Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Harper is Hollow

Have you ever wondered why Harper seems to have no real policy to offer during this election?

In fact, he really didn't have any to offer the last time around either. Oh, he dangled small candies wrapped in shiny paper and an electorate looking for change grabbed before they really determined what might be in the wrapper.

Truth be known, there was nothing in the wrapper. You see, this is a man who doesn't really believe in 'policy' per se, nor is he equipped to make any on his own. Oh, he has an ideology of how government should be run, but real policy? No there is none of that. Nor does he have the talent within his caucus to provide him with any, so what's a leader to do? How do you speak to Canadians and fool them into thinking that you are as capable as your opposition, when you have nothing to offer?

Well, as we've seen throughout this campaign, you lie of course. If you are a leader who is willing to lie to the electorate, what else might you be willing to do? Steal someone else's words perhaps and pass them off as your own?

You be the judge.

Stephen Harper. A man so bereft of ideas, so lacking in an understanding of how to develop foreign policy based on Canada's history and commensurate with it's values, he instead opt's to copy policy from another country, another leader, someone who was in lock step with US.

That's who the Conservatives call strong? Harper is not a leader, he is a follower of the worse kind.

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