Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's No Wonder Harper Keeps Them Leashed

Rob Anders returns. No one in this country or perhaps I should say few, would defend China's human rights record but a lack of tact/diplomacy seems to be endemic to some Con's.

Anders is not alone of course. Harper's recent decision to let his people off their leash may be good for Canadians, but not so good for Harper and the Con's.

Bernier's most recent blunder has brought on a deserved rebuke. The man is so ill informed, ill equipped intellectually and vain beyond any standard. I am frankly surprised that Harper placed him in this role in the first place but of course it was purely political and once again aimed at Quebec.
And we now have this little nugget. Good grief!

And of course we have the ever reliable Flaherty who flaunts the rules and doesn't care.

And just to round things out, we have these elegant comments from our parliamentary potato picker.

It was recently reported that Harper had decided to give his MP's a little slack to counteract the image that the Liberal's had a much stronger team.

Something tells me he may rethinking that strategy over the break week.


RuralSandi said...

More disturbing is to watch the CPC caucus smirk, yuk it up, nod their heads in approval, giggle and applaud at this - what a bunch of unstatesman-like class clowns. We pay these people how much per year with benefits?

wilson said...

'a lack of tact/diplomacy'

Fence sitting?
Canadians are ready for a government that takes a stand.

Anonymous said...

What about Dion's musings about NATO invading Pakistan if they couldn't take care of the terrorists within their boundaries? I didn't hear any Liberal asking for his resignation. Oh wait - I'm sorry there were Liberals calling for his resignation. My bad. carry on.....

Karen said...

Sandi they do look like a grade school class at times.

I know all parties taunt their opposition, but the Con's just stoop so low and then laugh about it.

I often wonder what Liberal and NDP members of the military think of their inane comments.

(Actually I'm sure they ignore them, but it's bizarre that they assume that every member of the forces would be a Conservative.)

Karen said...

wilson 'a lack of tact/diplomacy'

Fence sitting?

Thanks for clearing up the fact that your party is unable to grasp the difference.

Karen said...

Jeff, that comment sounded dumb coming from Obhrai today and dumber being parroted by you.

Dion never made that comment. His exact words were:

"If [Pakistani leaders] are incapable of doing it themselves, it is something that we could envision with NATO forces — how to help Pakistan help us bring peace to Afghanistan," he said during a news conference in Quebec City Wednesday.

Obviously he was speaking of a diplomatic move, but oh yeah I forgot, you guess don't do diplomacy let alone nuance.

I'm not suggesting that he should have made the comment, but he wasn't speaking of invasion, nor was he the Minister of Foreign Affairs. His comments didn't scuttle months of negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Add Clement and Baird to that stellar team of minor league all-stars! Did you see the televised declaration of public BPA dangerousness? Very funny stuff, but about as comfortable to watch as a beating. Saying nothing and looking ridiculous.
Perhaps Dion's ripening strategy is not such an unwise one.

Karen said...

LMG, no I didn't see it, but Baird, Clement and Poilievre are on a perpetual list in my view, ;).

Steve V said...

"Canadians are ready for a government that takes a stand."

Yes, that explains why women are running away from the Conservatives in droves.

Ryan said...

China has the worst human rights record in the world.

Besides, you know, the United States. Which Anders like, you know, is a fan of.

Red Tory said...

What a bunch of clods.

No wonder the likes of "Wilson" are so enamored. They're every bit as dumb and obtuse as she is. It's a match made in... well, not heaven, let's put it that way. Being diplomatic and all.