Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Climbing Down? Changing the Channel?

Like many of you, I expect, I was surprised to see Jean-Pierre Blackburn's comments this morning on re-opening the Constitution.
The Harper government is telling Quebec that if the Conservatives win a majority in the next election, they will look to reopen the Constitution and give more meaning to their recognition of Quebeckers as a nation.
First of all, I wouldn't use the term government in that sentence. Instead I'd use the Harper Conservative Party, because this has nothing to do with governance and everything to do with politics.
What is it with Conservatives? Do they not read our history? It's obvious that they do read polls and I'm sure that is what prompted this idiotic move. I have no doubt that the Con's looked at the recent Crop poll and Blackburn thought it would be wise to jump now and dangle something in front of Quebeckers.
How incredibly stupid! Who talks about opening the Constitution, even in innuendo, if they have nothing tangible to offer, in the year 2008? Being in full time campaign mode I suppose lends itself to serious stupidity.
Just one more example of how dangerous this party is, imo.
I know that Blackburn is now backing down from his comments, no doubt being told by the PMO to put the genie back in the bottle. But, do you really think that the Bloq is now just going to shut up about this?
That is one reason why this notion, overall, is so ill conceived. No matter how much you give the Bloq, they want more. How's that, Quebec as a Nation, thing working out so far? It didn't satisfy them for one day.
To those who believe this is just an off the cuff remark without a plan to support it, albeit a plan that has yet to be revealed, think again.
Michael Fortier at the Liberal convention said, 'we're delighted that Dion won because he's such a hated federalist'.
Perfect! We have a government that is more focused on their craven needs and playing their partisan politics than they are on what is good for the country.
Aren't you surprised?
The Con's have a favourite line right now. They claim that the Lib's will only go to an election when the conditions to win are there.
Yeah, like that's a new concept on the Hill.
They are claiming that the Lib's only want power and aren't interested in what is good for the country and Canadians.
Talk about projecting!


Dame said...

Harper has this idea long time ago and he is approaching it in a zig-zak way deconstruct the whole federal systemm make all provinces more or less as small autonomies /first giving it To Quebec / no federal social programs ... and an Integrated System with the USA as first and best allay ....with a strong Military Power with Glorious Winnings on the World stage.... And a big name for Harper in History...
This little Hint for Quebec was No mistake at all..
They don't know SHAME ....

that is how I see it ...

Karen said...

Well said marta. I agree.

Today more of their true colours are showing.

I have never believed that what the current Con's truly represent could remain buried.

What galls me is how the media have bought his transformation hoax, hook line and sinker.

It's tough sitting out votes, but that strategic patience may just pay off afterall.

Anonymous said...

Senator Michael Fortier, non-elected Minister, has not showed up at all this week in Ottawa. Is it because of the 250M$ lawsuit alleging conflict of interest in alloting a 400M$ contract. Delays are also adding up...the Baird Affair... Let's say that the Fortier corruption at TPGSC is on the rise