Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Weally, Weally, Tuff Being a Conservative You Know!

The Conservative narrative has gone from silly to ridiculous. They all seem to singing that childhood song, "nobody likes me, everybody hates me..."

What I'm referring to here is their growing portrayal of being victims of everyone and everything that does not fully support them.

Perhaps they have determined they cannot make a solid case because of their lack of facts, so it may play in their favour to pull the victim card.

What I find so fascinating about this new tack, is how obviously they have missed the disconnect here. You cannot credibly portray yourself day after day as a bully and then expect to receive sympathy by crying out that you are the victim. It's preposterous, yet everyday there seems to be a new addition to their victim hood repertoire.

The most recent came from a robotic Poilievre, who on Thursday had this to say during Members Statements.

Mr. Pierre Poilievre (Nepean—Carleton, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Canada Elections Act says that all loans for leadership contestants must be repaid within 18 months and failure to do so is a violation of the act.

The Liberal leader is said to have almost a million dollars in outstanding leadership debts, owed to wealthy elites and powerful insiders. If he does not repay these debts by the June 3 deadline, they become illegal donations over the donation limit.

The only escape is if Elections Canada steps in to protect the Liberal leader with preferential treatment and an extension.

Canadians will watch closely. Will the Liberal leader break the law by accepting illegal donations and, if so, will Elections Canada protect the Liberal leader with preferential treatment?

Now, obviously this is intended to be a double whammy. Suggest that Dion might just be in serious trouble with Elections Canada and point out that the dastardly institution is liable to provide a Liberal with preferential treatment. Poilivre leaves out of course, that it is perfectly legal to request and extension and if accepted by EC, they will be following the law, not skirting it.

Elections Canada spokesman André Guertin said extensions for debt repayment are "part of the law" and it is "absolutely not" preferential treatment to grant them.

Backbencher Joe Preston took up the same whine on Friday.

Now, add this to Flaherty's 'Hmmpff, I'm not going to answer you [John McCallum] until you apologise', Bernier's, 'I never thought I would hear such an attack in this place, sigh', Moore's 'The Liberals owe us an apology for their smear against us and Chuck Cadman', Art Hangar who sullenly stomps out of committee meetings because 'they won't accept my ruling', or the need to filibuster committee meetings because of the mean, mean tyranny of the majority. (All paraphrased by me incidentally, but that's the gist of what is being said and done.)

Add that to their paranoia of all institutions that make up government and you've got yourself a bunch of pretty hard done by folk. I imagine with this SCOC ruling yesterday, that the Supreme Court will become their next oppressor.

Anyway, in past posts I've presented this as feigned indignation, which it is, but everyday it gets just a little more whiny and 'poor us', in tone.

I can see the election banners now.

Save Canada (the CPC) from the Tyranny of the Majority!
Vote Conservative!


Gayle said...

Good post.

I think what is happening right now is the government defeating itself. They rely too heavily on the ignorance of voters, and voters are just not that dumb.

Karen said...

I agree gayle. Imagine relying on the ignorance of people.

That said, they have been successful in making the general public yawn as they go about their business.

I think that will change come the next election...see my next post.

Anonymous said...

Admit it you libs love Pierre Poilievre...

As a CPC supporter he rocks in my book, and is the same age as me. Young kid just slaming all the old liberals smear tactics with left hooks. I love it. He has a bright future in the CPC.

And you libs will have fun writting about it. I am sure it will all be positive;)

Austin said...

The stuff of brilliance.

CPC hacks like MPs, not because of their ability to develop solid, well-grounded policy, but because they "slam all the old liberal smear tactics".

Substance? Who needs it!



RuralSandi said...

I just figured out what CPC stands for - Canadian Paranoids of Canada.

Funny isn't it - that the Tories rant about the bestest, mostest and my dog's bigger than your dog - and yet cry and whine that everyone's against them?

Ah, you can't have it both ways - either you're touch or you're a paranoid weakling - the two just don't go together.

Blue Magic comment a little disturbing isn't it? I mean, because a young pup can mouth off he's wonderful? Good grief - 10 year old kids can mouth off. It's one of the easiest things one can do.

Karen said...

blue mountain, Poilievre is someone who I think is ruining politics.

He is in it for his own vainglorious reasons, which is the anti-thesis of what we need at the moment.

If Poilievre is what you look up, at least you haven't got far to fall.

If lying and attempting to destroy peoples reputations is what you aspire to, well send your resume to Harper. He'll be only too happy to find yet another gullible soul to take bullets for him.

Karen said...

austin, sadly, I fear they wouldn't know policy if it slapped them across the face.

Karen said...

sandi, they do sound like kids don't they? I think you are being generous with the age of 10.

It's really quite odd that some Canadians accept some of these guys as their MP's and the rest of us have listen to them.