Monday, September 28, 2009


I cannot believe that this government is once again going to drag this woman through the wringer. Well, actually I can believe it, but I'm disgusted.

Now we are only hearing one side of the story at this point but:

In one interview with the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi, Mohamud indicated she was a student at Humber College and was studying fashion design. But in another interview, she denied it and said she was only thinking about going to school at Seneca College.

Having heard her testify, it is clear that she understands and speaks English, however, it was also clear that she sometimes misunderstands questions and given the stress she was under, that is hardly surprising.

That aside for a moment though, as an astute person on twitter pointed out, it should have been pretty clear that she was from Toronto by the mere mention of Humber and Seneca College.

The documents alleged she lacked knowledge about Toronto, where she had lived for 10 years. She couldn't name Lake Ontario, and even though she took public transit to work, she had trouble explaining the acronym TTC, the Toronto Transit Commission.

Um, maybe she had trouble with the meaning of the word acronym? Have you ever listened to talk radio? I guarantee half the adoring audience couldn't define it.

I'm not going to defend every point here. I'll allow Suaad and her lawyer to come out to speak to this, but it is beyond belief that after all she went through the government, Harper and Cannon, are actually taking this route.

To try to sully her name once again, is disgraceful.

Canadians don't want an election? This Canadian does and I'd wager that Suaad Mohamud does too.


Anonymous said...

She shouldn't have filed suit against the government, she should just be happy she is in Canada and not Kenya.

Some Cons shouldn't be allowed citizenship said...

Yeah, why is she acting so uppity.

Next thing you know, she'll be expecting the government to treat her equally, to protect her civil and constitutional rights, to expect the police to respond to her calls in a timely fashion and to, essentially, expect to be treated like regular citizen like her FUCKING PASSPORT SAYS SHE IS!!!

Anonymous said...

Once you sue for big bucks you lose my support. Why not sue the Government of Kenya? They were the ones who detained her and wanted some money under the table before she would be allowed to leave Kenya.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if this so-called interview was fabricated after the fact in order to justify the appalling treatment she received in Kenya.

ottawasteph said...

On my planet, people in distress have a hard time remembering things immediately. Just because someone stutters and stammers, it doesn't mean that they're lying.

FredfromBC said...

I'll allow Suaad and her lawyer to come out to speak to this, but it is beyond belief that after all she went through the government, Harper and Cannon, are actually taking this route.


"Harper and Cannon" have absolutely NOTHING to do with this, and you know it. Do you think everyone who reads your blog is stupid? Or just so brainwashed that they'll believe any slurs against the Prime Minister and his MP's no matter how far-fetched?

Anonymous said...

FredfromBC: I think the only stupid person is you. Did you actually read the CBC story referred to in this blog? Had you done so you would have discovered that:

"The federal government filed court documents Monday claiming a Canadian woman, stranded in Kenya for three months and now suing Ottawa, gave contradictory statements that led consular officials to believe she was an impostor and not the proper owner of the passport in her possession.

The government says Suaad Hagi Mohamud gave wrong answers and contradictory information in three separate interviews with Canadian officials in Kenya last May, according to court documents filed in Federal Court. The documents were filed in response to a motion for costs by Mohamud's lawyer Raoul Boulakia."

Harper and Cannon have absolutely nothing to do with the federal government? If only that were true!

Ron said...

She chose to sue us for big bucks so she is the one that needs to convince the judge her story is right and Canadian officials did something wrong. At least now we are getting the full story - usually it is only the sob story produced by the Opposition looking for political points and the defense attorney looking to get their client off the hook. Let's see what evidence can be presented to show why officials doubted her story - if there is reason for them to doubt her, they did the right thing - if not they were wrong and we'll have to pay her millions. Either way, blame the officials for their errors, not politicians thousands of miles away getting only the official's version of events.

Karen said...

Anon @8:40...a Canadian citizen is treated as though she doesn't matter here and she should just be happy she is in Canada?

In case you missed it...this government was trying to keep her OUT of Canada.

I'm so incredibly sick of the idiocy coming from the right.

She shouldn't have filed suit? What? She should have come back and said thank PM, it's fine that you abused my rights as a citizen.

You do realise your words are patronizing and could be interpretted as bigoted. You're basically patting her on the head and saying now, grateful you are here at all.


Karen said...

Fred, Cannon came out and publicly stated that she wasn't doing enough to prove her case. Of course he was stupid do you think people are?

I know bureaucrats are involved, but that is not the issue and if you think there is on thing that goes on in Foreign Affairs that the PM isn't briefed on and involved with, it is you my friend that is exhibiting a serious case of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

How can a report of facts by officials who are just reporting what happened be construe3d as offensive.

There have been several statements that initially the person trying to board the plane was thought to be the lady's sister.

The truth shall have to come out. That would be more justice than just blindly defending this lady on her word alone. Or, do you think our officials should be pushovers?

They are arms length from politics and were doing the job assisgned to them - to keep imposters out.

