Monday, September 22, 2008

Platforms and Pessimists

Dion released the Liberal platform today. I happen to really like it for a few reasons.

It highlights what we can achieve going forward by taking a different approach to our economy, specifically as it compares to the past 30 months.
It not only speaks to fiscal discipline with the guarantee of not going into deficit, (by use of the plan), it also speaks to the specific areas of our country that have been either ignored or hit by the previous Conservative government. Of course, all of this is done through the lens of environmental sustainability.
All aspects of the plan are important, but the one that I don't think is being factored in enough, (especially relative to the polls), and the one that I think will resonate with many are the social justice issues that the Conservatives have ignored or cut completely.
Do not underestimate the power of reinstating Kelowna. It's true it cannot be reinstated at the same rate it once could given what the books are likely to look like, but it will be reinstated at a more cautious pace. Don't underestimate how real daycare and early learning will be received, nor the benefits for post secondary education. These things and others, combined with tax cuts and credits, really do speak to the hearts and minds of average Canadians and obviously they will be discussed at length over the next few weeks.
Now, there are indeed some pessimists out there that argue the platform should have be put out sooner. Fair enough, but then again, it's also being argued that no one is yet listening or cares, so how would that have helped? Would it have staunched the lead the Con's hold? I don't know but if the listening level is low, probably not. The Conservatives would simply have changed the record and would be making up new nonsense as they did today when they took over 4 hours to respond.
Jack also responded with some nonsense of his own and it cannot be ignored that he's been doing alright in terms of the numbers, but, he's about to come out with his own costing and given that it's based on not understanding the value of corporate taxation levels, it's hardly going to be a plan that is broadly accepted by economists, etc.
Meanwhile, Harper offered us more threats by suggesting that all crime bills will be a matter of consequence and some more tuff on crime legislation. In this case making it possible for 14 year old's to spend life in prison. Insanity. Such vision for the country and hope for it's future.
Time will tell as to the success of Dion's plan, but watching him today it was clear that he is ready for the fight. Which reminds me. Could we maybe do without the teleprompter for a while? His passion and belief in this vision are so much more evident when he speaks off the cuff.


Anonymous said...

Sorry KNB but the economists are starting to weigh in:

The platform has to me more than just promises. You have to show you can deliver on those promises too.

Dame said...

I like it a lot too. PRAGMATIC PRACTICAL SOBER SOLID and AUTENTIC forward moving... and so on. Hell with the Grandiosity sizzling entertaining showboating what some would expect.
I hope it will resonate well with Canadians generally. I loved the Kelowna part Too.


A BCer in Toronto said...

Conservatives listen to economists? They sure didn't when nearly every economist in the country said their GST cut/income tax raise was stupid.

Debra said...

I agree KNB. Broad-based, measured and visionary.

I also agree with your teleprompter remarks.
Dion looked pretty darn impressive on The Hour with George and on The Agenda with Steve the other evening. Very persuasive.

knb said...

Not such a bad review anon. A couple of assumptions are made and not born out.

The comment about the 12B amounts to 1.3%. Hardly mind boggling.

Carrie said...

Regarding economists, I was watching CPAC...last night I think it was. They had an economist, some other guy, and the head of the Cdn. Taxpayers Federation.

All 3 trashed the green shift. All 3 are Conservative.

So be careful what you listen to out there folks. Don't forget, Harper also has an Economics degree. Doesn't make him a good economist.

What surprised me was the Taxpayer's Fed guy. But after giving that some thought, it figures he hates it. It's a fair plan, the green shift. So fair, that it would negate pretty well much of the purpose of the existence of the taxpayer's federation. Perhaps? Anyway, Dion has a lot of worldwide intelligent support on this plan. They are non-partisan (including former PM's, not all Liberals either) and that's what we should be following.

knb said...

marta, it's the appeal I'm looking at specifically, but the numbers appear to work.

knb said...

marta, it's the appeal I'm looking at specifically, but the numbers appear to work.

knb said...

BC'er lol. Only one. Harper.

knb said...

debra if you can catch him on line with Newman, it's worth the watch.

knb said...

btw anon. The Conservative's ran on 25B allocation cuts.

knb said...

carrie, I only caught the very tail end of that. I should go back and watch it.

You're right though. It's bound to have critics and it's not going to do what every economist in the world wants, especially if they are of the Harper school of thought.

Cdn Taxpayers Fed don't want taxes on anyhing basically.

knb said...

For the record I just heard the end of a report on CBC that said most prominent economists liked the plan overall and NONE of them supported the claims made by the Conservatives that it would plunge the country into deficit.

Dame said...

knb when I said"Hell with the Grandiosity sizzling entertaining showboating what some would expect. " I was Not denying it has to have an appeal.... but thought about of those pessimistics who call it bland boring No sizzle plan...

Canadians want reality based plan and no secrets and certainly no "daddy knows best" no plan.


Gayle said...

Slightly OT - but I highly doubt the CPC "promise" to force 14 year olds to spend the rest of their lives in prison will come to pass. The SCC already ruled that treating young people separately from adults is a principle of fundamental justice. I would have to actually see the proposed legislation, but I do not think you can simply change the name of an adult life sentence to a youth life sentence and escape the notice of the SCC.

Not to mention the fact that 14 year olds already CAN spend the rest of their lives in prison - a point that neither Harper, nor the CBC, pointed out today.

penlan said...

To me "sizzle" isn't necessary. What is necessary is a balanced & fair platform that presents ANSWERS to the many problems & needs that this country has. The Lib Platform does that. And that is what Canadians will be looking at.

Harper hasn't presented any "real" progressive platform, or even a full platform, of any kind & the threats, already, to present the ridiculous law & order plan for KIDS as confidence motions is something that won't sit too well with voters, I don't think, other than his base.

This IS a good time to present the platform as people are only beginning to pay more attention to the election now. It might have been wasted, somewhat, in presenting it too soon as people either wouldn't be paying attention or caught up in all the "other stuff", like the early gaffes by the Cons.

There has been criticism around that it took so long to bring out the platform but I'm not buying that opinion. The real focus should be on where is the Con platform? Where is the Con's environmental package numbers? Instead of criticism towards Dion & the Libs.

Omar said...

I watched the unveiling this morning on a repeat CPAC broadcast and was mightily impressed with Mr Dion. Clear, concise, relaxed and appearing very confident, I came away with more understanding of what the Liberals are attempting to sell then I have been able to gather since the writ was dropped. This man will make more than a fine prime minister if given the opportunity. I did noticed just a minute ago during a live briefing that Mr D is looking rather sunburned in the face. Someone may want to suggest to him that he slap on some sunscreen as blotchy and peeling isn't something he likely will want in the final weeks of the campaign. Image being everything and all that..