Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Believe Me, This is Only the Beginning


JR said...

I'm sorry. But I don't think a business like the entertainment business should get any funding. I like art and entertainment and will pay for it with my wallet when I see a movie directed by David Croneberg. When I hear that people like him get government money, I get angry.

knb said...

Colour me surprised jr.

Do you know what the industry generates in revenues for Canada. Do you know how many people they employ? Do you understand what the money we invest in them is used for?

I thought not.

Omar said...

It's a bit distressing that we are regressing as a nation, but maybe down deep this is who we are? Maybe, Harper understands this? Take a look at his tough on crime, naming young offenders etc etc. Not a peep...Harper is who we think he is, but he is not afraid to show it now, because perhaps this is what Canadians want? Maybe, we are not a country of big dreamers and abstract thinkers? I don't know anymore...

This comment (that I saw at Steve's Far and Wide) is what I am afraid may be going on right across this country. Canadians who have felt very differently from people like you and I and who have loathed every inch of our progressive gains and the nation those gains have forged. A progressiveness that we have taken for granted and that now are threatened. I think perhaps we have underestimated the conservative nature of many in this country and now it's payback for them. I do not believe a Harper majority will be a pretty thing and its consequences I literally fear, but I will take some solace in the fact that many of my compatriots will feel the absolute opposite and rejoice at this ideological shift. Give the people what they want. Democracy at work for you and me.

knb said...

I don't believe that the country has become more C/conservative, but I do believe that they now feel that their voice can be raised. Harper has given them permission, figuratively and literally.

I do agree with the apathy of progressives though. Maybe not apathy, but a lack of understanding that this cannot be taken for granted.

Freedoms are never truly won. They are defended from those who will always have a desire to remove them.

Assistance from the government in the Arts is obviously not a freedom, but it is the only means by which we as a country can benefit as a whole, through the freedom of expression called art. That is what we must be reminded to fight for.

Harper is selective about where the money goes, what region it's spent in, etc. His scorched earth approached is being applied here in an effort to garner votes and enthuse his base, while attacking those he has no chance of wooing.

He's a vile man and I too fear for our country with him at the helm.

jr said...

They employ a lot of people because there is a lot of money in arts and entertainment.

Sorry, but I want my tax money going into Health Care, infrastructure, etc. not entertainment and arts. There is enough big money in those sectors without my help.

knb said...

When you actually know what you are talking about, come back and chat.

You're entitled to your opinion of course, but if you are simply here to argue your narrow view of the world and lack of understanding to how the industry works, you'd do better to speak your like-minded friends.