Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's Left?

A new poll shows that satisfaction for the Con's is taking quite a hit. The participants voiced their opinion before finding out just how incredibly incompetent Bernier is.

A new poll suggests satisfaction with the performance of the Conservatives plunged 13 percentage points from December to May.
The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey indicates satisfaction fell to 40 per cent from 53 per cent — with majority dissatisfaction in every region of the country except Alberta.

The Mood of Canada poll also found that just 27 per cent of respondents said the Tories were doing a good job in regard to government integrity.
And 65 per cent said the government was doing a bad job on accountability

I'll wait for further polls to substantiate this one before declaring that this is the definitive view of Canadians, but it is interesting to note that only a number equal to Harper's base thinks his government is doing a good job on accountability.

Wait. Accountability? Oh say it isn't so! How on earth could their signature plank, their trademark, their poster of John Accountability Baird, have apparently failed so badly? Oh, actually have to do more than utter the words and work partisan groups into a frenzy, for people to believe you.

Integrity is also mentioned. Boy, that's gotta hurt. Thankfully Canadians think that you have to actually demonstrate a measure of honesty and responsibility in order to be respected for having integrity.

If another poll supports the conclusions drawn by this one and that opinion holds, you have to wonder what Harper will run on in the next election. If Canadians do not think that the government is accountable or has integrity, that kind of puts a dent in the whole leadership thing doesn't it? So what will it be?

The Environment? Ha! Health Care? Nope, Clement tipped his ideological hand today. The Economy? Well I suppose they could try by there are an awful lot of sectors that are ticked off in that area too. Cultural Issues? Daycare? Human Rights?

I give up. Something tells me this might not be the last time we see this expression on Harper's face.

Update - Ooops, I think I spoke too soon concerning what he might run on . More details here.

Satisfaction with government integrity fell 10 points, with just 27 per cent saying the Tories are doing a good job in this regard. And 65 per cent said the Harper government is doing a "bad job" on accountability. A shortfall in this category would suggest the government is losing support in an area that was critical to their electoral success two years ago. The Conservatives rode a wave of voter disgust over the Liberal sponsorship scandal into office in 2006.

Some 74 per cent said the government was doing a bad job on health care, 70 per cent believe the Tories are not being attentive to the views and priorities of Canadians, and 66 per cent gave the thumbs down on environmental policy.

Ratings for providing "smooth, orderly government" sank 12 points to 40 per cent from 52.

"Good-job" ratings fell 16 percentage points on the government's promotion of economic growth, 15 points on fiscal management and 13 points on limiting taxes.

That reflected declining confidence in the overall economy, with the number of respondents who felt the economy was in good or excellent shape falling to 51 per cent from 78 per cent during the five-month period.
Among 20 government policy areas surveyed, 12 showed "significant deterioration," said Harris-Decima, three improved and five others remained stable.

The government's five best ratings were for: human rights protection ("Good job," 50 per cent); managing Canada-U.S. relations (48 per cent); public safety (48 per cent); international relations (45 per cent); and economic growth (43 per cent).

Human rights protection 50% good job? Okay, we seriously need more exposure of the truth here. Cda-US relations? Call me after the next US election. Public safety? Yawn, the 'fear' card. International relations? Something tells me that is going to change, especially when various cultural channels play all the horrible coverage we've received in the world of late. Economic growth, well nasty Flaherty will be sure to keep that number sinking. Good grief, 15% down?

It would seem that the master strategist Harper, according to this poll at least, is more of a master saboteur.


Gayle said...

Cue the Adscam comments from the cons.

This just goes to show accountabilitiy is easier to demand than to deliver.

Karen said...

I had the same thought about Adscam Gayle.

I think people have tired of that refrain, except the Con base of course.

Dion was against the sponsorship program, so they can hardly hammer him on that.

Oh wait. That's one of these tedious fact thingies, so it doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will give Dion the courage to go to the people, I wouldn't bet on it though.

Karen said...

trevor, I always chuckle when I hear/read people suggest that Dion does not have courage.

It tells me you do not know anything about the man.

This is one poll my friend. Damning to be sure, but you don't trigger an election based on one lonely poll.

ottlib said...

trevor, trevor, trevor, why would Mr. Dion trigger an election now?

The government is imploding at the moment so Mr. Dion as their chief opponent would be downright stupid to help them change the channel.

Remember that old political adage about not interfering when your opponent is making a mistake?

knb: I once stated on your blog that the second half of a government mandate is usually manageing the general malaise that sets in amongst the electorate after the half-way point.

Since the Linda Keen, medical isotopes fiasco this government has been doing a very poor job of doing so.

So those numbers you quote could be the beginning of an unhappy trend. (Or happy depending on your point of view.)

We will have to wait and see.

Karen said...

ottlib, well it looks like you were correct.

I have to say that I was really in doubt that Canadian's were paying attention and I found that disturbing obviously, as I've written many times.

So, I'll wait for this to be a happy trend, (for me), but I have to say it's sad at the same time.

The damage this government has done, domestically and internationally, while not irreparable, is difficult to watch.

RuralSandi said...

I cannot see how people could be comfortable in any way about security after the Bernier fiasco.

When was this poll done?

About courage - do you call it courage for a man to leave the room or shut down parliament when things get tough?

Trouble is - people really do not know Dion. I read a piece a couple of years ago about what Dion went through when he adopted his daughter, etc. Dion never leaves to room, pouts or shrinks from taking the attacks and they've mean and brutal - so, I don't want to hear any more about bravery when Harper can't even take if he doesn't get his own way.

Karen said...

Sandi the Angus Reid poll was May 14-23.

Here's another poll, by To/Star Angus Reid May 9-10, that I doubt will please Harper.