Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What the Hell are We Doing?

I realise my pic doesn't represent the article I am going to refer to, but take a good look because we are responsible for this.
The article is here and all I have to say is I have no words to describe what is going on and fewer yet for those who strive to defend it by pointing fingers.
They disgust me, all.


A Eliz. said...

There are some people that do not have any feeling for the lives of our lovely birds and animals, our current government for one. I feel for seals and polar bears and many creatures that haven't got a chance. This story is cruel but the almighty buck means more to some, than the lives of the birds

Ryan said...

Well, as long as most Canadians can't see it, they don't care less.

It's actually funny, because in the last provincial election the residents of Fort Mac were incredibly dissatisfied with the way the Tories are running the province.

But they voted Tory anyways. Most Albertans seem like drug addicts or something... can't get rid of the dealer because without them you can't get your fix...

Steve V said...

It's an amazing story, just as the Alberta government is on a public relations campaign to sell everyone on the misinformation about the tar sands, it isn't the "dirtiest" operation on earth. Poor Eddie, foiled by a few birds, so much for the green sham. What a disgusting operation, how people rationalize it is beyond me.

Karen said...

lizt. You are right, but how do we stop this?

Right wing trolls, do not even try to justify this on my blog.

Spew your nonsense elsewhere and feel free to do it.

Here, you'll have no mercy.

Karen said...

ryan, I think we need to see much more of this.

"Fix" is a good term. So addicted are they to their revenues, that they push the rest of society out.

Isn't that what addict's do?

Gayle said...

The worst thing about being an Albertan is that it is embarassing to be an Albertan.

Red Tory said...

Why don't they have bird scaring devices strategically set up around these toxic lakes? Idiots.

Speaking of ducks, check out the video over at my place. It was taken at the Esquimalt Lagoon just down the road from where we live... the last part is of the bird sanctuary there.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no justification to this mess. If I read the article
correctly it says the reason why there was no scaring device is, because of the amount of snow that Alberta recently recieved that caused the delay. But in my opinion this is just an excuse. Its a darn "SHAME"!

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Utterlty disgusting. BTW, that tailings pond is so large its viewable from space. You can find it easily in google earth.

Not many in Alberta will care, the government has done a great job getting people to buy into lies. My parents are one such example. I have been trying to deprogram them.

Albertans believe that removing the tar from the tar sands is cleaning up the environment. Never mind the fact that these sands are actually far enough underground naturally they do not even impact life, and ideed some are adapted to the soil conditions. Yet they somehow believe that bringing this filth to the surface is a benefit of some sort to the environment.

They also believe that the tailings ponds are fine, the tar sinks and the surface is fine. Thats obviously not true or this article would not have been written.

I was also under the impression they actually used propane cannons to scare these animals away. More lies apparently.

To make it all worse, with the expansion of the tar sands the tailings ponds will increase also.

The connection of money and living well is a farce if it destroys the very environment that sustains you. A lesson that will be hard learned by Albertans.

Not to let Newfoundland off the hook because they are about to create a catastrophe offshore. The grand banks is made up of soft glacial till and is frequently subject to minor landslide and some large ones as seen by the tsunami in the early 1900's. I have seen the frequency from observation in university. The governemtn denys or glosses this over because they intend to build a pipeline in the unstable grand banks.