Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harper: 'Let the Market Handle It'

No, Harper wasn't referring to the supermarket or the Farmer's market as this photo would suggest. In a radio interview in Newfoundland, we learn that Harper is determined to go full steam ahead with his plan to allow the free market handle all sectors in Canada, so that he can realise his dream of reducing the role of the federal government in this country.

Dave Coles, The national president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers' Union, was on a popular radio station in Newfoundland. He had met with Harper about a specific project and anticipated job losses.

Dave Coles told Newfoundland and Labrador’s VOCM radio today that Prime Minister Harper personally told him that there would be no package to support the newsprint industry. The union leader said Prime Minister Harper told him in a private meeting that anyone who loses their jobs can move to Fort McMurray, Alberta.

“Forest industry workers should just let the market decide, and if you lose your job, and he (Harper) said this to me personally, you could always go to Fort McMurray. And I think that’s insulting for forestry workers and pulp and paper workers who live in rural Canada to hear that kind of answer from the Prime Minister,” said Mr. Coles. (You can hear a bit hear.)

Astonishing isn't it? Not surprising necessarily, because we all know what Harper's plan is as I said, but I didn't know that he was working for the Alberta government to help increase their workforce at the expense of Newfoundland.

Speaking of Newfoundland, I don't know if anyone heard Danny Williams today, but there can be no doubt that he was dead serious about his ABC campaign. Something tells me that we haven't heard the end of Danny boy.

Newfoundland was not the only province to feel Harper's wrath though. The province that no one should invest in , was included in his let them eat fruit attitude as well.

Harper's Canada is not my Canada.


RuralSandi said...

KNB - you're an artist so you know that the colour blue and colour orange are complimentary colours.

"It appears the NDP has changed their position. Our position has been to support the NDP on this point of principle. We are not going to be the only ones to boycott the debate," Mr. Teneycke said."

You see, the colour combo of blue and orange is back with a frenzy - it's the Blue Orange Coalition.

....even CTV - Mike Duffy show is background blue - print orange.

A new decorating sensation - The Blue Orange Coalition

knb said...

Well done Sandi!

Gayle said...

I actually think that statement was shocking. Surely he does not expect us to believe the only reason Harper refused to join the debate was to support Layton?

Actually, the former head of the CBC did a column in today's Globe that makes it clear Harper has opposed May being in the debate ever since he won the last election.

penlan said...

This is getting better & better all the time. More & more of Harper's comments being revealed for all to see what he really cares about - which is NOT the people.

And let the gaffes keep coming.

knb said...

gayle, it is shocking and shouldn't be bought for a moment. In fact, he should be taken to task on it. I wish we could get Teneycke on tape.

This may play out a bit longer and should, though May is thrilled so I doubt the MSM will think it has legs.

Hmm, let's think of some story lines to push this out a bit more.

I still think Sandi's analogy is very clever though.

knb said...

penlan, indeed that is happening. It remains to be seen who is listening.

Two days in a row of climb downs is not good for Harper. We need to keep them up.

Dame said...

They /Harper and Layton/ were FORCED to change their position seeing the public outrage... now we are talking!!!

May's participation will Change The whole athmosphere of the debate pushing back into the corner these " strong guys"
May has a true enthusiasm and a very good flair while speaking .
She makes people smile and agree naturally.
She is dangerous for especially the wooden Harper.
I am very happy For this news..


Dame said...

Ok I see I put my comment on not exactly the right subjected post However I wanted to say about May anyway...

Regarding The ABC It will make a difference in the final Counting...
What he is pushing .. The TRUST issue.. and he is very right No one can Trust Harper he is faking everything
For getting votes.


ottlib said...

Was that the real front page of the Winnipeg Sun or did you photoshop it.

It is not a very flattering depiction of either Mr. Harper or Mr. Layton.

knb said...

I didn't photoshop it ottlib.

To the best of my knowledge, that was the cover.

Fred from BC said...

Harper "forced" to allow May into the debate?

May "dangerous" to Harper?

You people have it all wrong, sorry. Stephen Harper being as intelligent as he is (whether you like him or not, he is by far the smartest of the party leaders), I wouldn't be at all surprised if he actually wanted the Green Party in the debate all along. The Greens will take votes from the NDP and the Liberals, not the Conservatives.

Harper is splitting the Left the same way Jean Chretien did to the Right, and the result will be another Conservative victory.

knb said...

He's crafty and clever, the most intelligent? Not by a long shot.

Dame said...

"he actually wanted the Green Party in the debate all along.he actually wanted the Green Party in the debate all along."
Now that was truly ridiculous to say Fred...

next Time you will say Harper wanted to quit /cut and run / the Afghanistan war ALL ALONG...???
he is so smart ....
I don'tknow what you mean by Intelligence ... he is up against 70% of Canadians...and doesn't realise it???
He is a snake by ALL MEANS!!!

marta /from BC /