Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Truth - Not a Core Value for Conservatives

Anyone remember her? She's been relegated to the back benches so she's rarely seen, but all too often she's heard. Usually she's heard saying something outrageous.

In 2000 she told gun owners that they should resist the gun registry or,

“go like lambs to the gas chamber as the Chrétien Liberals strip away our rights.” (National Post, November 21, 2000)

In 2004 she compared abortion to Nick Berg being beheaded in Iraq.

In 2005 she suggested that Christians were being persecuted by the Liberal party.

In her latest householder, Ms. Gallant is lying once again.

OTTAWA—The Liberal campaign today revealed that controversial Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant has outrageously added to the growing litany of fabrications about the Liberal Green Shift plan, baselessly claiming it will “destroy the lives” of many Canadians by “taxing or banning the use of firewood.”

Ms. Gallant’s mail-out contains other fabrications including an absurd claim that the plan will result in “increasing gas pump prices by 60 per cent which would equate to $1.70-$2.00 a litre at the pump” and would lead to “spiking electricity bills up to 50 per cent more each month.”

These claims are ludicrous of course, but Gallant seems to be especially talented in promoting all things ludicrous. Interestingly enough, as I'm sure you can tell, she's a strong social conservative. A defender of all things Christian and a strong voice for the religious right. I guess telling the truth doesn't have a place in the lives of these particular Christians.

You know, I just watched Dion deliver a terrific speak to a group of High School students. At the end, the students asked questions of him. The students were thoughtful and certainly had full understanding of what climate change is and what it means for them. They also seemed to easily grasp the concept of the Green Shift. Imagine that? The complex plan that has the PM confused was understood by High School students.

He too lies about the plan and did again this morning at the Indo Chamber of Commerce. Well, now that both Harper and Layton have buckled to the pressure of including May in the debates, it will be interesting to see how his lies go over on television.

I call this party the Con's quite intentionally, because that is what they try to do. Con Canadians.


wilson said...

''They also seemed to easily grasp the concept of the Green Shift. Imagine that?''

I wonder how many of those kids worry about paying the power bill, or increased property taxes.
I wonder how many of those kids have ever given a thought to the price of diesel running their school buses.

I wonder if any of those kids wonder how taxpayers can afford to double the $100 beer and popcorn cheque to $200, that their Mom's get for the 2 little sisters at home.

Dion was right in his element, lecturing a captive audience.

wilson said...

Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected 2006

Cheryl Gallant CON 29923 57.69% X

Don Lindsay LIB 12532 24.16%

Sue McSheffrey NDP 6509 12.55%

Gordon Scott McLeod GRN 1605 3.09%
Paul Kelly IND 1304 2.51%

nuna d. above said...

When a tree is cut down, the branches and stumps left in the forest rot and releae methane, which is a green-house gas.
Are you saying forestry corporations are exempt from the carbon tax? Are you confirming that the Green Shift is a tax grab from small provinces with oil to bribe Ontario and Quebec voters?

knb said...

I rest my case. Con voters are conned Canadians and they're okay with that.

ottlib said...

Wow, you got Wilson all worked up knb.

Of course neither of your two first posters actually addressed the issue of Ms. Gallant repeatedly lying her ass off. Ms. Gallant lies, look over there a nice shiny object!

Stephen Harper cannot understand something Highschoolers understand without any problem.

I guess Mr. Harper better avoid being a contestant on that show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader".

knb said...

lol ottlib.

You know, I sometimes make jokes about this stuff, but I really am shocked by the amount of out and out lying by this party.

Gayle said...

I think wilson is just part of that crew who think they have to run out and change the topic on all the liberal blogs in order to "save" Harper (why bother calling them the CPC anymore?).

She did something similar on BCL's blog.

It is to laugh...

knb said...

I know Gayle. She seems not to realise that she is speaking about old news most of the time, this one included.

The topic here is honesty. A tough one for the Con's to debate.

Gayle said...

As for Gallant, she is my brother in law's MP. He says she fits right in with all the red-necked mindless wonders in his neighborhood.

knb said...

Gayle, I can't imagine living in such a community.

I did check the numbers before I posted and just shock my head.

I know it's simplistic to say, because life decisions aren't that easy, but if it was me, I'd move.

That said, there is a portion of this country that agrees with her and that's fine, they do deserve representation. Not as government though.

That's when I get crazy and that is why I fight to change it.

Frankly Canadian said...

I find it sad that a person of her statue in her community finds it so easy to lie and manipulate facts, I see this with many other right wing religious groups or religiously intolerant people. I for one believe the benefits of belonging to a strong social group, be it religious or recreational or what ever, is fundamentally essential to our involvement in society, the internet is a perfect example of this, our involvement in social and political issues is another. People like Ms. Gallant do more to harm to her cause over time than good, due to her increasing lack of creditability. I do however agree with the statement that the church and state have no place together, which is not the case for the American Republicans. As for wilson's comments, this is the typical response from someone who just doesn't get it. Yes Dion is speaking to the perfect audience, young people understand the perplexities of looking beyond the next election, they actually give tomorrow at least a consideration, unlike our Prime Minister Mr. Harper. If you look at several of his policies they seem rather shot sighted for example, the environment, the whole g.s.t. reductions, the child care programs (or lack of), the economic portfolio, the foreign affairs portfolio, the Vancouver Insight program, the get tough on criminals with stiffer jail times rather than social programs to assist the troubled individuals, the list goes on and on. Canadians need to be more like the high school students who look for the real issues facing tomorrow, rather than how many bucks can this guy save us next February on our taxes, or will their be a two cent reduction on fuel?

penlan said...

Gallant's lies are so blatant, so out there, that it's important that they be revealed by the MSM. I know that during this frenetic election time it's difficult for the MSM to catch everything as they, too, have to pick & choose what to go with & their focus is mostly on the leaders of each party.

But this kind of ignorance & outright lies shouldn't be ignored. It's dangerous as there are a lot of people who will believe her & not look for the truth beyond what she has said. People are lazy, busy, etc. & don't follow further.

"nuna's" comment proves that they cannot look beyond the lie & "wilson's" comment shows that she has no respect for the intelligence of young people. I know for a fact that these kids, a majority of them, are aware of these issues & do relate them to the "everyday issues" in their lives - like the diesel running in the buses among many, many other awarenesses.

But, hey, what does "wilson" have to go on? A Harper environment plan that is nothing, says nothing, was not revealed until recently & will not go into effect until 2050 & the other implementations prior to that date cater to the oil industry, big business who will pass along the cost to the consumer & give nothing back to the populace to help us offset the costs. I wonder if wilson & nuna have even really looked at the Harper/Baird environmental policy.

The Green Shift Plan will at least give tax cuts & credits back to help offset our costs.