Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rober Fife & Loser LeDrew

If you don't recognise this man, don't worry, you're hardly alone.

His name is Stephen LeDrew and he once was the president of the Liberal party. He perhaps had some credibility and influence in his day, but believe me, that is far in the past and to pretend that he knows or has anything useful to add to a contemporary conversation is ridiculous.

Robert Fife doesn't seem to think so though, perhaps because he is of the same time. Fife is basing his comments on Dion this morning based on what LeDrew has to say and that is how he is describing the campaign. Never mind facts, never mind issues, let's just report what a 'has been' determines to be important.

Here is who Fife is depending on to guide him through what is really going on.

LeDrew, doesn't believe that we have anything to do with Climate Change. He'll occasionally admit that weather patterns seems to be extreme, but claims there is NO scientific proof that we have a thing to do with it.

Last year, he ran for mayor of Toronto. He got a whopping 1.3% of the vote, hence my reference to loser.

Currently, he has a radio talk show with the socially right-wing commentator, Michael Coren and though the show is meant to present 2 contrary points of view, he often agrees with Coren, not that it matters because generally the show devolves into flatulence jokes and self indulgent proclamations.

LeDrew has slagged Dion since he won the leadership. In his opinion, what Dion has to offer is less important than how he offers it. He frequently derides him in the same way that Harper and co. do, even claiming that the puffin incident was extraordinarily funny and Canadians should just get over themselves.

He makes no bones about being a Stephen Harper fan, who he thinks has been doing a great job with the country.

Stephen LeDrew, is to me, about as deep as a puddle. Oh, he's studied and knowledgeable in historical political trivia, but he is a relic that does not speak to today's realities and obviously has not expanded his political studies far enough to know who Stephen Harper is and where he intends to lead this country.

Politics is a big game to this man, even at a time when the outcome really does matter.

So, Robert Fife who mournfully told us that Dion is not getting the big rally turnouts like Harper is, depends on the likes of LeDrew to bolster his narrative. Rather than telling us what Dion is speaking about and why it matters, he refers to it being tough to sell a carbon tax, which of course is a ridiculously simplistic and inaccurate way to sell the platform.

Newsflash Fife. While Harper has been busy restricting his large audiences to party faithful and small ones only to those who would provide their name and address, Dion has been meeting with real people in Town Halls, taking questions from everyone, even dissenters.

While Harper uses the RCMP to shield himself at times and his candidates from journalists, Dion answers everyone of your inane questions knowing that you are likely to twist his answers.

Today Fife said that Dion only met with a Chamber of Commerce group and a few students in BC. A few students? 500 packed into UBC and the reception was incredible.

The press has been making these false claims from the outset. It's not only false, it's disrespectful to those who rely on their words and an insult to democracy.

Oh, one last thing to the media who attend these events. I suggest instead of searching for a way to keep your false narrative going that you do two things. First, listen to the questions the students ask. They are far more considered than most of what I've heard from you thus far and second, try reading the platforms that are being offered. I promise you you'll learn something useful to pass on to us.


Omar said...

I always liked Stephen LeDrew when he would share his opinions along with Sears and Anderson on Politics. I didn't know he was now doing the nasty on talk radio of all places. How gauche.

Anonymous said...

he is also on tomorrow cp 24 4pm I think...with a phone in show...what a jerk....he kisses corens @ss and is a liberal traiter...he makes me sick...he is a Conservative now. How low can U go.

knb said...

I've never liked him omar, but I knew him beyond the context of Newman.

He held himself in on that show to the point that he contradicted himself from what he'd said earlier in the day.

It's all a big game, especially if it gets him some attention.

knb said...

I've never seen him on that show anon, but I'm not surprised that he is a boor there too.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting post because it reveals all you know about politics and it is painfully obvious that it isn't much. All you have done is put down and belittle people who have been covering and doing politics for most of their lives. "They're old school. Old farts. They don't know nuthin'." Oh, really? And what is it that you know?

A politician might have the best ideas that have ever come along, but if his party is polling in the low 20s and is own numbers are in the low 10s because he "can't do politics", those ideas aren't worth a pinch of sh#t then, are they? It is obvious that Dion has shown up at a knife fight with a noodle. Constrast that to Layton or May who are out there like their lives depended on it. They are moving numbers (polls) which means they are moving minds. Dion is actually driving people away with his anti-charisma and his muddled policies.

Yes politics is a game and it hasn't changed much from LeDrew's and Fife's days, or even changed much over the last 200 years. You need to make people vote for you.

knb said...

Really anon? You know exactly all I know about politics? Believe me, you haven't a clue what I know.

It's time the game changed, you see, we're not doing so well in this country, nor is the planet. Now is not the time for games, now is time for sound policy that will move things forward.

Jack? Oh he plays the game all right. He's out there selling used cars without an engine and taking monopoly money to pay for his absurd promises.

May? She's not playing the game. Have you been paying attention?

She is a character who believes in her convictions and wants to win. A difference between she and Dion is one of personality, but they are both approaching issues of consequence, unlike Layton and certainly unlike Harper.

You like things as they are? Fine. I don't and I aspire for better.

The way this country is run and by whom, is not a game to me.

As for making people vote for you, maybe people would have a chance to make a real decision if they were presented the facts and not the mythology that the press is serving up at the moment.

Issues matter and they are being over looked in favour of a popularity contest made up by Harper and reinforced by the press.


Dame said...

It is my gut talking now ... but look at that bow tie .....this Guy is not for Future he is longing for the past
sentimental conservative



Dame said...

Looking at these anons .... Who the hell they are ??? why it is so hard to show some real Identity and STAND UP FOR YOURSELF .dammit!!! . Anons are dirth in this "GAME"
Should be banned ...


Anonymous said...

May? She's not playing the game. Have you been paying attention?

Of course she's playing the game. Where have you been? She's taking the train across Canada making a huge point and getting people interested. People are coming out at 2 in the morning to see her and she's getting press about it. She wriggled herself into the debate by taking on an ex-Liberal and she's making the most of it.

All of this is Politics 101: Make Yourself Interesting and Different. Once you get people listening, hit them with your policy in a way that doesn't drive them away in droves. Elizabeth May knows how to do politics very, very well. I'm sure Fife and DeDrew would have lots of praise for her.

Which brings us back to your man. Dion doesn't know how to do politics. Period.