Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Because...It's Saturday

Because I miss the season/sentiment and have missed her for a very long time. Not the best quality, but there goes time...

If you don't like Janis, close your eyes and listen to the guitar. 1968, folks, (I think).

All that is old is new again.


sassy said...

No complaints here, I have always been a Janis fan and love this song.

Here is a longer version (live in 1969)

And if you want your own copy of it, Archambault has it.

Oh, darn you KNB now I'm on the Archambaut site and can never go there without ordering something. ;)

Thanks a lot, no really thanks.

penlan said...

Love Janis!! Saw her live at the Montreal Forum back in the late 60's. She was performing with the Kosmic Blues Band at that time. What a show!!!

Sure wish it was still summer though.

Tomm said...

I've been playing some Janis to my kids but they flee from it like it were an infection.

Allman Brothers, Clapton/Cream, Hendrix, the Band they will ask for by name. Janis... and they run away.