Thursday, September 25, 2008

What? Did I Just Hear a Question on Policy?

Following his speech in Trois Rivieres today, Dion as usual made himself available for questions.

I don't recall the first one, but it was something much along the same lines as we've heard throughout the campaign. In other words, hollow.

Suddenly though, he was asked about Free Trade, then the Oil Sands, then again something with substance. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. I practically shouted finally at the tv, but then of course, the inane came in right on cue.

Once again CTV's Graham Richardson was telling Dion, and us, what Canadians think about Harper and that they don't believe what Dion is saying about him.

Dion did point out that Richardson's characterization of what he had said about Harper was inaccurate, but Graham just doesn't seem to get it. So, my advice to Dion would be to answer with, ''s not the man that people should fear, it's his philosophy, his ideology, specifically as it relates to economics and the economy of this country that people should know and beware of. That describes how he is similar to Bush and speaks to what we seeing going on in the US.

In an earlier scrum, Dion said, "It's the Economy Stephen". Good line. I'd keep it and point to how precisely he is the wrong fiscal manager for this time, use the US example and dig up some quotes of how Harper believes the economy, vis a vis government, should be handled.

Just as an example of how differently the press treat Harper, one of the journalists in his scrum today began his question with something like, "Mr. Harper you're one of the most prominent trained economists in the country...".

Please. Do you remember in all those years before he entered politics anyone calling on him for his expert opinion? No, I didn't think so.

Now, can we please get down to issues and could someone kindly ask Harper what the heck his vision is for this country, let alone his platform?


Beijing York said...

Dion just can't catch a break with our useless media. I can see why the private broadcasters and print media (oh wait, many are one and the same) want to promote Harper. They won't be held back from foreign take-overs or media mergers or annoying Canadian Content rules if Harper gets his majority. But you would think that the CBC would have the courage to be fair.

knb said...

You'd think so wouldn't you?

Well, going forward they will have to start asking questions of substance. They can't just speaking to how many people are at events. It's ridiculous and they look ridiculous asking.

Red Canuck said...

Well, by and large, CBC does a better job of political coverage than CTV. KNB, your example of a journalist prefacing his question by calling Harpo a "prominent economist" sounds like it could have come straight out of Mike Duffy's mouth.

Having said that, I think all MSM sources do a disservice by focussing on who's up and who's down, rather than fact-checking spin and making the candidates' true policy positions clear to Canadians.

Demosthenes said...

the problem is that journalists haven't the faintest clue about policy, and nor do they (in their minds) have the time and temperament to learn.

But horseraces, human drama, and bull about whether somebody's a "strong leader"? Hoo yeah. That's so easy, even an anchor could understand it.

penlan said...

I, too, am sick of the MSM games they play with Dion. I used to enjoy CBC but now I grit my teeth & try to sit through the show Politics & all political reporting there on Newsworld.

I can't bear CTV & am reaching the same level of internal "bile" with CBC.

The only recourse left, for me, is seeking online, unbiased reporting which is there - but sparse.

As we all know a re-elected Harper spells doom for this country & we won't recognize Canada anymore. The MSM is trying to make sure this country goes down the toilet. It is after all "big business" & it will get what it wants from Harper.

Omar said...

As I type, Dion is speaking live somewhere in southern Ontario and he is sounding very good. I don't know if he is speaking to only nine people, but he is sounding very, very good.

Dame said...

I was watching and hearing the SAME speech as Omar … and I was elated to hear Dion talking and sounding very good .
maybe he throw in all caution and found his own true voice .??



knb said...

Omar and marta, I just saw the same thing and the freaking CBC didn't even cover it.

I was just about to write about the speech and other things, but I'm really glad I wasn't the only one to catch it!

Dame said...

I am so angry about all what the media is doing openly sabotaging and suppressing Dion since the first day of this campaign... / CBC Included/i barely watch now any news on TV just To save my sanity... whenever I click on TV either Mr NastydePious is on with great length or Recently our own little maverick Jack whose only act is selling out the progressives for his own insatiable lust for power.. which is just a bad drea…
I really don't know what to do about this where can we voice about the media outrageous antidemocratic sickening attitude ??