Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Punt the Pundits Aside for a Minute

With every day that passes, we read and hear more of the same uninspired blather from pundits who took their cue long ago, from the juvenile ads the Conservatives put out.

Not just pundits on the right, but those on the left as well. They all claim to have good inside info. Whatever.

I'm sure there are some malcontents in the Party, but when do you ever get a group that size together and get unanimity? I didn't see anyone vote again the Throne Speech tonight, did you?

Do you really imagine that all involved in the Conservative Party are content? Regular con's certainly aren't. Gerry Nichols and Ezra Levant for example have gone out of their way to point out how Harper is not conforming to their needs. You have to know that these people also exist within the Con caucus, but the media cannot get to them. Harper's "firewall" has certainly been employed as it relates to caucus.

All of that said, in the end, I wonder what really matters when we actually go to the people? Polls after all are compiled based on the current climate. Harper indeed was successful in painting an image of Dion, but it's one that is not based in truth, nor fact. Given the clay feet that they based there campaign on, you have to know it will crumble as Dion gets out there, in an election situation. It also is quite telling as to how frightened the Con's are about Dion.

You don't see that written anywhere. We did at the beginning of Dion's Leadership, but now you see the buy-in of media. So, that said, this was an interesting take to read today.

I do think that if Dion is out there, with policy, he'll resonate. Think about it. He's gone to the most unlikely venues and has been well received.

Perhaps it's time to stop and think about what we have to offer, rather than follow the current polls, based on current information.

That information is going to change and in my opinion, we should be spending our energy on shaping that, rather than fretting about what will be the past with each passing day.


ottlib said...

Part of the reason why I suggest Mr. Dion should start a blog is to serve as a counterpoint to what the media are saying about him.

As well, the media has demonstrated that if you treat them like crap they will kiss your a**. So I say starve the bastards. Between Mr. Harper treating them like a fifth column instead of the fourth estate and Mr. Dion ignoring them to speak directly to Canadians we might actually see some humility from the likes of Mike Duffy et al.

I know such a suggestion is fraught with risks but I believe such a blog would be a big hit with Canadians and the benefits outweigh the risks.

Yes, I am going to continue to flog this idea for a little while longer.

knb said...

I apologise ottlib, I hadn't read that thought of yours, but I'm with you.

I'm not sure how fraught with risk it is.

The only thing I can consider is that the con's will mount a similar site, but it will be filled with propaganda and not honest discourse.

I'm not sure where he'll find the time...I barely do and I hardly have a difficult schedule.

Great idea though. One I think we should push.

Anonymous said...

"It also is quite telling as to how frightened the Con's are about Dion."

Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

Dion is Harper's dream opponent. He's a egghead, flip-flopping wimp who doesn't communicate well in large groups. If he can't control his own party Canadians will never trust him to run the country.

elspeth said...

How come Dion ignored the Liberal party ,did not do anything about Quebec, when he needed to.? He has been far too late getting things done, when they should hsve been ready 6 months ago. What in Hades was going on?

knb said...

Anon...sit and spin.

Elspeth, do you really think you can take on a machine that speaks to the entire country overnight?

The opposition to Dion has been doing their job. The media has been facile in following Harper's lead.

Buying what the media sells, well, that is up to us.

Dion has been working hard Elspeth. Get out and watch him speak, then give me your view.

Anonymous said...

I find it rather stupid that the media are on Dion's back about going on about the CPC Adscam - they say he needs new material - where were they when we heard daily from the CPC about pizza lunches?

Robert Fife claimed last night that the media get messages from the Liberal caucus on their blackberrys - huh? Who's stupid enough to do that?

Also, Fife said everyone talks about Ignatieff playing games, but that the Kennedy and Rae supporters are playing games.