Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Political Intimidation in Canada?

This is a very bizarre story.

Following Martha Hall Findlay's landslide win in that riding in the north end of the city Monday night, scores of her supporters woke up yesterday morning to find their tires had been slashed and the letter "L" had been scratched into their cars.

I've seen scores of lawn signs that have been defaced over the years, but I've never heard of anything like this.

At least one of the victims is a woman in her 70s who had two tires slashed.
Of the vandalized cars the Sun knows about, all were parked in private driveways with Martha Hall Findlay campaign signs in the yard, even though some had been taken down yesterday.

Some of the signs had been taken down, so that tells me that whoever did this knew where Martha Hall-Findlay supporters lived. They were familiar with specific routes/areas which would suggest that they were perhaps people who worked the area.

This is ridiculous and characteristic of just how militant our political discourse has become in this country. Could it just have been a malicious prank carried out by kids? I suppose so, but it seems pretty odd to me that only 1 group was targeted and that some of them didn't even have their signs out anymore.

Shutting down political expression through threats has no place in this country, but then, I'm of the view that a lot of what we have seen lately has no place in Canada.

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Anonymous said...

That is so disgusting. I've never heard anything like it.