Sunday, October 14, 2007

This Could Be Interesting

The Conservative riding association in Northern Nova Scotia, has apparently decided to back Bill Casey, in spite of Harper's edict last week.
Interesting move. They are hoping that Harper changes his mind. Somehow I just don't see that happening.
What is a little curious though, is why Casey would want to go back, under Harper? Obviously, he can be much more effective under the Conservative banner, but still, having been treated so badly, particularly last week, that caucus would be a mighty chilly place to go back to.
Perhaps he feels vindicated, but Harper, who Preston Manning has said always thinks he's the smartest man in the room, surely wouldn't want someone around that made him back down, nor one who caused him so much grief.
The other thing that in this story that I find odd, is the fact that I've never read the details of the plan. Apparently, nothing was drafted or signed. MacDonald was quite crafty during his interviews in Ottawa, suggesting that he couldn't explain it because it was far too complicated, for we the audience. Did Nova Scotia really get what Casey was asking for? If anyone has more information on this I'd be interested.
Back to the matter at hand, I'd be shocked if Harper allows Casey to run as a Con. Casey's biggest sin wasn't his vote, it was breaking with the "almighty unified message", that is the life blood of Harper's strategy.
I imagine if they are looking for a new candidate and they were running an ad, it would contain the line, No independent thinkers need apply.
You know, no matter how much I like this guy and wish he'd join the Lib's, I admire just how convicted he is.
Update - I just heard a news report that Casey still doesn't think that Harper lived up to his word. The report also said, the riding association will stick with Casey, but they are urging the PM to reconsider. Hmmm, and Independent with an election "machine" behind him. Interesting indeed.
Steve - Has a great succinct post on this as well.


Anonymous said...

This is Peter MacKay's doing. He has set up Rodney for a fall in NS, enhanced his own prestige, and now - using Casey who wants Rodney's job - he is trying to make sure Atlantic Canada remains a no-go zone for Harper.

I'll bet MacKay's most recent toupee that he riled up Harper before that press conference so that he (Harper) would publicly humiliate Casey setting up this riding action.

I think we all know what's on tap next for Harper.

Ryan said...

So did Casey put his name forward for the nomination, or was this a write-in thing? Plus, is Casey still a party member, but just out of the caucus?

I don't really get this on Casey's part. This looks more and more like he voted on a matter of principle here. If he was trying to score cheap points, why is he unwaivering in his party loyalty?

knb said... completely lost me.

I get setting up MacDonald for a fall. I sort of get placing Casey there, but on the rest you lose me.

He wear's a toup? Perhaps that's an expression I don't get.

Here is what I do get though. MacKay cannot be trusted, period.

Stay anon...I'd really like to understand more.

knb said...

Ryan, it's a complicated deal, to be sure.

Casey is a PC, which of course do not exist now, in a federal context.

The riding association is too. That is not what Harper wants.

No, it's not a write-in thing...they approached him.

Your point is mine in the end. I don't get why he'd go back, want to go back.

Before I comment further, I'll wait to hear him full on.

At the moment, I'm a bit confused.

Harper on the other hand...not so confusing.

wilson said...

'I just heard a news report that Casey still doesn't think that Harper lived up to his word.'

Well then, why would he want back in? Casey hasn't changed his stand either, why would Harper want him back?
And a riding association taking on the leader...

This is confusing, unless Casey is considering a switch to provincial politics or a jump to the Libs.

knb said...

I agree it's confusing wilson, I don't think he'll go to the Lib's though.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

burlivespipe said...

It's pretty simple really. Casey was acclaimed as the nominated candidate last spring during the last 'ramp-up to an imminent election' and this time the riding association just re-affirmed their support of that decision. Casey didn't ask for it, but because of Harper's clear statement, the riding association needed to make a decision.
They decided to back Casey.
I guess you can pretty much say goodbye Rodney. He looks like a sell-f-serving squid after begging all NS MPs to reject the last budget, and now that he's got this 'invisible agreement' has decided to repudiate Casey...
One side deal with bottomless betrayal, anyone?

Gayle said...

Maybe Casey wants to stay a part of the conservatives because he would like to be part of a shift back to the progressive conservatives. Perhaps he feels he is better able to accomplish that from inside.

I think Harper should simply change his mind and bring him back in. That would defuse things for him and he will be able to counter his critics who say he is too rigid and egotistical.

Ryan said...

I thought Danny Williams already revived the Progressive Conservative Party ;)

Gayle said...

ryan - at some point that little issue is going to come to a head. Like the Chretien/Martin thing little will be done while the government is in power, but when it is out (and especially if it goes out without having ever won a majority), people may be questioning the utility of the "unite the right" movement which in reality is the Reform party under a different name.

Ryan said...

Undoubtedly. Though, one could argue that Mulroney and his cronies had a lot in common with Harper to begin with, so now they're becoming more prominent in a party with more of that fiscal libertarian bent. Whereas before they would have to fight off the apprehensions of Red Tories like the Joe Clarks and Danny Williamses.