Friday, September 11, 2009

Credibility? Zero

Ya, right. That's what it's like.

These are the people you want running the country?

h/t - Impolitical


A Eliz. said...

I think my head is hurting with alll going on..really how do we get rid of this gang. I certainly know what some other countries would do, with some one that threatens them.

penlan said...

Aarrrggghhh! I'm running around screaming & tearing my hair out over this ignorant, know-nothing, biased, narrow-minded, creepy Harper led Govt.

Does it show that I can't tolerate another minute of these Cons? ;)

Tomm said...

Lizt & Penlan,

Quit drinking the kool-aid, you are making yourselves sick.


Don't you ever feel guilty about taking the Tory comments out of context, while you rail away against anybody who takes Liberal comments out of context?

Karen said...

His comments are in context...complete with the question asked.

Tomm said...


I never heard the interview, but I'm sure he was referring to the roller coaster ride of the last 10 months and its ramifications.

Karen said...

He was and the question sets that up, but the fact remains that he answered in a stupid manner. The whole interview, was worse in fact.

Tomm said...

Publish the Rae interview.

Karen said...

I don't do threats Tomm.

I never heard that show but read somewhere that Rae said Ignatieff didn't sign the coalition paper. Not sure if that is true or was in context, but if he said it, that would be wrong.

That said, we're not running an ad featuring Rae with those comments.

Gayle said...

KNB - Rae was asked about Ignatieff signing a coalition with the Bloc. The coalition was NOT with the Bloc, so Rae was correct when he denied it.

I have already pointed this out to Tomm, so now he is using a deliberate lie to try and bait you.

Karen said...

Ha! Colour me surprised, Gayle.

I love it when a commenter lives up to the title of a post!

Gayle said...

I must say this recent tendancy of Tomm to lie in his posts is disappointing. I rarely agree with him, but I never thought he would stoop to dishonesty.

Karen said...

I would agree with you on that Gayle, but to be honest, I'm seeing an awful lot of it now.

Even the pro's from cpc seem to think that lies are just another form of spin. Kory Teneycke yesterday was pretty uncomfortable defending the practice, but pushed it anyway.

I'm told he's a pretty nice guy. Must be tough to do.

They seem to be called out on it more now though, by the media, which is a good thing. Think of the lies and distortions during the last campaign.

That said, if you support the CPC, you may not have any other choice but to lie? ;)

Anonymous said...

not very hard to see that Tomm working for the Reform/Alliance party and no matter how much truth and prove there is, he has been given his orders to spin, spin,spin. I think he needs to be ignored because he could be slapped on the side of his face and he'd still be spewing their lies. Good think I don't know this person personally because I think I would be the one slapping him. Maybe it might open up that closed brainless mind of his. He is nothing but a parrot for the most evil man I have ever seen in Politics. I will sign out as Marie as usual as my password keeps disappearing and I don't know how to fix it.

Karen said...

Marie, that is weird about your password. I've been me for so long now, I don't remember the in's and out's of signing in, but can't you change the password? Or, change your name to something meaningful but different?

It's not a problem for me, but I think it would make life easier no?

btw, if you're interested in might want to read my next post where they are exposed for what they are.

I know, I'm shameless ;)

Tomm said...

Thanks a bunch.

Just because Gayle advises me of her thoughts on a matter never made her right and me wrong. The Rae interview was clear. He denied that the Liberal's or Ignatieff were in a coalition. Gayle can parse the words carefully if she wants, that doesn't make her correct.

And if we are going to go to that level of word splitting, please explain to me how Ignatieff's clear answer on never forming a coaliton was actuallly just a bunch of weasel words that he will slip out of just like this. When we get to this level of english, I start checking for my wallet and counting my fingers.

I don't know how many times I have to tell people that I actually like Ignatieff, that I am NOT a member of any political party and only write down my own words. Just like you guys, I do it for fun and to share thoughts.

Karen said...

I do actually believe you are agnostic Tomm, but Gayle didn't give her thoughts from what I can see. She stated fact. That's the whole issue here.

If the question had to do with the Bloc being 'in' on the coalition, they were not and Ignatieff of course would not have signed on to that.

They, the Bloc, agreed to support, but got no positions, no power, no posts and the contrary is always the implication by the right.

Think for just half a second about who headed that coalition. Do you really think Dion for one minute would afford the Bloc power? The concept is beyond ludicrous, yet it's pushed to this day by the likes of the radio host you mentioned.

I'm cool with you sharing, but as you can see by the lean of my posts, I'm on a mission to dispell the nonsense.

Political spin is what it always has been...lies are an entirely different matter and Harper, etal, have confused the two.

I'll do my bit to expose that.

I hope you'll join me.

Tomm said...


Occasionally we will end up on the same side of an argument but not likely that often.

Let's celebrate those times when they happen.


Gayle said...

"The Rae interview was clear. He denied that the Liberal's or Ignatieff were in a coalition."

No, Tomm, no.