Saturday, May 03, 2008

You're Not the Boss of Me!

Many have commented that a pattern is developing in the Harper government. The pattern of course includes the level of secrecy they demonstrate by reducing access to information and their manic need to control all and every message that we receive.

Personally, I don't think a developing pattern is the correct term, though, I think the public may react that as this stuff piles up.

The list that fits into that pattern is long of course and most recently Sheila Fraser was included. Vic Toews tried allay any fears but it would seem that no one is completely convinced.

Tonight we have yet another step being taken by this government to keep information out of the hands of the public and the media. Disgusting.

Pattern may be a term that will be easily digested by Canadians but the truth of course is that Harper came to Ottawa to change it into his ideological vision and he is doing so right now under everyone's nose, including many in the media. With this latest salvo, my hope is that those journalists who really care about their craft will finally say enough is enough and fight back.

I think Harper is getting away with much of this because the media got caught up in the nonsensical term, hidden agenda and for some reason spent more time focusing on the inanity of the term than on what it was trying to convey.

Harper's agenda has never been hidden and using that term, I think, was a mistake in strategy on the Lib's part. He's been telling us for a long time who he is and what he wanted to do to the country and government but somehow that message wasn't being explored the media.

I do not think that was bias in the classical sense. Bias is easy to spot and expected in certain environments. What troubles me is that reputable journalists seemed more concerned with the smoke than the flame. Smoke moves around, it changes colour and shape and it can become mesmerizing really. So much so that you can chase it and get lost in it's journey and completely forget what is causing it.

That kind of reporting hasn't changed much since the last election and I'm sure that my journalist friends would argue that they live in a world that forces them to follow the smoke and be the first to report it. I get that, but maybe it's time to fight back. I think your audience is more intelligent than you think. We do have time to read, listen and watch what affects us.

I admit my bias, but I'm not a journalist. The audacity of this smug, egotistical nightmare who calls himself our PM seems to have no limits. In my opinion, it is up to we the people to tell him what those limits are, but we need factual information in order to do that.

That said, there are some really good journalists out there who I think are trying to report fact, (obviously I'm linking to stories that expose reality) but because of where we have been, I think they are still pushing water up hill.

People do not trust media and I think it's time they, the media, studied why that is. People do not become cynical without reason. Of course we take what we want from what you write, but all the nonsense of left wing media, please. Me thinks many of you have been bending over backwards to prove that is not true and thou protest to much. Presenting reality would suffice.

Bottom line. Harper had and still has a clear agenda. At this moment, he's giving Canadians, the media and Canada the finger. That is the same finger he's been holding in the air for years.

That's the flame that gives off smoke, (obfuscation) and it's time to stare at the offending gesture and tell us what you see.

We are the boss of him. How did that get missed for 2 years?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps now the media will begin to look at things with a different viewpoint & begin to speak the truth in no uncertain terms as this affects them more directly. And wake up the Canadian populace to what is really going on. There are going to be a lot of unhappy people out there.

In the last election campaign Steve said, over & over, that there will be checks & balances due to the opposition, the Senate, the Courts & other Govt. watchdogs, etc. Well that was a joke!

He has done whatever he wished, ruling as a majority & threatening everyone in every area either with "confidence motions", lawsuits & actual firings of heads of regulatory commissions & on & on.

And this is also the fault of the opposition - all Party's. Not one has really stood up to him & stopped anything - some actions unstoppable as they have been done in secret as we become aware of them after the fact & it's too late.

Yes, it's time to throw him out before he does anymore damage to our system - we all know that but no one is doing it. I don't care anymore about the Libs "waiting for the right time". If they wait much longer our fair & democratic system of Govt. will be COMPLETELY gutted. And we will have the Libs to blame for that. They are now coming across as cowards & they should be wanting what is best for us first. Not putting themselves first & the Canadian people second.

I am so angry, & frightened, as to what Steve & his "waterboys" are doing to us.

sassy said...

KNB - excellent post and the photo is perfect - that smug expression on SH's face says it all.

Karen said...

I share your frustration penlan and while I'm not happy with all of the strategy employed by the opposition, there does have to be an issue that will resonate with people in order to pull the plug.

I know it could be argued that what I have listed here and elsewhere is enough but that would only apply to those of us who pay attention I think.

Overall I'm with you though.

Karen said...

Thanks sassy.

Finding photo's of a smug Harper isn't tough sadly.