Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's Time to Articulate the Vision

I have written often on this blog about how Harper has thrown everything he had at Dion in an effort to discredit him. He's attempted to create an image of the man that run's in complete contradiction to who he is and what he stands for.

I've also written about how Canadians seem to have fallen for Harper's ruse that this Conservative government is just like the old PC party.

Today, that all changes. Dion hasn't missed one of Harper's tricks and he intends to not only tell Canadians the truth, he intends to do that by clearly showing what Canada would look like under a Liberal government. In doing so, Harper's record and ideology will be on view for all to see.

His speech today was terrific and indicative of how I expect him to go forward. Here is the first part of his speech.

Here's part 2.

I'd also like to alert you to the new Liberal website. It's a really intuitive and inter-active site. If you haven't donated yet or you haven't reached your limit and can spare a little more, now would be a good time to give to either the party, or your riding association which will be allocated to your candidate.

h/t - to Steve and thanks to Jeff for the vid.


Sir Francis said...

If the polls fail to put the Harperoids in majority territory by late September, they'll go negative, big time. If Dion is smart, he and his team have already mapped out a strategy to deal with that event.

My fear is, though, that they really think Harper plans to run a high-minded, issues-based campaign and that they're crafting their tactics accordingly. If that's the case, they'll be fatally unprepared for the inevitable onslaught of smear and bile.

knb said...

While I take your point sir francis, I don't think there is a hope in hell that they are unprepared for that.

I say that with respect of course.

Seriously though, I don't think the Lib's, Dion included, have any doubt that Harper will go negative and you're far more generous than I in how long they'll take.

Poke Harper and expose his lack of credibility, he'll react like a hungry bear. He's dominated the narrative for so long, he may indeed believe he owns it. The election will change that, imo.

Dion was just on cpac in McGuinty's riding, speaking to party faithful. (It may be on their video-on-demand site by tomorrow.)

I think Dion's prepared for anything. That's not a guaranteed win, but he's fighting 'till the end.

Omar said...

If I'd been advising Dion on this first day of the campaign I would have had him show up for today's Alouettes game in Montreal. A little recreation and relaxation before the big five week grind that likely would have paid dividends in the media exposure it would have generated.

knb said...

You do make me laugh out loud omar.

Didn't you think he did well, in spite of your strategy?

William said...

One big advantage this week is the Bloc and NDP going after Harper hard. The LPC can focus more on getting their tax shift out there while the public is starting to pay attention.

Btw I wish they would use tax shift rather than green shift not ony to avoid negative publicity from the company who feels slighted but to get into peoples minds the fundimental behind the plan that it is simply a TAX SHIFT.

He did a great job on the CBC interview this morning foiling the reporters question on the tax shift based on Harpers lies. If the liberals want to destroy all of Harpers negative ads on the plan they should make the media aware that they will be asking specifically what parts of the plan are a problem every time. This would accomplish two things, first the media would have to understand the plan (most of them don't) which would make most negative questions dissappear before asking and second it would provide a public discusson on the finer points that would never get out there otherwise.

Omar said...

I think he did very well. Dion seems very excited about the election campaign and rarin' to go. He comes across as very genuine when he says he is up to the challenge as campaigning as the underdog. There is a very youthful vigor to his demeanor that I admire. I mean what's not to like about that sort of positivity?

I and am however rather upset with this overly negative opinion. One fumble after another?
Fuck off Adam whoever you are..

penlan said...

I thought Dion was fantastic!! And was elated when, near the beginning of the press conference, he reminded people that this Con Party is NOT the old PC Party & nor does it have the "values" of the old PC's. Well done!

Love the new Lib website too.

I'm sure the Libs are prepared for negative attacks. Harper even pulled a sly one by saying he assumes Dion is a "family man" at his media event. You can bet he knows everything there is to know about Dion. Lying again! I don't think Harper knows how to be honest anymore about anything. Foreign to him now.

Anyway, here's hoping!

knb said...

Well said william.

The discourse must change and I think your ideas, ideals maybe, have merit.

The message is sound and it must be an intelligent part of the debate.

knb said...

Omar, Adam is a Con, but he's usually pretty fair.

Not so much when the Con's are under the gun.

Then of course, we have Kinsella.

Somebody tell him the party has changed and he is no longer relevant.


Anonymous said...

This was the first time I've heard Dion sound as strong as he did while running for Lib leadership.

I'm really glad he's not afraid to take on the Cons. I was a bit worried about that. Harper is such a passive-agressive creep, it's good to know Dion will keep his accusations in check.

Reflecting back on the Ontario elections in years past, this current federal one sounds, so far, like it's going the same way. Which means, if it keeps doing that, Libs win!

Gayle said...

I cannot beleive how the media are concentrating on "airplanegate".

Could it be because they are grumpy they have to ride a bus to Montreal instead of taking a plane?

penlan said...

knb - I made a comment at Kinsella's but it never got posted. Have no idea why but maybe he didn't like what I said?

Also, the Cons are doing media events every morning at 6 a.m. from their media "War Room". First out of the gate. By doing this they get to frame whatever issue they want to do that day. This puts Dion & the Libs in a defensive position right off the bat. And let's hope Dion et al can turn this around in a positive light on themselves.

jarrid said...

There is a new poll out of Quebec by Segma, published in today's La Press and Radio-Canada showing:

Cons at 43%
Libs at 25
NDP at 15
Bloc at 8
Greens at 7

The Conservatives get 181 seats with those numbers. The Liberals in the 60s.

We are entering a period of Conservative hegemony. The left is badly divided. This is a dream scenario for the Conservatives.

Gayle said...

You're right jarrid. I know it is only day two of the campaign, but we might as well give up now.

Thanks to your post, I have given up all hope. Oh woe isme.

Omar said...

"We do not engage in idle criticism".

I liked that.

~I think when Dion is thrown curve-ball questions like the one he just received at Dawson College: "are you politicizing the event here"... he should answer in French. I mean it makes only sense to use your native tongue when answering the toughies.

So far so good, eh knb? I'm liking what I am hearing and seeing!

knb said...

anon @1118. Keep thinking that way!

knb said...

anon @1118. Keep thinking that way!

knb said...

Penlan, Kinsella screens his responses.

The Con 0600 presser strategy backfired on them today.

a) No press actually ran the feed, just the scrum. (Though I noticed CTV is running some of the feed now.)
b) Too much time elapsed from 0600 until Harper appeared later in the day. His position was supposed to solidify the message, but Dion had already responded, so he was on the defensive.

So, tomorrow, they will have their announcement at 0800 and Harper will repeat it at 0900 I think.

knb said...

I agree with you jarrid, you're dreaming.

knb said...

omar, overall I think it's going pretty well.

Dion is certainly pumped and not afraid to face the tough questions.

Harper on the other hand is tightly scripted and still doing the Mr. Rogers impression. Gag.

Word is now out that his candidates have been instructed not to speak to the press.

I missed the Dawson announcement/presser.

I hope I can find it on line.

penlan said...

Yes, Kinsella deleted my comment before it was even put out. It was short & simple & wasn't ride in the least. Weird guy.

Yes, saw that the 6 a.m. presser backfired. That put a grin on my face. Hope the media continues to push back.

penlan said...

Oops, typo on the Kinsella. It was "rude" not "ride".