Saturday, October 20, 2007


Well, it's been quite an interesting few weeks hasn't it? I've been mulling them over for the past couple of days. I've been thinking about the media, their reaction to Dion, the oh so many polls and what the future may hold.

None of us has a crystal ball of course, but let's take a look at the past and venture a guess about the future.

The media has been focused on Liberal "dirty laundry", much to the delight of the BT's and other c/Conservative supporters. As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that they had little else to focus on. Harper shut parliament down and as is widely known, he also shut down all caucus members from speaking to the press. Not that there weren't any scandals to report about, vis a vis, the Conservatives. There were and they were reported on, but they weren't quite as juicy as what went on within the Liberal party. If any solid info comes from these investigations, I believe we'll see that change.

Harper, if nothing else, is tight on strategy. It's interesting to me that the Harper supporters trot out the line, "the Lib's want power at all costs", when it's quite obvious, that is Harper's driving force.

What political party wouldn't want that? They want to see their vision of this country implemented because they believe it's the right way to go. Gawd, even jumping Jack believes he's right up there. In my opinion, this guy has jumped ship. Honest to goodness, he's now become this craven vote getter, which smacks the face of all that he calls holy. Grassroots? Jack left those behind long ago.

There are differences though. Canada is a liberal country and Steve's intent is to change that. He is doing it by stealth and he is banking on the right mix of fear and policy announcements to get Canadians to buy it.

Jack?...well he doesn't have a hope. The country as a whole is not that liberal. He'll appeal to people who don't have a full grasp on the issues, (through naivete, not stupidity) and tug at those heart-strings. The demographics of this country do not stand him in good stead.

I think Dion did well today, by writing his version of a Throne Speech. He gave us a glimpse of policy. A TS of course is not meant to be specific, but if you contrast and compare, Harper is sticking to his grade 3 approach, "talk to the people in simple terms". While I personally find it insulting, I think there is merit in what someone said on Duffy's show last night. Dion by contrast can be too complicated, use words in a fashion that does not resonate, in spite of how true they may be.

So...the future. I think there is an opportunity here.

Dion, according to Susan Delacourt, listened. John Moore, suggests that the Soap Opera is as valid as creationism. Both are right in my opinion. Dion must hone his "political" listening skills and the news consumer should watch what they are being fed.

We still have giddy partisans, writing stories, Don Martin, a nice guy I'm sure and Andrew Coyne, who is probably a nice guy too, but he's been on this same theme since the Conservatives came to power.

The intrigue of "the Hill" will push forward. There will be stumbles and bumbles on both sides. It's up to us to tell media what we want. It's up to us to tell government what we want.

In the end, it's up to us.

Who do you think will listen?


Ryan said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd be insulted. I know it's not your intent, but it's mighty insulting to dismiss the views of New Democrats at "naive".

You're playing the same Conservative game. They'd call you naive for believing in social programs, even.

Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not naive. I just don't agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Dion's shown he'll listen to contrary opinions when he resisted toppling the government over the throne speech, which it is reported he wanted to do, and had pushed hard to do.
Whereas Harper's kicked out many different voices from his own party (Turner, Casey), attacked competent officials for doing their job properly (Elections Canada), and silenced our country's ambassadors into such a disarrayed state they can't properly do their jobs.
The only difference is the amount of examples. Positive Dion images are harder to bring to mind compared to bringing forth negative images of the Tories, and Harper especially. I could probably spend an hour criticizing the Tories without effort. But it would take some effort to look up Dion....
Oh wait, Dion did bring back a dissident Liberal: Garneau. Make that two examples to three.
The more Dion is in the spotlight, the better. Even if it's negative news, he then has a chance to show himself off managing a crisis guide which will eventually lead the Liberals back into relevancy.

wilson said...

Libs are getting the media treatment that Cons have long been subjected to.

MSM like to flex their power of picking winners and losers (and they do have that power).
MSM has decided Dion needs to go, and they will help push him out.
IMO, it is Rae that Dion should be most worried about.
Iggy will eventually trip over that fiendish smirk, with Coderre's help,
Rae and Power Corp will cunningly position Rae to 'catch the ball'.

Harper's so-called 'war with the media' is just very strict discipline,
you and the media called it muzzling and undemocratic.

your said:
''He'll (Jack) appeal to people who don't have a full grasp on the issues, (through naivete, not stupidity) and tug at those heart-strings.''

That kind of disrespect and self importance is why Jack has a shot at becoming the next Leader of the Official Opposition.
Scoff all you want, Jack is currently leading the ONLY opposition to Cons, it just hasn't been made official.

Bet your bottom dollar that PMSH will 'help' Jack in his quest too.

ottlib said...


I think you assessment of why the media focused on the Liberals is bang on.

