Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wish You Were Here

Well, for a Convention about nothing, with apparently no attendance and no media coverage, I have to tell you that Vancouver is a pretty busy and happening place!

I'll begin by putting to rest the lies about no one attending. 2200 delegates were pre-registered and who knows how more many will be arriving today? The press? Well, I really didn't think that Don Newman was the type, but I have to wonder what he was smoking?, the other day when he said that this thing wouldn't be covered by the media. They are all here, covering all events in both official languages.

The first day has been busy and interesting. If you were watching CPAC you may have seen the Right Honourable John Turner speaking. He's still as passionate about the party and it's future as he's always been. He was adamant about grass roots involvement and building the party back up, riding by riding. He made some comments about youth and the place of the party whip. Specifically, the whips should only be seen when a throne speech or a budget is on the horizon.

He was followed by Ignatieff who was in good form as well. He concurred with most of what Turner said, but had a caveat as it related to appointing. It's not a power he wants to employ often, but reserves the right to do so, because as he said, we are going to run across the country, in every riding because the Liberal party is not just a vote getting machine, but a national institution.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give a brief overview and let you know I'm here. I'll have pictures later and try to give you a bit of 'behind the scenes' detail.

In the meantime, don't believe the convention about nothing nonsense. There is a lot here in terms of substance and an awful lot of very interested Liberals. If you have specific questions, let me know in comments and I'll see if I can get the answers for you.

Wish you were here!


sassy said...

You've answered the question I had and that was how many people are registered.

Thanks and have fun in Van.

Dame said...

Good to know you made it to Vancouver ...I am sure this event will be all positive Too following the good poll Numbers. I just Nominated Michael by Internet means .I may show up as spectator in the Convention tomorrow..and promise to be NOISY!!

penlan said...

Looking forward to all your posts & pics! :)

Glad to hear there is an abundance of media there, too. Just hope they cover it fairly - think they won't have choice but to be fair.

KNB said...

I know post's are slim. Trust me, it's tech stuff on my part and there is much to come, once I over come the nonsense

No questions huh? Funny. Here I am, surrounded by MP's and Senator's and no one has anything to say? Hmm.

Marta, if you are here and I don't meet you, well.... Hit my e-mail and I'll direct you to the media room. I would love to meet you.