Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fiction Coming to the Airwaves Near You

One day after Ignatieff declared that he will no longer support this government, the Conservatives, their supporters, the NDP and their supporters have shifted into overdrive.

Most of it is hilarious, but it's a look at how the various parties will react.

No surprise here. The PM and some of his MP's, like John Baird are saying that the economy will be shaken and suffer if we go into an election. The recovery will be affected. Well, once again our economist in chief is outside of his fellow travellers in his opinion.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stepped up his attack on the Liberal opposition Wednesday, repeating his contention that an election could "screw up" the recovery.

(You'd think he would have learned that this language isn't very PM'ish.)

The warnings have become a staple of the Conservative attack against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. On two separate occasions this week, Transport Minister John Baird also sounded the alarm, saying a vote now risks delays to infrastructure projects sustaining the economic recovery.
"That's quite the nerve coming from Stephen Harper who called the last election at a time of a very severe recession," shot back John McCallum, a former bank chief economist who is expected to land an economic portfolio if Ignatieff's Liberals were to form the government.
Economists were mostly unconcerned about any potential crippling impact of an election.
"The Canadian economy is the sum of a heck of a lot of decisions, by investors, by businesses, by consumers across Canada, in the U.S. and abroad, so how well the economy is going to do probably depends a lot more (on other factors) than what's going on in the electoral scene in Canada," said Finn Poschmann, an economist with the C.D. Howe Institute

Next! Well, I shouldn't say that actually, because we all know that even if the evidence is painstakingly laid out before them, they ignore it and continue with the lie.

(btw, can't imagine how they did it in the States ;)

The NDP on the other hand are now not quite so cocky as they were when they were provided a safe haven by the Lib's. Sorry guys, you can't in one breath call the Liberals wimps for supporting the government and then turn around and call them opportunistic when they won't. But hey, if sucking and blowing is your strategy, I won't get in the way.

Additionally, Brad Lavigne, (NDP strategist) suggested that the NDP would do the responsible thing and take it issue by issue as they study the bills presented.

Ha, ha,ha! I know, it's hard not suppress laughter here, given how they vowed to vote against the budget before they saw it, but whatever.

Sadly for the NDP though, the Conservatives don't seem ready to play in the same sand box as those radical, crazy socialists.

We'll hear from Jack tomorrow apparently.

As for the Bloc? Well Duceppe told us today that he'll also go issue by issue and only make a decision rooted in Quebec's best interest. No! Really?

And, the final bit of buffoonery for your enjoyment, the Conservatives will apparently bring a Ways and Means motion to the HoC , (not sure when though) and it will contain...wait for it...the Home Reno Tax Credit. Because of course, if the Lib's take them down on that, the Conservatives will scream from here to Sunday that Ignatieff is taking away your credit!

Of course it's BS in more ways than one. First, the Lib's have already said that they will of course honour the program. Secondly though, there is absolutely no reason to create a new law to have those credits pass. It's all a ruse.

That said, the Conservatives have governed by ruse...why wouldn't they campaign by it?


Anonymous said...

Big surprise, the C.D. Howe "house of disrepute" and Don Drummong siding with their own political party.

Ooooohhh! It's gotta be true.....

Karen said...

Actually, the C.D.Howe came out against him. Far more compelling.

Drummond in the end says it's silly.

Harper is the lone drummer here.

At some point, logic has to prevail.

Steve V said...

"Jack Layton is set to announce he will support the government on a case-by-case basis if the Tories back New Democrats' private member bills on issues ranging from EI benefits to regulating credit-card rates.

Amateur Liberal Strategist said...

To anonymous:

C.D Howe is a a right wing think tank.


Anonymous said...

The C.D. Howe Institute is named for C.D. Howe, a Liberal cabinet minister under then Liberal PM MacKenzie King.

The Institute began life in 1958 when a group of prominent business and labour leaders organized the Private Planning Association of Canada to research and promote educational activities on issues related to public economic and social policy. The PPAC renamed itself the C.D. Howe Research Institute in 1973 following a merger with the C.D. Howe Memorial Foundation, an organization created in 1961 to memorialize the Right Honourable Clarence Decatur Howe. In 1981, the Institute adopted its current name after the Memorial Foundation again became a separate entity in order to focus its work more directly on memorializing C.D. Howe. The C.D. Howe Institute will celebrate its 50th Anniversary as the gold standard for public-policy research in 2008. The Chairman of the Institute is David Dodge; William B.P. Robson is President and Chief Executive Officer.

And David Dodge as chairman and economic advisor to Ignatieff, real right wing, more like center left and very Liberal.

RuralSandi said...

How silly is that - so the C.D. Howe Inst is named after a Liberal - how many years ago? It's moved to the right since that time.

Where was the outrage when Drummond supported some things Harper did? Paranoia is a sick disease and Harper manipulated his supporters to believe Lib media bias - the fools fell for it.

Election and the economy - may bring the dollor down - that's good for exporters. Election creates jobs - how nice since Christmas is coming up.

The Cons have instructed their supporters/trolls to flood radio stations and news articles with the PM talking points and boy there's going to be a flood of absolute robot-like, almost word for word garbage spewn out by Harper.

Jon Pertwee said...

Did Anonymous' spelling magically improve or did he receive his talking points in a digital form so he could cut and past?

Anonymous said...

You Libs are sure entertaining, C.D. Howe Institute has moved to the right? Do you want to buy a bridge?

Tomm said...


Of course you are right. There is significant symmetry by Conservative posters. But just remember this pulls both ways.

When Ignatieff made his initial speech I watched it and my immediate internal reaction was in admiring the "breathtaking arrogance" of the announcement. The next day I went on a website (Chucker's) and found the exact words posted by somebody. We all have positions and arguments and we tend to use similar language as those we agree with.

Don't make it seem so one sided.

Kim Leaman said...

I can't wait for Stephen Harper to become anonymous.

I was asked on Twitter by a Harperite just yesterday if I was not carrying around a Chip on my shoulder, and I replied that it is a defensive response to Our PM, an inglorious leader, who has become a Monkey on Canada's Back.

Harper will say and do anything to hang on to this Country. For Harper the "End justifies the Meanness".

If only declaring something made it a reality as the Cons believe.

I Want Harper to be Canada's 22nd Former Prime Minister. Shall I change my name to "Unanimous" and make it Official?

Anonymous said...

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