Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ridiculous to the Extreme

The bully administration to our south has decided that Canada must submit to their brand of paranoia and phony effort to be seen as "tough on terra".

They want Canada to submit a passenger list of every flight that travels through American air space, to the Department of Homeland Security. Unbelievable. If you've ever had the thought that the current administration in the US thinks that it is the "boss" of the world, this will confirm it.

Do take the time to watch the Wilkins clip with Duffy to the right of the article as well as the one with Fred Gaspar's comments. Duffy seems to think it's very sensible. Are you surprised?

Wilkins, in a feeble attempt to suggest that it's the right thing to do, that is, allow the US to collect all data on Canadian passengers flying over US airspace, looks foolish when he says it makes us all safer. What he's really saying of course is that we in Canada do not do enough, they can do it better and btw, they'd really like the data.

Good grief. Has Arar taught us nothing?

Here's the clincher, they say they need the information to protect their country, but only if you are flying over their space and travelling north to south. If you are travelling easy to west, or vice-versa, you're fine. How bloody ridiculous is that?

If Harper does not stand this down, he's a complete sell out and more of fool than I thought yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Liberal word of the month to describe every conservative leader...bully.


knb said...

con anon contribution, per day? Critical, sans substance.

I take it you are for this anon.

Stretch yourself and explain to me why it makes sense when it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Simple, safety over threat to national security.

I am willing to submit whatever information the American government, or any government for that matter, because I have nothing to hide.

Terrorism is still a threat to our everyday lives and unless another 9/11 comes smacks you right in the ass you liberals seem to think it's all hype.

I for one am greatful of the American government proactive stance on terror related issues and have no problem doing my part to assist people in power.

People in power who know how to fight terrorism better than you or I any day of the week.

There's your response. Now go ahead and tell me Bush is dumb. Americans are the real terrorist. Harper's scary. Bullies pushing everyone around.

sassy said...

What national security anon? Bush is dumb, Harper is scary.

If I am landing in the US, so be it if, they must have info on me. I then have a choice not to fly the any US destination but that is where is should end.

Either you're a troll, or you haven't thought this through.

Your response will show both knb and I which it is.

Miles Lunn said...

While legally they can do whatever they want with those who visit their country, it seems like a very short-sighted decision. I wonder now how many people will avoid flying to the US after this. In addition you prevent terrorism but not behaving in a way that provokes it and also by common sense vigilance not by becoming a police state.

Manuel said...

I suppose any country has the right to know of any people crossing through their country.

sassy said...

The US is proposing (emphasis mine) more than information on people travelling through their country.

Although the planes wouldn't take off from or land on American soil, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is proposing that Canadian carriers send passenger manifests up to 72 hours in advance of departures to popular winter escapes such as Mexico and the Caribbean.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, they're afraid of people travelling will sneak in at the Mexican border - duh - isn't it the US's responsibility to secure the Mexican border?

The Americans are now truly paranoid - insane - idiots.

knb said...

anon @7:54. You seem to have missed the point here. Canada has a NO FLY list that was developed with Homeland Security. Either the US has faith in that or they don't.

How is giving a list of passengers for the US to check going to make them safer? We know how flawed there list is and we know what co-operating too closely leads to, ie Maher Arar.

Furthermore, how is it making things safer for the US, when the only routes they want the list for are the north/south routes. We do fly over the US going from East to West as well. Those flights are exempt. Is that part of their country not important to them?

This is nothing more than the US furthering their imperialist agenda.

The simplistic response of saying you'd give any and all info they wanted is beyond ridiculous, as is your claim that you could do that because you had nothing to hide. Neither did Arar, but his rights were trampled. I'm not willing to live in such a country.

Terrorism isn't hype, nor have I said that. The US however have exacerbated it and lean on it at every opportunity to take away their citizens rights. I don't want them imposing that here.

burlivespipe said...

Under your statement, anon7:54, i take it you back the previous gov't's firearms gun registry, which had been used and endorsed by the canadian policing forces.
Its simple, safety over threat to violence, and possibly to extend that, national security. But you CONs wouldn't be averse to using 'scare tactics', right?
Hey, its safe to invest in Income Trusts... BOO!