Cari said...

Her DNA matched her sons. It was some Canadian officials who were talking to her..something is wrong here...wasn't the Government supposed to "check" up on her to see what "really" happened in Kenya?.......Someone sure has twisted the truth

Anonymous said...

Her passport photo has her wearing attire on her head, which is allowed given the subject's religious beliefs but not recommended due to the obstruction of the image. When she returned to Canada and at subsequent press conferences she was not wearing anything on her head.
This observation is not against any religion but logical: if her religious beliefs required her to wear certain attire for her passport then why wasn't she wearing it at the airport? This could contribute to mistaken identification.

Karen said...

Cari...oh, this government wouldn't let a little scientific reality like DNA get in the way.

Geesh, they probably don't believe the science.

Karen said...

Anon 10:12. The photo was over 4 yrs old and she had moved on. Yay Canada! She chose that.

Her face was not obstructed in the photo for the record...just her hair.

Karen said...

Anon @10:02 They are arms length from politics and were doing the job assisgned to them - to keep imposters out.

Cannon commented on this in public and in the House.

No, the government was not operating at arms length, they were intimately involed.

Seriously...could one person on the right, kissing this government at every opportunity, do a little fact checking? I know it's tough, reading and researching and all...but seriously, you look idiotic.

Anonymous said...

If her appearance, including religious garments, changed it is her obligation to update her passport accordingly.

Carrying a Canadian passport is not an automatic right, it is a privilege and should be taken seriously. Besides, she provide answer basic information regarding the country, her home town, and even her child. Her biometrics -height- differed from the documentation.

What would you want the officials to do? Her appearance did not match. She could not answer general knowledge questions. She could not answer personal, factual questions. Would you rather the officials let her in despite triggering multiple security flags.

I'm not saying the situation couldn't have been handled better, but given the information it was handled appropriately.

Anonymous said...

I think we may need to see a photo of her sister who was in Kenya and see if SHE is 6 or 7 centimetres shorter than the height listed on the passport.

The, measure Suad and if shi is all of a sudden the same height as on her passport - having grown 6 or 7 centimetres following being measured in Kenya the first time then it just COULD make sensible people go hmmmmmm.

FredfromBC said...

No, the government was not operating at arms length, they were intimately involed.


They weren't involved at all until the news media started hounding them for 'sound bytes'. To their credit (and despite all the hysterical hand-wringing from the Liberals), they stayed out of it and let the embassy officials *do their jobs*.

You already know about the fraud problems at the Nairobi Airport (roughly 5 *fake* Canadian passports per week), but maybe you should do a little more research before you pick your side. This woman works for a company called ATS but doesn't know what the acronym stands for (nor what the TTC is, even though she supposedly took transit every day). She didn't know what lake Toronto is on. She didn't know which school she was going to nor who was Prime Minister of Canada (she couldn't even name the previous PM).

The list is very long, but two more stand out: not knowing the date of her wedding, and not knowing the date of *her child's birth*. Oh, please...

This could get very embarrassing for you if you keep spouting off without having any facts to support your contentions. Maybe you should wait for a bit more information to be released before deciding who to believe?

Personally, I'm sticking with my original first impression (subject to change as more reliable information becomes available, of course)..that it was her sister who originally tried to board the plane using her passport. Makes the most sense and answers all the questions nicely...

rockfish said...

Notice how all the morons (except Fred, who loves showing his redneck) are hiding behind anonymous? What a bunch of cowards -- is it they don't want to be identified with the swill their party is asking them to spill, or that they know exactly how their argument makes them look?
They sound like members of the Rush Limbaugh nation...

RuralSandi said...

You know KNB - the "anons" are too chicken to show who they are and for that reason their opinions don't matter. If you believe what you say - you aren't ashamed to show who you are.

Anons - your opinions don't matter.

Hiding your identity when making comments just proves you are either a bigot or ashamed of who you are.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should ask all Conservatives if coalition governments are legal in Canada - for those that falsely answer that they are not, we should reinstate the death penalty for stupidity. That should cull about 90% of them (including most MPs)

I get the feeling that Conservatives seek out to be stupid - almost a badge of honour with them.

Omar said...

This Canadian would also like to see us go to election, but unfortunately I don't think you or I will savour the likely results.

FredfromBC said...

I think we may need to see a photo of her sister who was in Kenya and see if SHE is 6 or 7 centimetres shorter than the height listed on the passport.


(that's one more I didn't mention just to keep my post shorter: she has denied having a sister, too..)

But I'm loving the fact that so many of the regular posters here are throwing around words like "chicken", "bigot", "redneck", "cowards", etc...

*Anything* to avoid having to actually respond to the evidence that has now been released, right?

It's a good thing you people are so funny, otherwise I'd be inclined to think I had stumbled into some kind of teen forum or something. ;)

Tomm said...


As the band has already told us "Right Said Fred".

He is making more sense than you or any other poster.

