Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Tyranny of a Conservative Minority

For those of us who watch the occasional committee meeting, it's been obvious for some time now that the 'Handbook of Dirty Tricks' that Don Martin uncovered some time back has been relied on with enthusiasm. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the pages of said manual are so dog-eared and worn, some MP's must be asking for new copies.

So, while this little gem didn't come as a shock per se, it's still pretty loathsome. What's really galling though is that this government has pulled every underhanded procedural trick possible and they seem to be getting a free ride while doing it? Why? Because they lie about it of course.

If the opposition mentions the manual, they say it doesn't exist. If the opposition outlines how the Con's have filibustered for months in some cases, the Con's say it's the opposition holding things up. If the opposition points out how the Con's have tucked important legislation into other bills, they rationalise the move, and for some reason they have been equal time to lie in the media without being called out on anything.

I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow we have come to a point where everyone believes that every issue should be given equal weight in a debate. Maybe it started with Climate Change. Every nut-bar in the land demanded equal time to dispute the indisputable and they were given it. The same of course has happened with Evolution and Creationism being debated in science venues.

That mentality seems to have spread to all issues, even parliamentarians lying to Canadians for their own gain.

Consider what has been said about Dion. It's lies, but they say it anyway. I've yet to hear a journalist describe the true measure of the man. No, they are content to parrot the latest Con line and perpetuate an image that is false.

What's really happening here is pretty obvious to me. The Con's have nothing as it relates to policy. They've been riding their 'We're Tuff on Crime' and 'Pseudo Accountability' wave for 2 years and that's all they've got. Planning a policy meeting in the fall tells us that story.

They have created a crisis and will now proceed to make it all better. Kind of like a kiddie time cartoon distortion of Naomi Klein's, The Shock Doctrine.

I say don't given them the chance. Let the Immigration Bill get to committee, get some witnesses in that will highlight it's hypocrisy then take down this pathetic excuse for a government.


RuralSandi said...

Well put. I've watched some Committee meetings of late on purpose.

It is a pathetic performance on the part of the CPC - and this time, building, staff,etc. is paid for by our tax dollars.

I think Liberals should include videos of some of these meeting in an ad campaign - wake up the folks who aren't paying attention.

Karen said...

Not a bad suggestion Sandi.

I'm convinced that most of what the Con's are pulling is designed to fly under the radar.

They aren't worried about people like you or me, who watch what they are doing, because they know we've already decided.

Anonymous said...

and in a minority government, who is letting them get away with this????
the opposition, a weak opposition, namely s. dion, this would never hapen with a chretien or trudeau....

Karen said...

Oh,anon, quit with the simplistic Con/NDP talking points.

It's not that simple and if you don't realise that you should.

Red Tory said...

This parliament has become quite dysfunctional for various reasons, but it's all meant to play into the notion that another minority government can't be the outcome of the next election — something that the Conservatives will hammer away at you can be sure.

Karen said...

I agree RT. In fact, MP Blackburn tipped their hand last week with this comment:

The Harper government is telling Quebec that if the Conservatives win a majority in the next election, they will look to reopen the Constitution and give more meaning to their recognition of Quebeckers as a nation.

Since he doesn't sit on a committee, I guess he's been busy cramming his election spiel ;).

Steve V said...


Yes, I'm sure you voted for Chretien and Trudeau many times. Please, get a better disguise.

Anonymous said...

A big reason why parliamentary committees are in such stale mate is,because I think the opposition parties have been trying to use the committee has a courtroom. With a big difference where they can say anything without consequence. The chair declares a motion out of order and the opposition keeps coming back with approximately the same motion. I think the speaker of the house mentioned this a couple weeks ago.

Our PM has and is making Mr.Dion liberals look like a bunch of hypocrites saying one thing and doing another.

I do not think that the Liberals have any guts to pull the trigger on an election this spring. If we are going to have one this spring I think is,because Mr.Harper goes to the GG to call one.

I cannot remember a minority government as this one be able to control the opposition the way they have done so far.

You can bet that this minority government would have not last as long in which it just entered its third year. With Mr. Jean Chretien as leader of the liberals. I did not agree to him on most issues,but at least he had control of his party by in large. Remember this is the same person that threatens to call a snap election if the party did not get in line.

This is my opinion you could now ridicule me all you want on this. But this is fact and you all know it whether you like to admit it or not.

KNB I know that we disagree when it comes to politics,but I would like to commend you for letting your readers post opposition views on your blog.

Karen said... are correct, we disagree.

As it relates to committee's, I'm sorry, you are following the story your party is giving you and you obviously haven't been watching.

Yes, your guy's are controlling...that is the point and that is not democracy as I know it.

Finally, watch for an election near you and soon.

As to allowing comment...I think I've always done that. Hey, I'm an artist who is fighting the censorship clause in the recent Verner bill.

Yes, even if I disagree, you are allowed to speak your piece.