Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oh, He'll Regret This!

This story just doesn't seem to be going away does it?

What keeps me intrigued is the fact that I keep watching Conservatives wave their hand toward me and mumble oh, pshaw. When they say that the media is trying to fill space and quip that it must be a slow news week, I perk up.

Call me crazy, but I don't think that the meeting of the G-20 and subsequent news about the recession, job losses, pension problems, etc., is what most people would call a slow news period.

Alexander Panetta, who seems to have done the lions' share of reporting on this doesn't seem to think it has anything to do with the Reform, PC divisions in the party. While that may be true, the divisions are obvious and seem to be between those who still believe that Harper is the master strategist and can do no wrong and those who are seeing through him.

I'll tell you who surprised me the most. This woman:

Marjory LeBreton, of whom Kinsella has said, wouldn't have bus fare if it wasn't for Mulroney, seems to have had no problem turning her back on him. How do you do that? I guess her misplaced belief in Harper over rides decades old loyalty.

Anyway, I think the real story here is that Harper does not have the handle on his party that he once did. That cannot play out well for him going forward. Say what you will about Ignatieff, but his building a loyal group behind him at this particular point in time is meaningful.

Does the public really pay attention to what goes on in caucus? Of course not. They do pay attention to what is said that is contrary to 'the message' though. Maybe not what's being said as much as the discord in creates and the questions it raises.

The expression, pshaw is so under used, which is a shame really. It's highly revealing and I for one intend to listen for it whether it's uttered or intimated.


Steve V said...

I wonder if that's why Harper was pushing MacKay for NATO ;)

Clearly, this story line is really hurting Ignatieff.

RuralSandi said...

I am absolutely not surprised by LeBreton. I saw her on Mike Duffy being interviewed and the two of them were wink, giggle, nudge, nudge gossiping and being judge and jury about Belinda Stronach - LeBreton is a gossip and is two-faced, and it shows now.

Brian A said...

And the latest word is that this feud is manufactured by Harper's people as a way to further distance himself from Mulroney. Can you say, "Blowing up in his face?"

KNB said...

Agreed Steve and me thinks it's only going to get worse.

KNB said...

Sandi, I've seen her interviewed and have always been put off by her. That's just a personal take. What surprised me though is how you can just abandon someone with whom you have been so close, a confidante even, if the stories are to be believed.

That kind of betrayal is stunning.

KNB said...

Yes, i saw that Brian A. Not just manufactured by his people, but done with his approval. I just wrote about it.

Even traditionally Conservative friendly radio stations are reporting on the latest. Normally they avoid such stories.