Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not a Death Threat...but a Preference That I Should Die

What on earth have we come to? The "right " in this country suddenly thinks it's fine to suggest that someone should be dead, lest they be allowed to proclaim their stance.

Here's a recent comment on my blog:

Anonymous said...
If you have indeed emptied out your pool for the winter, you should take a hearty dive into it.
6:20 PM

This has to do with my recent Arar post. I guess this is someone who actually believes Arar should just shut up now.

How do these ignorant people not understand the import of what this man went through? Yes, I said ignorant on purpose, because that is who and what they are.

Do you really think you are going to shut me up with childish dares? Read people, learn. Give your brain a chance to engage the other side by learning what they think.

You know, an NDP MP laughed at a Lib today because he quoted Flanagan's book. He said he'd prefer to read what he understands. He suggested Naomi Klein. How anyone could be so myopic is beyond me. I'm reading both books. I want to read both sides to understand each.
Looking in the mirror tells us little about the world.

Cowardly anon, I suggest you go back to your FOX-hole. You'll find comfort there and warmth...the last reference you'll have to figure out on your own.


Anonymous said...


"Anonymous said...
If you have indeed emptied out your pool for the winter, you should take a hearty dive into it."

This person is an idiot for saying this.
But you KNB have fallen
into his/her trap.

By painting the Conservatives with the same brush when you say "Typical Con." Or the "Right." It is ridiculous and offensive.

Who is to say that anon is not a liberal! Who is to say that anon is not a 10 year old just fooling around!! Who is to say that him/her is not in another country remember we are on the internet here.

Its one thing to disagree with polices and say Typical Con. or Typical Lib, because you are only talking politics and not a preference of death.

When you said Typical Con.Or implying the right in answering this person, because of the stupid comment he/she made, you have included me INADVERTENTLY maybe but you still did.

It is dishonest to tie this person in with the cons,lib ndp or any other political parties or political affiliation.

I just hope that you realize how wrong you are for painting a whole group of people with the same brush and retract. THANK YOU !!!

Anonymous said...

For all your talk about open mindedness, this whole post is just another right-wing-bash full of stereotypes, (although I think you left out any Bush references). If we all had a dollar for every time someone told us to jump off a bridge, we all be rolling in money.