Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hypocrisy... Again and Again

I suppose I understand why the masses do not get into this stuff. The Senate and it's worthiness. It's pretty mundane, but the hypocrisy that I saw concerning the Con's today was stunning. Talk about being all over the board, which is their most common claim against the Lib's. What happened today was worth many columns. Will that happen? I somehow doubt it but it deserves coverage.

The regular, (as in daily), diatribe from the Con's, is how ineffective and unaccountable the Senate is. Every day, this comes out of almost every Minister's and Con backbencher's mouth.

Today however, they chose to reintroduce a Bill, (which is all they seem to do these days), to the Senate. Not the House, but the Senate that they ridicule each and every day. There may be an ulterior motive here, but I've yet to ponder what that might be. The bottom line is they are putting their trust in the Senate, to pass this Bill. The very same Senate that they believe can't pass the gravy at a family dinner.

They either have confidence in the "other" place or they don't. They look scattered and the Lib's should make a point of telling everyone that.

Compound that with Hugh Segal's speech today, and you just have to wonder what page they are on.

His suggestion, is one without context. Tell me who in this country really understands what the Senate does, outside of we wonks? Anyone?

Good grief, a national referendum on procedure? Me thinks he's smoking too much of what he'd prefer to ban.

How about an honest discussion of how our systems works, the nuts and bolts of the stuff. Yes, there is responsibility for citizens to know this, but they don't. That is fact.

So, on a day when the Con's sent a bill to the "other" place in an effort to show it's relevance, one who resides there and one of their own, throws out the suggestion that they may have none.

Which party is disjointed?


elspeth said...

I do not think they should abolish the Senate. What county does not have a Senate ? A Majority government could put any bill it wanted and ram it through..dangerous, Keep the "sober second thought" for now, shall we.?

knb said...

Well, elspeth, there are many countries that don't have a Senate and there are some that have one that doesn't work, rather, they are not allowed to work. The range is large, but we only have to look south to see how their's doesn't work.

This is what Harper wants though. Elections, a re-distribution of regions, tilting that balance in the Senate to represent areas that do not speak for the majority.

I'm with you on "sober second thought". Would that all Canadians understood the concept.