I know he typed the word confection for confession but let's ignore that particular ignorance shall we? Because it gets worse. He actually makes the suggestion that Cadman was naming that price of $1 million for his family and the Con's wouldn't pay.

4) Is it possible that Chuck Cadman in his conversations with the Tories (We don't know how many there were. We can only speculate that the Tories couldn't have gone back to the well over and over again and then had two of their chief lieutenants pay him a formal visit unless they thought Cadman was giving them a window of opportunity.) simply couldn't get the Tories to meet his reasonable price?

7) If Cadman was angry at the Tories, could it be because their final offer, quite understandably, insulted him?

Are you disgusted yet? He goes on to say that his death bed confession was born out of guilt, the guilt of having tried to negotiate a deal with the Con's and failed.

14) Is it possible that when the Tories told Cadman they couldn't do a serious money transaction because doing so would have exposed them to charges of criminality, the entire episode left him feeling cheap, dirty and violated.

15) If you were feeling this way, in your dying days, might you in your private moments with your family tell them that your anguish was planted by a group of ambitious political agents of evil trying to corrupt you.

16) Can anyone blame Chuck Cadman's family members for believing Cadman's deathbed version of events?

Who is this individual? Who is it that is so desperate to protect his beloved Harper that he is turning this story on it's head and ruining a man's reputation in the process? This jerk.

I don't know where the Cadman story is going to go, but idiot musings like those shown above scream not only of desperation, but they really provide insight into how little regard individuals like Adler have for people's lives. No one and nothing is off limits for him or people like him.

I think of Navdeep Bains and even Ruby Dhalla a short time back. How about the suggestion that Paul Martin supported child pornography or that Stephane Dion doesn't support our troops, only the Taliban. There are of course many examples.

I'm pleased to say I don't know anyone like this, but I'm also chagrined to admit that before I saw the nonsense with Rove take hold in the States and subsequently adopted up here by people like him, I was not really aware of them. I'm too aware of them now and I think it's time to call them out. (Lest Levant get on my case, I'm not suggesting a HR tribunal.)

Adler, like Limbaugh and others defend their words by suggesting that they are simply refusing to be politically correct. Not in my books. That's their hackneyed smoke screen. More accurately, they are failing to be decent human beings and have lost their ability to determine what that might be. In short, they have no moral compass. They will place their ideology and lust for political power ahead of all else.

Is this what passes for the definition of Conservatism these days? How incredibly sad for those who still believe in Conservative principals but are by default falling under this disgusting umbrella.

Update - The book has been leaked on-line. I think that is a shame for the author. He strikes me as a good man who is truly interested in getting Chuck Cadman's story out there. I read the forward by Paul Martin and it's difficult to tell whether he'd read it all before writing said forward. I don't know either way, but it sounds to me that he was speaking more of his knowledge and experience with Cadman, but you make up your own mind. I'd say this though. If Martin knew of wrong doing by the Harper government, wouldn't he be the first to expose them?

I'm purposely not linking to the book. If it was my work out there before it was published, I'd be beyond ticked. Again, a disregard for decency.


Steve V said...

"I'm purposely not linking to the book. If it was my work out there before it was published, I'd be beyond ticked. Again, a disregard for decency.'

Wish I had thought of that before I posted on the leaked book. I wallow in the mud, like a Conservative slug, while you take the high road with integrity in tact :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you wrote about the Adler column. It was really infuriating. The National Post has been awful on this -- not that they are good on most anything, but here they have really shown themselves by trashing a whole family just to protect their partisan interests. Usually they are just protecting their own (like Conrad Black, they must have had a hundred love-Conrad columns over the past year) but in this case, they are trashing one side to protect the other.

Karen said...

But you know I luv ya anyway!

You're of course none of what you said, I'm following this story and worried about C-10 too.

Your post is great so stand by your instincts. That's what I do.

Karen said...

clh, agreed. It's one thing to expect the expected, quite another to see this turn.

Karen said...

btw, my first comment was directed to Steve.

clh, we've barely met so I haven't grown to luv ya...yet.

Steve V said...

You know, what is particularly valuable coming out of this story, journalistic entities are being exposed in a profound way. The NP ignored this story on Friday, I searched almost a dozen Canwest publications, and couldn't find nary a word. All that we have seen this weekend is hit and run pieces, with the sole intention of trying to kill this story.

Maybe there is a partisan flavor to this story, maybe we pursue it because we are motivated. With that said, this story is objectively relevant, the implications are simply staggering. For an organization to ignore the story, to hear people like Fife and Duffy do everything to undermine, it represents a scary reality, no sense of journalistic integrity. People can rail against the "liberal media" all day long, but I guarantee you, had this been a story about the Liberals, a paper like the Toronto Star, CBC, etc, would have been all over it, without positing excuses. If anyone doubts that, see past scandals, but now here, when it is the other side, we see despicable behavior. It really is frightening.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I completely agree. The tape of Harper in the driveway really gets me. He is directly asked about a million dollar deal and he says he doesn't know the details, but goes on to clearly say finances were discussed. He is our sitting PM and this was just 3 years ago. Who wouldn't want him and all others involved to be further questioned? The reporters and newspapers which are consistently attempting to dismiss this are really exposing themselves as you point out.

RuralSandi said...

Anyone who's been around someone that is dying knows they don't act in anger in anyway - if anything, they clear their conscience so that they can rest in peace.

Adler is an A**holes big time, big mouth big time - and to think he was a regular on Mike Duffy's show - two peas in a pod.