Monday, October 15, 2007

We Didn't Mean It...Really

I am sure everyone has read this story by now, but apparently, the government has decided to scrap the plan.

Well, why wouldn't they? As petulant as this PM has been, the media have followed him around like puppies looking for a reward and overall they have not held him or the government to account. His coverage has been pretty damn good.

Had I been one of them, I would have shunned him at the National Press Gallery, but nope, they were there in droves and even stated they were dying to ask what prompted the move, but refrained. Pant, pant, where's my treat?

Consider that every Con spokesperson, from the PM on down...wait, I guess that's really just the PM and the "spinners", (okay, some select cabinet people who have been given enough treats to stay on message) is constantly speaking to the fact that they passed all of their priorities. The "got the job done" line is rarely challenged.

Instead of just putting the usual Liberal counter-points out there, I'll ask this question. If indeed they had accomplished all they set out to do, why would they be telling us that they need a Throne Speech to address what they were unable to, wait for it...get done?

Come on. The media do not challenge. On the Environment front for example, I just heard an ad on radio that was completely misleading. You would think that they placed hard caps on all industry, yesterday, and GHG's will start dropping tomorrow.

I don't expect the media to challenge an ad specifically, but they allow people like Baird to make these claims, without pointing out how ridiculous they are.

By the same token, I would say that the media do not challenge Dion either. What I mean is, they never ask him about policy. Their sole focus is on discord within the party. That's the nonsense stuff, but it's easily consumed and they seem to be thrilled with this narrative. That's not to say that things are peachy internally, but there is more going on. Where's the intellectual curiousity about that? They are quick to say that Dion has no policy, but then never proceed to probe him on that front.

In defense of the media. Had this "Shoe Store" project proceeded, I would have been out there with those in the media who would have protested. The idea was both paranoid and vainglorious. In fact, that may be a good description of Mr. Harper.

One last thing. If one more person in the media, (or another line of work that shows up on/in media), to suggest that Canadians do not care about them and what they do, I am going to scream.

We saw Burma shut down media. We see daily what government controlled media results in. We see our media here as a fundamental component of our democracy.

Yes. We care! In fact we more than care. We expect you to take your responsibility seriously.


Gayle said...

My favourite comment from your link:

"What’s next? Will he build a new parliament building and ban the opposition so he can have his unfettered mandate? Wasteful and shameful."

Maybe Harper wanted to do this because he knows that once the media calls him on things (like during an election perhaps?) the cat will be out of the bag.

I can live in hope...

knb said...

I can live in hope...

Gayle, I too say that often, though the admission suggests that we are in a state of hopelessness.

I want to find a new phrase, one that does not cede to the realm of despair.

Come on clever commenters...I know there is an expression out there. Let's start searching for language that better defines what we are after.

To your real point though, I think he is paranoid of portrayal during an election. Hopefully, the spotlight he is afraid of will appear.

I'll shift, "I can live in hope", to "Looking for honesty".

sassy said...

Just to get things started - a few key words/phrases

1. Honesty - truthfulness; sincerity
2. Integrity - steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code
3. Respect (to feel or show deferential regard for; esteem) for Canada and Canadians.
4. Nobleness - having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, or honor: a noble spirit.
5. Honour - principled uprightness of character
6. A Vision (unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight) for Canada

Wish I could come up with that ONE word but alas, not yet. Perhaps someone else has got it.

Scotian said...


Statesmanship. How's that one?

sassy said...

Hey Scotian - that's good!

Statesmanship (from statesman) - a leader in national or international affairs. A political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good.

burlivespipe said...

Well, when it comes down to the Five priorities, some media outlets are reporting at least that the occasionally disappearing one is still unchecked...

knb said...

Sassy, those are good. I like honour, because Dion is a man with that quality.

Scotian, good one. Statesmanship is the furtherest thing from Harper, except in his own mind of course. Good to see you back.

Burl, I saw that. Good grief, a conservative/libertarian think tank shows bad news for the cons and it's spin, spin, spin. Their conservative spokesperson for Quebec, Tasha Kheiriddin says it's not about the money.

I've no doubt this will spin to "it's the provinces fault, not the New Government's".

Gayle said...

KNB - you must have missed the announcements. After today's throne speech they are dropping the "New Government" moniker.

knb said...

No, actually I knew that Gayle. It's just so silly sounding I couldn't resist, :).

Ryan said...

Harper was just upset because the Western Standard went belly-up. Who's going to give everyone the unadulterated Conservative message? He decided it would just be easier to get rid of the press altogether.

Scotian said...


Thanks. I am still around, but I have not been having the best health period as of late, and I find I lack the energy to do much writing/commenting anywhere, which is why you haven't seen much from me as of late. Remember though yours is one of the blogs I check religiously for new material on when I do come online as I do with RT's blog, so never fear that I am missing your work, I am not. Indeed, I take great solace in what I have seen you write at this blog of yours to date.

BTW, I did leave a comment on this issue at RT's post yesterday on it in case you missed it. I did so despite how I'm feeling because of how serious I consider this matter to be. Just in case you wanted to see what I thought about this latest Harper/CPC travesty.