Give Mr. Harper credit, he virtually starved the MSM of anything to talk about during the last 4 months so the Quebec by-elections and the ensuing fallout was like mana from heaven for them.

The question as I have asked on my own blog is will it change?

If past history is any indication I believe it will although I am not certain about the timing.

knb said...

Ryan, you are right, that was not my intent. I apologise for my clumsy wording.

I was speaking to Jack attracting new members to the party through some of his recent slams against Dion. They are just as disingenous as those leveled by Harper's crew.

I was referring to people naive enough to buy the lies.

I don't dismiss the ideas of the party, they have a place in the debate. It's Jack I have and issue with. I seem to recall him calling Dion a man of great integrity at your convention. What does he say about him now? I don't expect praise, but he really discredits himself with some of his language.

knb said...

wilson, I've explained my comment re' the NDP to Ryan.

I'll agree with you on one thing though, Harper will help Layton, that's been obvious for months.

knb said...

troy, the contrast between the two leaders is stark. I'm hopeful that we'll see more of it.

knb said...

ottlib, yes the timing is the thing. I suppose it will depend on how far Harper is willing to push and how Dion reacts.

Scotian said...


So that means then you do not subscribe to the Liberal media bias/conspiracy nonsense that so many CPC/Harper supporters (and Harper himself) do believe in? Wonderful! Perhaps there is hope for you yet. I'll remember you said this. Although if this is this case what does it say that you support a PM that believes in this fantasy/mythology/tinfoil hat level of conspiracy theory instead of reality since Harper has repeatedly stated both in words and actions that he does believe the media are biased/conspiring against him and the CPC, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

You know what's really disturbing -just because Harper said Liberal bias his followers believe him when in fact probably over 75% of Canadian MSM is Conservative in their leanings. But, Harper plays the game of if you say an "untruth" enough it is perceived to be the truth - and this method was used by Goebbels. How easily they are lead.

Jack Layton can posture all he wants - he's got nothing to lose, but is willing to put Canada into a $300 million election for the sake of a few seats and maybe even risk a Harper majority - then Jack would have nothing to say at all in policies, etc. - dumb and self-serving and totally lacks principle. Actually, I have some friends who are NDP supporters who can't stand Layton and are impressed by Mulcair and would vote another direction to get rid of Layton - these folks of course work for union shops, etc. They feel that Harper/Layton have a plan together - in their minds this means Layton is helping Harper and is totally unacceptable. I don't know if they're right but this is how they feel - Layton better watch his back.

wilson said...

I do agree to the media having a tilt left and right.
Some media persons are decidedly antiwhoever, but most try to straddle the middle, with a tilt.
I don't know who you think the most rightie media folks are, IMO Delacourt and Travers ooze antiCon with a vengence.

Where the Libs might have a media advantage, is left tilting msm will act as the designated pinch hitter for the Libs , but right tilting media do not rescue or hold down the fort for the right when they are faltering, often times the righties are the toughest critics of the Cons.

But the trade off for the Libs, IMO, is msm gets to pick Lib losers and winners, people and policy. (they have decided Dion is not the guy for them)
The righties get no rescue but owe msm nothing in return.

There is no doubt that msm ganged up to challenge the ideology of the Reform/Alliance.
There is no doubt that msm advanced , never challenging, the fearmongering of the Liberal party.
And there is no doubt that Libs have handed out thankyous for the media pinch hitting for them.

Conspiracy? nah.
The fearmongering is being proven wrong, the Conservative message is getting out.
Overcoming the media barracades has helped the Reform/Alliance/Conservatives transform into the governing party.

The Delacourts and Travers' will, teeth clenched, pinch hit, challenge PMSH on his (not so hidden) scary agenda, while the Libs get their house in order, trying to prevent the governing party from becoming the natural governing party of Canada.

just saying...

Anonymous said...

This crying and whining about righties not getting a break from the MSM - cry me a river. Pathetic.

Media - Conservative leaning - CanWest that owns pretty much all of the media in BC, National Post, Sun Media that now owns most of the rural papers.

Left leaning - The Star.

Want a kleenex?

Gayle said...

In my opinion, the media really just want to sell papers/get good ratings.

A minority conservative government does that for them. Elections do that too.

In any event, I am noticing a shift, small as it may be. Coverage is starting to be more positive. We are hearing things like "you can't discount the liberal brand". This weekend there was an small article in the Journal about Dion's positive reception in Winnipeg, and how happy people there were that he did not force the country into an election. Today in the Journal a report on how the conservatives have greatly incrased our military spending, all the while claiming the military is underfunded.

Baby steps maybe, but I think this is a good sign.

(Now we only need the dissidents in the party to shut up and stop undermining Dion...)