Friday, September 18, 2009

Mr. Big Stuff

h/t - Omar Ha-Redeye


Tomm said...

A bit of a drive by smear. You do know that the same kind of propaganda piece could be used for all the political parties don't you?

I'm sure I could dig up 10 perceived slights, and 10 unflattering photo's of Iggy and women.

What was the reference to fringe?

Karen said...

Oh lighten up Tomm. Just a bit of Friday folly.

The fringe has to do with Harper proclaiming that issues like the Court Challenges program, removing equality from Status of Women,etc. and the people who decry what he has done (women) as a 'fringe' groups.

It was on that tape that was released last week.

Tomm said...


The latest EKOS poll have the LPC and CPC pretty much dead even with 30% each of women voters.

A lot of women are choosing to vote Conservative. As many as are choosing to vote Liberal.


Tomm said...


I thought I saw something about "fringe" but wasn't sure.

And with respect to staying light, I did enjoy the video.

The Alberta 5, nice touch!

Karen said...

That's nice. We'll see once a campaign is under way.

Tomm said...

You mean next March?

Tomm said...

There has been an ugly little meltdown of Liberal support over the last two weeks. Ontario is looking shakier by the day.

If the hemorrhage doesn't get cauterized soon, the NDP will want the pin pulled to see whether the collapse is of biblical proportions.

Ignatieff has to find his footing sometime in the next few weeks.

Harper goes back to Pittsburgh for the G20. It just looks like a train wreck for the Liberals. No traction, the NDP getting the oppositon air time, and Harper looking all leader like.

I couldn't have predicted this. Obviously neither did the LPC brain trust.

Karen said...

Ha! Thanks for my morning smile Tomm.

NDP is in complete meltdown. Scared of an election, fractured between Mulcair and Layton camps and broke.

Polls are cautionary, but I'll wait for polls based on platforms.

Tomm said...

Glad to make you smile ;)

Tomm said...

Are you sure you're not a left wing fringe group?