I've got to give you credit for posting on this, the day of the new information. However I am bewildered that you are so blind that you still think there is some consipiracy by Conservative politicans against black Muslim women.

You should not condone your posters throwing around disparaging and derogatory terms here.

There clearly appears to be evidence that gives reason for the Canadian consular decisions. And further a rational explanation to the whole thing, which is the first time since the beginning of this fiasco I have heard anything rational.

It still requires vetting but this new evidence should not be dismissed out of hand because it disagrees with your conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

After reading an article in today's Star

I had to come back to this thread where Conservatives are being called bigots, racists, disgusting and the like.

It seems the interviewer of this woman came away a disbeliever after 3 separate interviews. At one point the woman claimed she went to Seneca College and her prof's name was Randy Jackson.

If this blog has even a shred of credibility it's author must do a follow-up post setting the record straight once this matter is resolved.

Omar said...

...but, many Conservatives ARE racist and bigoted. I personally know enough of them to say this with absolute certainty. AND, not only are they racist and bigoted, they are perversely proud of it! Remaining friends with them over the years has proven difficult and in a couple of cases impossible. To deny these people exist is not only dishonest, it is laughable.

Karen said...

Anon @1038. To begin with, you have no right to come here and threaten me.

Further to that, my credibility or that of my blogor does not rely on your opinion.

Lastly, I have no intention of ammending the blog or changing my opinion based on the article.

What is being reported are the facts being presented by the government in their defense. That does not tell the full story, only the part they want to get out.

Are some of those facts odd? Yes, but the bottom line is she is who she said she is...DNA remember?

No, I still think was not treated well and I think Cannon overstepped.

I will say this though. If I'm shown to be wrong once the case has run it's course, I will post on that.

Anonymous said...

You may want to read my post again.

- There were no threats or anything of the kind in my post. Why did you say I came here and threatened you?

- I didn't say you had to make a decision based on the Star information in today's paper. I said, and will say again, "If this blog has even a shred of credibility it's author must do a follow-up post setting the record straight once this matter is resolved."

Anonymous said...


...but, many Conservatives ARE racist and bigoted.

Didn't we just have Kinsella this week railing out againt anti-Semite postings on Liblogs? Didn't we have Coderre at a Hezbollah rally? Many Liberals ARE racist and bigoted.

FredfromBC said...

I said, and will say again, "If this blog has even a shred of credibility it's author must do a follow-up post setting the record straight once this matter is resolved."


Credibility isn't really high on KNB's list of priorities, I'm afraid. Taking cheap shots at anything and everything conservative appears to be more her style. There are one or two people here (C_WTF comes to mind) whom I would consider small 'L' liberals and can thus be counted upon to give a reasonable, rational viewpoint on any given issue...but most of the others are hardcore ideologues. Doctrinaire diehard Liberals who will never see anything good in anyone who doesn't share their rigid, unswerving viewpoint nor ever admit any wrongdoing or mistakes themselves. Misdirection, obfuscation, slander and *outright lies* are quite acceptable to these types as long as it serves the Liberal cause.

If you were looking for actual back-and-forth political discussion, this is definitely not the place for it. This is a place for people not really smart enough to hold their own in a real debate to come and spew their childish bigotry, jealousy and animosity in a non-threatening (to them) environment, where they are most likely to be praised and congratulated for their efforts rather than vilified and ridiculed as they might be in a more open forum.

Oh well...I guess stupid people need love too...;)

Karen said...

Fred..really? You believe I am stupid, unintelligent, have nothing to offer and follow the party line? Wow.

You sanctimonious, hypocritical, SOB.

If I am this apparent idiot child, it would beg the question, why do you visit so often?

Do you know what? I am sick to death of the idiocy that comes from your side. Discourse? Scroll back and read the hate spewed from the right.

Seriously, I'm done.

I was trying to give idiots air know...exposure. No more.

Post an idiotic comment here, that would mean vacant of fact and, poof!...gone.

I've been pretty tolerant on this blog, but when you cross the logic line...buh, bye.

Fred just did.


Logical anons, sign in and use anything as your name. But as of tonight, sadly, I'm vetting comments.

For the intelligent people who comment here, I will share the inanity, I promise.

Tomm said...


Hit your limit?

I think that's why a lively discussion always beats name calling.

I think the immaturity comes from frustration, spite, and being able to hide behind the cloak of the internet.

Fred from BC said...

Do you know what? I am sick to death of the idiocy that comes from your side. Discourse? Scroll back and read the hate spewed from the right.


I'd scrolling, but for some reason I just don't see anything I could consider to be "hate" coming from the right, sorry. I *do* see a bit coming from your loyal Liberal followers here, though...maybe you could point out some of this "hate spewed from the right" that you apparently see?


Seriously, I'm done.


"If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen" would seem to be the best response to that.

No one forces you to post the offensive crap that you post, do they? What, I'm not Canadian if I'm not Liberal? Blow it out your ass, honey...