Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Rot Starts at the Top

Do you know the expression, a rotting fish always starts at the head? That's what came to mind recently watching Harper and his party.

From his behaviour in the House, to flippant remarks on political shows, to interviews with media and overtly partisan speeches, it is evident that Harper has set a tone that his party emulates without reservation. It's nasty, juvenile, vindictive and damaging. Damaging to those he directs his remarks at and damaging to the country.

To be honest, it's difficult to understand that such a man is running this country. Actually, I take that back. It's more than difficult. It's appalling and embarrassing.

Since the day that Harper took office, it has been this endless loop of vindictive divisiveness. It's as if Harper has never really understood that he is the PM. He governs the country as the Conservative Party, not the as the Government of Canada and he does so without regard for the greater good.

None of this is news of course, but to have heard and read about him this past week speak about Israel, well it just really highlighted the depth that he will sink to over and over again to attain his partisan goals. He deliberately articulated falsehoods in an effort demonize some and gain popularity with others.

This excerpt from an interview on CFRB sums him up.

During question period, Rae, the Liberal foreign affairs critic, read from an interview Stephen Harper gave to Toronto radio station CFRB on the subject of Israel's 60th anniversary this week.

In the interview, Harper said that in some circles, anti-Israeli sentiment has become "a thinly disguised veil for good old-fashioned anti-Semitism."
"I am disturbed that there are some elements in our political system, there are even some members of Parliament we saw during the confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah a couple years back — some that were willing to cater to that kind of opinion," Harper said.

Disgusting. Apart from the blatant illogic of the statement, the fact that he actually accuses some MP's of being anti Semitic is beyond the pale. Of course the man does not have the courage to identify who he is referring to. No, he makes these loathsome swipes only when and where he is protected. In the House, during interviews where he is assured that he will not be challenged and at partisan rallies where his followers will accept virtually anything the man does or says, even that which contradicts their supposed values. I find that incredibly disturbing.

Many of his MP's of course follow suit. Everyday in question period, just before the cameras come on for Dion's first question, a Con MP rises to use his/her Members Statement time to deliver a juvenile taunt to Dion. Here's an example:

Mr. Jeff Watson (Essex, CPC): Mr. Speaker, 16 months ago, the so-called leader of the Liberal Party said that he was “a hero” but the self-proclaimed hero has in fact turned out to be a zero. The only one who has had a worse year than the Liberal leader is Britney Spears.

In a desperate effort to rebuild his image, the Liberal so-called leader has turned to his best friend for advice. No, not the Liberal deputy leader and, no, not the Liberal member for Toronto Centre, but to his dog Kyoto, and he has followed Kyoto's advice with lethal effect.

Kyoto says “down boy” and the Liberal leader responds by driving his poll numbers in Quebec way down. Kyoto says “sit” and the Liberal leader responds by having his caucus sit vote after vote after vote. When Kyoto says “roll over”, the Liberal leader obliges on every significant matter of policy and confidence in our government.

However, the Liberal so-called leader is saving Kyoto's best advice for last. In the next election, which Liberals now pretend they will call in the dog days of summer, their so-called leader will finally play dead.

I imagine the brain trust in the Conservative party believe that by behaving like a 12 year old hiding behind his mother's skirt is the best way to solidify their base. The taunting in the grand scheme of things is minor, but very telling of the type of individual who calls the Conservative Party of Canada home.

That type of behaviour escalates in importance and the one who sets what the next level will be is Harper. Consider his attempt to link Navdeep Bains to terrorism. Ask questions about the Afghanistan mission and you are accused of being Taliban sympathisers. If you are concerned with the rule of law, due process and the defense of Canadian citizens abroad you are deemed to back terrorism or care more about murderers than Canada's security. Now this most recent comment. Disagree with any aspect of Israel's foreign policy and you are an anti-Semite. (Do you suppose that Harper is aware that many Israeli's disagree with their government's foreign policy?)

That Canada is currently being governed by such a group is one thing. That it seems to be unrealised by the general public is quite another.

Are Canadians giving this gang a free pass or have they just tuned out? It seems to me that the unintended consequences of Harper's governing by partisanship, seems to have diminished the national dialogue to the point that no one cares. That's a tough reality to witness especially when we see such enthusiastic re-engagement south of our border.

