Friday, October 19, 2007

Which is It?


When I first saw Liberal MP Susan Kadis raise the fact that some of her constituents were asking how the Government gained information that prompted a card to be sent to them on a holiday, it made me uncomfortable. I thought I'd wait a bit, because these stories are often fraught with posturing. I understand why the Lib's raised it, but I needed more info.

I suppose I still do need more info, but this tells us a bit more as does this.

Here's the problem. The Government of the day is having a tough time separating themselves from their Party. The Government website is so "Con" , it comes close to propaganda. Con's will balk of course but that in itself says something.

So, I'll reconsider the articles and think that perhaps there is a story here.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think Harper is so intent of forcing an election?

CPC adscam, mailing lists, Ottawa mayor issue, still no answers about detainees, where's the Wajid Khan reports, etc., etc.

I also read where the CPC have button to click - to flood talk in radio shows - when you click you get the answers and spin points to use. In otherwords, we are not getting a reality when it comes to phone in comments.

Ryan said...

Hey come on! This government isn't partisan! Just like how "support the troops" ribbons don't imply supporting the mission!