Thursday, April 09, 2009

Attawapiskat...I Wasn't Kidding

When I wrote about this the other night, I wasn't just being provacative or political. I'm absolutely flummoxed as to how we can continue to witness this, but I will say that I am grateful to see a story written about it. That's a CP feed, so I don't know if the story will be picked up.
Whether or not it is, please send it to family and friends and encourage them to write to Mininster Chuck Strahl at his website, the department website, or his parliamentary
He seems to have a tin ear on this, so feel free to copy whomever you think might listen, your MP for instance or a local newspaper.
Seriously, we simply cannot watch this happen.


Anonymous said...

KNB your first website link not working,your email also not working.

KNB said...


penlan said...

This has been going on for far too long. The ignorance is astounding. It seems that the MP representing this riding is not a Con & there is a Senator who has said that this is the reason they aren't getting any help. I will look for more definitive info on that statement & post it here if I can find it.

KNB said...

It's NDP Charlie Angus's riding penlan. He's done a ton to get this noticed.

I don't know anything about a Senator making the point though. If you can find something, that would be great.

penlan said...

Oops - Sorry. Wrong info. It wasn't a Senator it is this guy:

RuralSandi said...

How in hell can anyone who looks at those innocent little faces say no.

Makes you want to cry.

Ahni said...

Hey. Here's a couple petitions as well:

1. Calling on Chuck strahl to live in Attawapiskat for one month

2. Calling on the government to build a school