Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking Forward

Reading and watching the post byelection coverage, I see that a new negative narrative is beginning. What a surprise! Last night wasn't a sweep and that was disappointing, but nor was it the disaster that is going to create innumerable problems for either the party nor it's leader.

Of course analysis of the loss in Sask. must be done, just as a review of what happened in Quadra must be undertaken, but the bottom line is we won 3 out of 4 and we have to create our own narrative of what that might mean going forward. I'm not for a minute suggesting that any of the reality of last night should be ignored. I am suggesting that publically, it is time to move forward in a way that will enable us to employ lessons learned.

The first thing I think the party should do is laugh at the media that is turning on it's head searching for anything that might continue to be a threat to Dion's leadership. I don't think we (the party) have been strong enough in denouncing some of the ludicrous scenarios that are trotted out on a daily basis.

Next, let's have a frequent show of strength as a team in public as often as is possible. Rather than react to the nonsense that the media throw at the Lib's, (which more often than not is simply a parroting of what the Con's have said), let's focus on what Harper has and hasn't done to the country. Two years of this government have passed and the media have been consumed with Dion's leadership style rather than analysing what Harper's policies really mean. I don't think the Lib's have been strong enough in making those points stick. Let's get some strong voices in front of media to do that, while stating what Dion would do differently.

Let's not fall into the trap of allowing others to write our narrative. We should take this opportunity as a party to turn the page and write our own.

For the record, I'm not saying that blogs shouldn't continue to critique and voice their opinion. I'm referring to a couple of things that I think the party should do to take advantage of the wins we did have and change the tone.

One last thing. The next time the caucus meets, let the dissenters voice their concerns (if they have the courage), address those concerns, then insist that they forever hold their peace.

Oh and anyone caught speaking to Jane Taber should be barred from caucus, ;).

Finally, it wouldn't hurt to point out how the NDP strategy seems to be reversing their fortunes. The Lib's have been attacked by both sides for months now. Let's start dismatling their hoary lines to shall we?


Omar said...

Losing a northern Saskatchewan seat was a small price to pay to keep the likes of David Orchard out of the party. Vancouver/Quadra? Go figure. I gave up a long time ago trying to decipher the strange political nuances of British Columbians.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the National Post and other right-wing commentators suggesting Dion get dumped (like, what's it to them) is really irritating. It was getting to know Dion a bit as leader, among a few other things (like Harper), that pulled me to the Liberals last year.

I see Dion is selling this as a team effort and that is great by me. I think Canadians can accept different if it is done with substance and sincerity.

RuralSandi said...

Perhaps a whole bunch of us should email the Liberal caucus with your statement about Jane Taber - obviously, she's not to be trusted. Neither is Mike Duffy for that matter.

I think this whole by-election thing has been over analysed to death.

Karen said...

Agreed Steve. Orchard, on Duffy tonight said he's committed to running in the general election.

Too soon to know how that will be handled I guess.

Quadra? Who knows. Low voter turn out. The Con candidate was distorting Murray's provincial record, though I don't know that it was all that strong. Murray was new to the riding and apparently the Con candidate had good name recognition. Liberal's didn't come out because they felt secure.

Who knows, the list of possible reason is long, but you're right, BC is too tough to figure out.

Karen said...

clh, I agree, especially since it becomes clearer each and every day as to just how controlling Harper is.

The contrast will be quite stark and who among us wouldn't prefer to work as a team rather than be led by a dictator?

I saw Bob Rae tonight say pretty much what I said in my post, which I saw as a good sign. Meaning, I think there is real success to be had in this strategy.

Karen said...

Sandi, lol!

Obviously we cannot be seen to be avoiding the press as the Con's do, but telling people to shut the heck up as it relates to internal discussions surely isn't a bad thing.

Yep, no analysing here...let's step forward.

Ryan said...

Ohhh Knb... is there anything wrong with the Liberal party?

Steve V said...

oooh ryan, is there anything wrong with the NDP? Talk about lame spin today, I don't seem to remember anyone bitching about low turnout not being indicative of anything in Outremont. Funny that.

Karen said...

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan...I thought I was pretty clear that work needs to be done and analysis must be undertaken.

I didn't title my post, Wahooo, Lib's conquer!

Nor did I at any point suggest that life is perfect in the Liberal party.

Conversely, the NDP defense has been laughable.

Jack, in Washington?, not interferring in the primaries, lol, was interviewed by Newman tonight and he looked and sounded ridiculous.

Like Harper, Layton lives in a dream world. Their mutual vision of non reality is starting to meld.

Meanwhile, I think the Canadian brain freeze may begin to thaw come Spring and that requires melting, not melding.

Karen said...

Steve, I resisted that argument but agree completely.

To all those who suggest that TO Centre and Willowdale were guaranteed, well, think a little harder.

I think what the NDP fail to realise is that in TO Centre you have a mix of the poorest of the poor and some of the wealthiest Canadians. To bring those two groups together to agree is really quite a feat.

You're such a smart guy Ryan. I cannot understand how you could support Jack. The priciples of the party I get, hell I even support a few, but with that guy as your leader? I don't get it.

Kindly do not suggest I said something I didn't.

My post is pretty clear...take off the Jack glasses. Pun intended.

Ryan said...

Am I wearing Jack glasses? Did I make a partisan NDP comment? No. I'm sure if you've read my blog in the past, you'll find that I can be highly critical of the NDP when I believe they have compromised any principles, especially the current election tactic.

My comments have nothing to do with partisanship, but have everything to do with policy. It seems to me as if this is actually partisan central, judging the reception of my comment. I have yet to see any thorough analysis of the vast problems with the Liberal Party, asides from telling dissenters to essentially speak their peace and shut up.

Please, don't jump on me and jump to conclusions purely for the sake of partisanship.

Karen said...

Ryan, I'm not a party analyst. I offer my opinions on this blog based on my observations.

I don't think any party is perfect.

You tell me that I should be writing about the vast problems in the Liberal party. Aside from that suggestion being a tad presumptuous, what vast problems within the Liberal party are you so certain of?

I didn't jump all over you Ryan. You jumped in with a sarcastic remark that completely mischaracterised my post.