Monday, September 29, 2008

Wake Up Canada!

This picture best describes what Harper thinks of 'regular' Canadians. At least those who do not consent to providing their name and address before getting into pre-arranged events to see him.

He's not interested in speaking to Canadians who disagree with him, you see. During this campaign he's not held one event that wasn't vetted. He's content to stay in his bubble where even the media will lob him soft balls.

You may have noticed that Mansbridge has invited all the leaders on to the National for an interview and a segment called Your Turn. Layton went first, tonight it was May, Dion is next week and Harper said he may appear, but he would not participate in the Your Turn segment.

Are you surprised? I didn't think so. You see, it would be easy enough for him to answer the question, because often he lies when he has to answer something that would shine the light of truth on him. He gets away with that because reporters are not allowed a follow up question.

On Your Turn though, Mansbirdge does often follow up and then Harper could be put on the spot. I say could because I've yet to see anyone in the media actually challenge the man so who knows if Mansbridge actually would, but apparently it's not a risk that Steve is willing to take.

So there you have it folks. Big old, brave Stevie just doesn't have the courage to face you because he knows that you could expose him for what he is. Furthermore, he doesn't care what you think. He has an agenda and he's going to follow that come hell or high water so your thoughts are irrelevant.

I'm not making this statement simply based on this one show you understand. Since the campaign began the number of events that Harper has opened to the public? 0 In contrast, Dion has attended at least 38.

Tell me again who cares about the people of this country and is prepared to tell them the truth?

Conservatives continue to push the line, in these uncertain times, (but our economy is strong, cough), you need a steady hand on the tiller that will keep us going in the same direction. Not if we are heading for a storm we don't.

We need someone who is willing to listen and consult others that have a different perspective and can navigate the storm instead of plowing headlong into it.

Harper knew this economic storm was coming and he bet he could call an election and get through it before the worse hit. Based on today, I'd say his timing was a bit off.


Jim said...

I think he knew exactly what he was doing. Canadians trust Harper and the Conservatives with the economy. Always have.

Even Dalton McGuinty's finance Minister, Dwight Duncan, says that Dion plan is a recipe for disaster.

MikeD said...

If he loves everything Reagan and Bush so much why doesn't he just move to the US where control is second nature for politicians? Why does he need to turn us into the US? He just seems to have this grotesque hatred of Canada.

That look on his face in the photo? That controlled suppressed anger. I expect that will be the look on his face when he beats the living daylights out of us if we give him a majority. Vote with care people.

penlan said...

And Harper's use of the RCMP at all of his photo-ops, announcements & candidate rallies is stunning.

Anyone who shouts out something that questions his stance/policies is turfed out, forcibly, by the RCMP. Protesters at outdoor events are pushed way back, out of sight & hearing of Harper & the media.

Talk about freakish control! And this is NOT the RCMP's job. There have been grumblings by some of these officers that it's unethical & that they shouldn't be doing this. But it seems they have no choice & have to do Steve's bidding. They are there ONLY to protect Steve from bodily harm - not from verbal dissonance. And yet they have been put in this position.

Makes me wonder what Harper will do if he gets a majority, using the RCMP to crack-down on any form of dissidence in this country. Will we become a police state? I wouldn't be surprised. It's already looking like we have become one, on somewhat of a minor scale at the moment but ever-growing since he came to power.