Thursday, October 11, 2007

...And He's Off

Well, Bob Rae has wasted no time in getting out there. Good for him.

I'm quite convinced this is going to have a positive impact for the Lib's. For one thing, his breadth of experience as the article points out, really does highlight just how shallow and unsophisticated the Con's are. He won't be in the House of course, so he cannot take on Bernier face to face, but I'm sure that Wilfert will have no problem articulating Rae's views and findings.

He will however have access to the media. My hope is that he'll raise the dialogue from the kindergarten level that the con's have brought to issues. I also hope that he calls the media on how they report the lies told by the government without challenge.

The con's of course are panicked by this move as evidenced by their immediate rush of "past quotes" to the press. Funny how they are still obsessed by the Lib Leadership race isn't it? They seem to view that as their gold mine for advertising. I wonder what we'd find if we went back in time during their race? Frankly, I don't care. Anyone with any sense understands that you are going to disagree with your opponents, on some issues. How else would you differentiate yourself? In the end, you back the party, it's stance and it's leader.

Con supporters are greatly under-estimating Rae. That's fine by me. They'll soon realise the error of their ways.


Jay said...

This should have been done much much sooner but I am ecstatic he's now more involved. Can't wait to have him as my MP!

knb said...

Will he be your MP Jay? Good news for you!

Yes, I think this may have been done sooner, but I also think we expected change overnight. That cannot happen.

Harper's exploiting that fact through his pundits and minions...they keep saying no change, same old party. I don't believe that and I think the past few weeks bear that out. This is complex stuff and if you look at the con experience, they lived it too.'s a good move and it'll pay off in spades.

Jay said...

Yep. I'm in his riding.