Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Guess It's Not as Complicated as the Media Think

During most news reports or panel discussions with media, it is often said that the In and Out scheme is too complicated for Canadians to really get it. Or, they suggest that it doesn't really register with the public.

Message to media who feel it necessary to make such ridiculous comments. Canadians are smarter than you think.

A new poll suggests most Canadians believe the federal Conservatives spent more money than they were legally allowed during the last election.

Fifty-eight per cent of respondents told The Canadian Press/Harris-Decima survey they don't believe the Tories' insistence that they did nothing wrong.
Doubts about the ruling party's response to the affair were most pronounced in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario - the three most populous provinces that will determine the outcome of the next election.

Also, 33 per cent of respondents believed that if the allegations are true, the illegal overspending would have been a decisive factor in the Conservatives' minority victory in the 2006 vote.

Not only do Canadians get it, it would seem that all the ridiculous attempts by Poilievre to conflate the civil matter with the investigation have failed.


Anonymous said...

In other news, a new CROP Poll suggests the Liberal Party will be wiped off the map in Stephane Dion's home province of Quebec.

Back to you KNB.

wilson said...

I was just thinking that anon. See knb, a Crop poll is handsdown more crediable than any online poll.

Those most familiar with advertising scandal, are without a doubt, Quebecers.
And it ain't looking so good for Libs and Duceppe.
those in the know, know what a REAL scandal is, In and Out doesn't even register with Adscam as a measurement (call it a 'marker')

The Libs troubles aside,
('..If an election were held this spring, the Conservative caucus could find itself with a lot more Quebec MPs...)
as ANY federalist party is better than a separatist party,

'...Duceppe may be facing a few questions in the near future as well. His party, which scored 42 per cent in the last election is down to 28 per cent in this poll...'

UNDER 30%... all of us should be cheering this poll.

Anonymous said...

That is right anon the liberals would be wiped off here in Quebec, don't forget that this poll was done country wide. That is about 200 people per province,where the margin of error is high. This crop poll conducted solely in Quebec with 1000 people interviewed has a much smaller margin of error then the national one. I for one do not put much stock into this.
I don't think the liberals do also,because if they really believe it they would try to put forward a none confidence motion.

That said I'm not surprised,because of all the negative press that they have gotten.

Karen said...

Uh, I don't know what you guys are smoking but like Poilievre, you are comparing apples and snowballs.

I'm not arguing that the Lib's are doing well in Quebec. In fact I never have and think we have a lot to there.

I'm merely making the point that the media keep telling us that we don't understand the In and Out and this poll shows that people do.

Geesh. Down Harperites, down.

Anonymous said...

Knb you are talking about a single poll of 1000 people interviewed out of millions that vote. Unless we see a series of polls that goes in the same direction I will still have to believe that most people don't know what "in and out" really is. Most Canadians don't follow politics. I'll bet that more people know who Sidney Crosby is then what "in and out"is;)

ottlib said...

Yep. When ever some bad news comes out regarding the Conservatives their supporters say "Look, over there".

I would remind these Conservative supporters that the Liberals maintained a healthy lead over the Conservatives for all but a couple of weeks of the three years the Sponsorship Scandal was in the news.

Indeed, the Liberals were sitting on a double digit lead going into the 2004 election.

Of course, we all knew what happened in that election and the subsequent one.

In most cases the full effect of a scandal on a government does not take effect until elections. You can expect the same thing this time around.

In 2004, the Sponsorship Scandal cost the Liberals 6 points of support during the election and it cost them 7 points in 2006.

If the multiple scandals of the Conservatives has a similar effect they are in trouble. And they are in even bigger trouble if that similar effect takes place and they are still only in the low 30 range nationally when the writ is dropped.

But anon, wilson and Right, by all means, keep pointing "over there" if it gets you through the night.

Anonymous said...

"But anon, wilson and Right, by all means, keep pointing "over there" if it gets you through the night."

Which way is that ottlib?;)

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at how little respect Conservatives give average Canadians. You might think that they believe (and want) an apathetic electorate.

Jeff said...

In other news, a new CROP Poll suggests the Liberal Party will be wiped off the map in Stephane Dion's home province of Quebec.

nice try. the LPC has maintained their support in their power base. we will keep what we have next election. granted, the opportunities in quebec for growth seem bleak at the moment.

sadly for anonymous partisans, any gains achieved by harper conservatives in quebec will mean little when offset against massive losses in atlantic canada and ontario.

back to you mr. flaherty.

Steve V said...

What these fool trolls seem to forget, the Liberals are polling where they were in the 2006 election. "Wiped off the map", ya okay. Oh, and the Cons are up a whooping 2% since the election. Oh, and they forgot to mention that the "don't believe" the Conservatives contingent was highest in Quebec.

Anyways, let's see how much they're laughing when they lose 15-20 seats in Ontario :)

Anonymous said...

Knb what happened to you're post "You Are Not My Boss"?

Karen said...

It's a long story, right but it's back up now.

Anonymous said...

No problem knb. I do enjoy reading you're blog .