Monday, May 19, 2008

Stephane Dion: "The time has come to do what’s right, not what’s easy."

"I am convinced that far too many political elites underestimate Canadians. When you speak to the minds and big hearts of our great people, good policies translate into good politics." Stephane Dion

That sounds like a message to those in his caucus who might be nervous about this idea.

I'm convinced this guy is going to do politics differently. Is it risky? Of course, but I think the timing might be just right.


Castor Rouge said...

This is great, thanks for posting it.

Karen said...

You're welcome.

The contrast between Dion and Harper, I think, has yet to be accurately demonstrated.

They have drawn a portrait of Dion with crayons that I concede, some may have bought, but I'm convinced that when the real deal shows up, Canadians will have another impression.

Dion is not Barack Obama, but he is animated, passionate, driven and determined to bring a vision for this country back into the public discourse.

Compare that to Harper who is wooden, trite and so bereft of a vision that Canadians would find acceptable, he must keep it hidden.

The next election is going to be beyond interesting. In addition to Dion, add his bench strength touting this message and contrast it with what Harper has to put forward, well I guess we'll watch and see.

Northern PoV said...

Dion's English has (finally) improved to the point where it is only a minor distraction.
I love the tax shift/what we want/don't want theme
Looks like a LEADER to me!

Karen said...

northern pov, his English has never bothered me, but I hear you.

It's surprising to me that some think his accent is an impediment. When I think of this country, I think of accents, but there you go.

The theme you picked up on though, I think is one of many.

I hope tomorrow to boil them down.

A Leader? If you are taking a path, showing the way and helping people to navigate it, well then yes, you are a leader.

That's a path never taken by Harper and here we have the difference, (for public consumption) between the two men.

Austin said...

I don't see how any fiscal conservative can possibly be against this tax shift proposal.

While the impetus is climate change/Kyoto, the overall goal is to make Canada more efficient in utilizing its resources. This makes total economic sense.

One of the biggest problems of Canada is that because it is so bloody large, we indulge in largesses and are able hide our waste better because we can spread it around more.

Anonymous said...

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Karen said...

anon, I'm not following why you are posting the vid again?