Harper's apostles refer to him as a strong leader. I see a coward.

What is strong and growing in intensity imo, is the reek that emanates from the head of the CPC.


RuralSandi said...

Excellent - well put. I suggest you put this on Garth's blog.

I'm a babyboomer and in all my years I've never heard of such partisanship. I know it's been there in the past, but there was respect amongst the politicians. Some were friends even though opposite in political views. They use to address each other politely - "my esteemed opponent", etc.

Quite frankly, I think Harper is a sick man. His personality traits are very disturbing.

The meaness and the anger - that's not leadership nor is it tough - it's just plain meaness and anger and a weakness topped off by total immaturity.

Omar said...

I would rather see this confederation disintegrate than to have these cultural conservatives impose their narrow, throwback agenda on our far-flung nation. I was very open to the siren call of 'the west wanting in', but not at the cost of losing what we've gained progressively in the past 40years.

Anonymous said...

The liberals are kings in accusations in this parliament. I don't have to tell you what the accusations are,we all know what they are. Its been in the news I.E.the so called "in and out" situation. You see I thought that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Apparently not when it comes to the Conservatives.

You KNB accuse our PM by deliberately accusing some MP's in the opposition of anti-Israeli sentiment for what happened in 2006 in an effort to demonize some and gain popularity with others fare enough. Why is it then you don't criticize the opposition MP's with the same vigor you just criticized our PM on the anti-Israeli comment when it comes to the so called "in and out"? Don't you believe in being innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? So please KNB give me a break. We all know the old saying "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

Now about the taunting that goes on about Mr.Dion. He only has himself to blame for this period. He could act like a leader should act.

Example: You agree with polices you say so and vote in favor. If not you say so,and vote against it. You do not prop up a government if you think they are terrible for the country. This is not what we call a leader. As a matter of fact even in your party there are large elements that think that Mr.Dion is not this great leader that you try to make him be. This is why there is so much distention in your party that you care so much about.

This is my opinion and I stand by it.

Karen said...

Thanks sandi. I wouldn't be so presumptious as to inflict my post on another blog, but I appreciate your comment.

I'm a boomer too and I've never seen anything like it. I used to think it was because I hadn't been paying attention but I've gone back and read some Hansard and while there has always been digging, this government is unlike no other that I can see.

His personality traits are very disturbing.

I couldn't agree more.

Karen said...

I hear you Omar. I'd prefer to see them completely exposed for who and what they are and hope to see that happen the next time around.

Karen said...

right, aside from the fact that there is an ocean of difference between calling an MP an anti-Semite and asking for clarification on elections spending, who has said the Con's are guilty?

That you would compare the two is rather bizarre but worse, that you would so cavalierly dismiss the fact that your leader has no problem in calling MP's bigots is quite remarkable.

It is precisely the trait I am describing in this post. Con's have no compunction in destroying peoples reputations and lives.

The Lib's aren't being investigated by Elections Canada, nor did they invent the story out of whole cloth as Harper has. To the best of my knowledge, the Lib's have said that if the accusations against the Con's are true, then they have committed election fraud.

That you cannot discern between these two things proves my point.

Anonymous said...

It's amusing how the Right can only respond with "but but the Liberals did it first"....

The party of Stephan Harper has lowered political discourse in this country and continues to do so with cheap partisan politics.

I believe in the State of Israel and it's right to exist but certainly think that they are acting like thugs and at times are worse than those they denounce.
I find it amusing in an alarming way that some are so conditioned to blindly follow. In my view, Israel is a criminal state that continues to defy UN resolutions with the tacit approval of the US and now Canada.

The party of Stephan Harper does not represent Canadians and has contributed to American style divisive politics in a way never seen. I'd say that most following are hypocrites of the highest order. Just for a moment imagine the howls of outrage if a Liberal cabinet minister had been fucking a ex-biker chick... I don't think that you hang around the criminal element not knowing what goes on.

I am embarrassed that Harper in ruining this country. He is not a man of vision but only a cheap suit and I am sure that the country will take a decade or more recuperate from whatever ills he will instil.

Anonymous said...

