Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whaat? You Fool No One!

Do you remember those rumours about the government bailing out the private media sector? No one confirmed or denied them, which told us that it was up for consideration.
Well, lookie here.
Ottawa has a new option on the table for helping local TV stations make it through the recession: buy more government ads.
They have a plan all right. It's all about promoting their agenda under the guise of innocent government advertising. Are you kidding me?
To begin with, I'm quite certain that I've never heard as much government advertising as it is now, though no one seems interested in exploring that expense. Secondly, can you explain to me how throwing money at an industry that needs to seriously restructure, is going to even remotely help them solve their larger issues?
Oh, forget it. I'm not even going to try to explore the rational here. This is nothing more than a disgusting move to increase advertising dollars for the Conservative Party of Canada. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs serious help.
This makes In and Out look like child's play, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

There is plenty of government advertising - provincially I see it all the time.

Let's be clear here - I don't like it at any level, but it's hardly new.

Cari said...

It makes me ill..can they really get away with this..ex Soviet Union Style? I feel one for Michael

penlan said...

You can be sure these so-called govt. ads will be heavy on touting the Conservative Party more than any govt. program - which is free advertising for the Party & campaigning, all on the taxpayers dime. And the Cons will keep their coffers full for use in the next election.


RuralSandi said...

This makes me sick. Yes, governments advertise, but it's usually for tourism or where to get help, etc.

This is a whole different story - Harper has campaigned on OUR taxpayer money since day one and plans to do more via CTV (as if he needs to), Global, etc.

Well, perhaps a flood of complaints to the sponsors of these stations saying we will not buy their products when our taxpayer monies are already paying for the station.

Steve V said...

This initiative has no precedent, to say it's more of the same is an intellectually bankrupt argument.