Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Conservatives: We Don't Want an Election, Pinky Swear

Hilarity abounds on the Hill.

Are you kidding me? Now, I do not know all the details of the agreement nor do I think anyone does. The fact remains, during the announcement, Harper was vague and in 2 subsequent interviews, so was MacDonald. MacDonald went so far as to suggest that most people, including Nova Scotians, couldn't understand it.

Yeah, that's the ticket. Tell people they are too dumb to get it, but "trust me".

On the provincial side, I'm too far removed to understand the implications. I do though understand that he is low in the polls and this on the surface looks like a booster. That he's been dealing with MacKay, is an obvious push by the Fed's to bolster his profile.

Come on, just how stupid does the current government think people are? I'll wait to pass full judgement until I see the details, but the fact that Harper punted MP Casey to the side, tells me that this is not an honest deal. Nova Scotia may have gained some revenue, but to me, from here, settling as it relates to what's called a Crown share, is a coup, but at the same time a veil as to how MacDonald compromised.

"No more side deals", according to Harper during the last election. What an absolute crock. This is the government who keeps on giving, imo. Say one thing then do another. It will take some time, but it is time to put a list together of how dishonest this government has been. Dion can capitalise on this and under normal circumstances, it should be easy.

William's with his landslide came out today to say, that MacDonald caved and he will not. Calvert was more diplomatic, but said the same thing. Harper appeared as a "lover spurned" when he spoke about N.S. MP Casey, increasing his "pettiness" persona. Dare to disagree with me and you're done!, was the message. Love it and I want to see more of this cocky man. Canadians hate it.

I know they think that they are showing real strength. Most bullies do.

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