Monday, September 15, 2008

What the Media Isn't Reporting

This is one of the French ads I referred to earlier.

I really like these too. If you don't understand French, it basically goes through Harper's record, Arts cuts, lining up with Bush on the environment, watching thousands lose their jobs without lifting a finger to help, etc. and asks, is that a strong leader? It answers it too with a resounding, no. That is not a leader.

It then goes to what a real leader is. Someone with courage, conviction and someone who promotes hope, not fear. It expands to suggest a real leader is someone who inspires through his passion, his ideas and his integrity.

It closes with, a leader is someone who crosses the country to explain his plan and answers the questions of Canadians. The real strong leader is Stephane Dion.

And that brings me to the point of this post. Dion travelled across the country this summer to both big and smaller crowds. He had the courage of his conviction to propel him and it was rewarded by interest and an understanding of who the man is.

He's continued this during the election, holding 18 'open' events, (meaning no screening), since hitting the road, including 2 Town Halls. How many do you think Harper has held? Guess.

Zero, zilch, notta one! Oh, the media goes on and on about all of Harper's events and how enthusiastic the participants are, but they are all partisan supporters. Does he have the courage to do a Town Hall? Not on your life. He barely tolerates the media and is only taking them in on the election tour to promote his phony 'nice guy' image.

Dion isn't afraid of questions from Canadians, because he believes in his plan and he has nothing to hide. Harper? Not so much. He doesn't completely believe in his plan but is tolerating it in order to have Canadians buy that he is a centrist. He also has quite a bit to hide, doesn't he?

Additionally, it's been notable that few members of his team have been available to the media. Some have, but it's my understanding that unless you are a cabinet minister, say no to media.

Well, one of those Ministers was on CPAC today. That would be Baird. The show started off with I 'heart' Harper people, but things took an abrupt turn suddenly. Women started calling in and lacing into him. Calling him a liar, a bully, an embarrassment on the world stage, you name it. The host and Baird both squirmed and winced. The host, who is immanently fair, did so out of surprise at the strength of the words, Baird out of embarrassment.

There is a reason these guys aren't put before the public too often. They have a lot of heat to take on what they have done. They really do believe Canadians are stupid and haven't been watching. Guess what? They have been.

That said, I think the polls may be underestimating what is actually going on with Lib visits to regions of this country. Both Dion's and Lib MP's.

Finally, I want to say that it was brilliant to see Stephane respond to the media today in NFLD. Brennan and others were shouting out questions like, 'how can you sell a new tax when we see what is going on in the States?'. Calmly but forcefully, Dion said, 'You're framing your question the same way the Conservatives do. It's not a new tax, it's a shifting of taxes. Income taxes will come down and polluters will pay.'

I'm paraphrasing, but that is the essence of what he said and what is most important, is that he gently pointed out that the questioners/media are using the Conservative narrative as their take off point.

Brilliant and Bravo!


me dere robert said...

Harper is also screening the media. Here in Halifax the Chronicle Herald was not allowed to ask any questions when he stopped by the other day.

William said...

Finally the liberals are telling the truth as reality and holding the media and Harper responsible. If they keep the pressure on and start forcing Harper to defend what he says the reaction (or explosion) will be interesting.

BTW our local Harper mouthpiece has really started out well up here. Called a press conference to spout a few Harper lines and then let the media know he will answer only questions as he determines are important. They tried 10 percenters on the first day of the election and the local media tore them apart as amature. Even the red neck media is pissed off so I am having fun watching it!

knb said...

Robert, William...I love that you are telling me what is going on on the ground.

robert...Maher was shut down? He's one of the best. If he was shut down, I trust he;ll write about it.

william...a good turn of events. They may favour the strategy and buckle to the pressure, but if they are worth their salt and respect what they do, they'll fight back.

Oh, this is going to be fun.

Carrie said...

Harper was in my city today, London, Ontario. No news of it locally or even on CTV or CBC until late tonight. You know how I found out he was here today? I was in drive thru at Starbucks (I know...) and a police car was ahead of me. When I pulled up to the window the cashier said that cop was escorting the PM around London today. Uh huh. No news about it. Saw some coverage on tv later this evening. He rented the freaking huge Convention Centre downtown...or else our corrupt city hall just gave it to him free, which is more likely.

Anyway, reading Garth's blog about his signage problems, seems it's happening here too. London Fanshawe Liberal signs smashed, kicked, torn. Only happened when Conservative sign went up. NDP sign untouched. That Conservative is a woman and I'm appalled by this behaviour. She put her office right next to the Liberal MP for this riding, in the same plaza. Signs plastered all over her windows and out front. Takes some nerve to put herself right next door.

I cannot wait to see Liberals continue to climb in polls. I really hope people start listening to Dion and the press starts doing it's job!!

Also, have you seen this....

penlan said...

One thing that has been bothering me is that, at least on CBC Newsworld (rarely watch CTV NewsNet,
is that the coverage of Harper's media events are covered from beginning to end including all questions from the press.

With Dion they always seem to cut away after he has answered a few questions. They don't fully cover the event. Same with Layton.

I want to hear the complete events. Is it because Harp is the PM, or ex-PM really, & it's expected they should cover him to the fullest?

penlan said...

I live near London & didn't hear about harper coming to the area either. Also, in my local, tiny newspaper there was a scathing editorial about Harper calling an election. This surprised me as it's heavily, solid-core Con country here.

Time for a change maybe? I sure hope so!

me dere robert said...


Talk about coverage.. last nights CTV news with Loyd Robertson went like this:

"Stephan Harper announced today... (full coverage)."

"Another leader was making promises today.. *pause* .. Jack Layton was in Halifax annoucing.."

"Elsewhere on the campaign trail Gilles Doucette.."

*commercial break*

"Stephan Dion can't sell his green plan.. (no talk about any campaign promises"

Then this morning on Craig Oliver implying that because the Liberals are in Atlantic Canada he reasons that they believe they can't win and are trying to save all the ridings they can in friendly areas. What?!? It's only day 8! They've been here once. There spending as much time here as all the other parties have. Maybe even less.


I think he also implied that Dion wasn't charismatic enough to be opposition leader! I was on my way out the door.. have to watch the clip when its posted on the ctv video site.

Sad when the media decides who wins.

penlan said...

me dere,

That is absolutely disgusting! Thankyou for giving me the low-down.

The fact that Fife has now been assigned to Dion does not bode well as he is so terribly Con biased that we (the voters) will not get any truthful coverage on CTV. Makes me want to cry. So damn unfair!