Your post of 5:11 so ridicules I'm sorry to say. I don't even know where to start. But thanks for proving my point about how the libs are so blinded when it comes to their party. Inadvertently I'm sure. I think I'm done with this particular post,because its a waste of time. We would just simply go round and round and get no where.

Karen said...

cherniak_wtf, indeed. I was pretty outspoken during the Israel/Lebanon war and I'm certainly not an anti-Semite.

I'm currently critical of Canada's foreign policy and while it's not the same, I'm hardly anti- Canadian.

The irony of course is that Harper is anti-Canada as it is now and we won't even go to the xenophobes in his party.

As to Bernier...if the tables were turned? Good grief. The cacophony in the House would have been heard in Vancouver!

My hope is that the country will recover sooner than that, but Harper must not be allowed to form even another minority government. My bet is that he'd be gone after that. His arrogant pride couldn't take it.

Karen said...

right, you're again proving my point. Your argument that arrogantly ignores the seriouness of calling someone an anti-Semite failed, so you go to plan b...projecting.

I say that you've proved my point that Con's are blinded by their party and because you cannot defend your intial argument, you repeat my words and insert the word Liberal.

Harper called opposition MP's anti-Semetic and didn't have the courage to tell us who he means. His words are untrue and based on ideology.

The Lib's have asked questions, FIRST raised by Elections Canada, and have said that if proven true, that constitutes fraud. That's factual.

Your argument is apples and bananas my friend.

burlivespipe said...

Ah, The Right who apparently got 'The Script.'
Playing the role of turd monkey for Harper's crew means clamping on some pretty rigid blinders, but lets give you a couple of examples for your hypocrisy, should we?

You say:
"The liberals are kings in accusations in this parliament... You see I thought that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Apparently not when it comes to the Conservatives."

Harper demonstrated his interest in 'innocent until proven guilty' when he blatantly sided with some hidden American source to condemn the gov't of the day's attempts to discern the health and safety of Canadian Maher Arar. Harper and Day both noted in Parliament -- but refused to repeat out of it because they are chickensh^ts -- of Arar's 'terrorist ties'... Now where was the proof in that?
Harper would later unleash an unprovoked attack against nuclear commissioner Linda Keene, tabbing her as a partisan appointee. The woman has never been a member of the Liberal party, is a native of Alberta (thus, likely didn't even know a liberal growing up) all while trying to fog up the rules of operation under which her board acts. He didn't care - but for now better known reasons, he wanted to weaken the commission so that he could start freeing up industry and big business' ability to work unfettered in uranium and nuclear sales.
those are a couple of examples. Many more to offer, unfortunately, but you've no doubt been put to bed by your mommy now. Get some new tinfoil.

RuralSandi said...

Secret Letter from Harper to Tim Horton's discovered
Submitted by Bob Rae on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 07:49.
Through an Access to Information Request, I have just received this copy of a letter from Stephen Harper to the President of Tim Horton's:

I have just learned of your decision to reinstate the employee who was fired for giving away a free "Timbits" to a crying baby.

While I am no longer allowed to frequent such establishments myself, I admired your original decision and am dismayed that you would cave into dubious liberal second thoughts.

Employees stealing a timbit from the company and sharing the benefits with babies, old people, or anyone else might seem like a small thing.

But we all know the progression. It starts with a timbit. Then it's a doughnut - say, a chocolate glazed - than it moves on to a cruller (those new maple ones are good), a toasted bagel, and so it goes. Before you know it your employees are giving aways bowls of soup and chili, sandwiches, and who knows how many coffees, mocha froths and those toffee tasting whipped cream things that I'm not even allowed to look at any more.

There goes the business. There goes the brand. There goes discipline, loyalty, and living by the rules. It's a slippery slope. A timbit might seem like a small thing. But it's really just the beginning of the end.

So deal with this thing upfront. Fire the employee. Stick by your original plan. The bad publicity will come and go. Don't answer questions. Attack the questioner. Challenge their credibility. Smear Coffee Time.

It works for me.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Harper
Prime Minister doesn't that just make you sick to your stomach - Harper's nuts, no doubt about it. No more Timmy's for me - if Harper is their advisor. Moving on the Coffee Time.

Karen said...

Bob Rae does satire? Who knew?

Cute. I'm liking him more with each passing day.