Friday, April 10, 2009

How About No Morals, Period?

You see that expression? That's one that often crosses Harper's face when he's throwing out some dishonest bit of spin that he hopes the public will swallow. My observation has been that he generally reserves this face for specific character assassinations. That's for public consumption though. I imagine that when he is giving his staff permission to denigrate someone he perceives to be a threat, that he looks more like this:

Whatever his expression, it should now be clear to all just how this man operates. While Tonda McCharles's story comes as no real surprise to me, you have to wonder if the public is now beginning to see this man for who he is. In fact, you have to wonder if his hard core supporters still believe that he is a master strategist?

Does it get more disgusting than the PM himself giving the okay to diminish Mulroney for no reason other than to create a narrative that he believes will give him an advantage during the next election? I mean, the stupidity of the ploy is glaring, but to now learn that the 'chess player' thought it was sound strategy tells us just how twisted this guy really is.

"He (Harper) knew and he agreed to it," said the source, referring to plans to leak the original story. "They thought they could differentiate between old Conservatives and new Conservatives, Progressive Conservatives and the Conservative Party of Canada. And of course it's a ridiculous notion."

Yes, it's a ridiculous notion especially when you consider how much time and energy has been spent trying to reassure Canadians that they are the same old Tory party, not a party of Reformers and not a party to be wary of.

Teneycke, reached last night, declined comment "on any of that" when asked about his, Giorno's and Harper's roles in the decision to go public with the Mulroney story. "That all sounds like rumours to me as opposed to fact and I'm not really going to comment. I don't think this is a major issue."

Oops. There's that condescending 'pshaw' moment again. I can't wait to see what they are going to pull out of their hat to try and distract us.

The bottom line? Harper can rant as much as he likes about others and their moral compass because when you are as amoral as this guy, nothing you say will be taken seriously.

Keep sputtering Harper. What's that expression about governments defeating themselves?


Anonymous said...

He's retreating to his base, hunkering down for the next election, hoping to limit the Libs to a minority (expect him to throw out some red meat for the Bloc), and hoping to come back after the recession is over.

That's what this Mulroney thing is about. He wants the party divided between the two factions, because if they're united, they'll all want him gone. This way, MacKay will be battling Kenney, Prentice will be fighting Day, etc etc.

That's what this is. It's actually a good strategy, from his own personal point of view. Not so much from a party pov.

Brian A said...

The man is mad with power and ultimately, hopefully very soon, it will lead to his downfall.

KNB said...

Interesting theory anon. Indeed it may stave off problems for himself through distraction, but it's really dumb for the party as you note.

The ramifications of encouraging this feud are fascinating really. All that pent up anger from being beaten down and told to shut up all these years...who knows where that will lead?

KNB said...

From your lips to the voters ears, Brian. lol

btw, I just checked out your blog. Nice one! It's good to see another Liberal voice. I don't see you on the Liblogs aggregator list though. Have you applied?

Cari said...

I think the man is unstable, or mentally deranged . I do not know if he average voter knows him, and that scares me.
All the ads he is going to run against Ignatieff..I hope if backfires good!

wilson said...

Yes, and Liberals are flush with morals, especially Quebec Liberals:

as reported today

"In Oct. 2003 [when he was worried about repaying $137,000] Mr. Galambos told Ms. Perez about his efforts to regain the favour of the federal Liberals," Holmes wrote.

"He played her a tape recording of a conversation with then-Justice Minister Cauchon in which the latter promised that if he purchased tables at a fundraising dinner for Paul Martin,
Mr. Galambos would start receiving prosecution work from DOJ.
Mr. Galambos asked Ms. Perez to charge $15,000 for three tables at the Liberal party fundraising dinner,
plus $1,000 for a Laurier Club membership for Mr. Galambos,
plus $580 for a donation to the Liberal party,
for a total of $16,580 for this single event charged to her personal credit card."

Is it not just a little hard for Liberals, like yourself KNB,
the good ones,
to have this kind of crap in 'old' LPC keep surfacing?

That's why the old PC party, IMO, shud be burried, and Mulroney gets the respect he deserves, zip.

Moores, PC Premier, is also in the KHS mess....the PC party is like the 'old' LPC, full of corruption.

Gayle said...

Wilson - I give you credit for bravely trying to pretend this is about the liberals, but when you have to resort to things that happened 16 years ago, it is kind of apparent how desperate your spin really is.

As for the topic at hand, if ANon is correct and Harper is only trying to save his own job, I do not think he will succeed. It appears the knives are out - all he has to do is give them an excuse now.

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - you must spend all you time looking up the negatives. Well, if we wanted to, we could all spend time cutting and pasting OLD stories that have nothing to do with 2009.

Go for a walk, do something with your life because your constant negative cutting and pasting is just oh so tiresome and boring.

Shall we do the same, or should be "move on" with life. You know, the most corrupt leader in our history was Sir John A. MacDonald (also a total drunk) and yet he accomplished something and you people revere him. Because he was so corrupt, I think he should be removed from the Conservative list.

Besides, what moral compass is there in demeaning someone and taking their money at the same time? Not nice, not moral and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Mulroney's story is from thirty years ago RuralSandi, I don't see that the Liberals and their enablers, the CBC and private MSM, have ever had a problem bringing that up.

Quit your whining, politics is blood sport, pretty much anything goes as long as it is not to the point of being actionable and brought to court in a civil trial.

Anonymous said...

On Mulroney oops, my bad, twenty years ago.

Sir Francis said...

...that expression...[is] one that often crosses Harper's face when he's throwing out...

It looks more like he's throwing up. It's a priceless shot. Where do you find those photos?

The fact that Harper stage-managed this whole imbroglio speaks to his deep desperation: he's trying to capitalise on Central and Western Canada's still-vibrant hatred of Mulroney (after having exploited him as a political mentor for five years). Harper knows that this kind of cynical tactic is the only thing that's going to grease his ass back into government.

After three years in power, this is all he's got. Pathetic.

KNB said...

wilson, no one wants to see corruption, on that we would agree.

The Cauchon story looks like a non-starter. The person making the accusation has been discredited and Cauchon has a pretty honourable record, so if I had to bet....

I think you can 'clean up' a party or organisation without blowing it up.

What disturbs me about the current CPC is the 'dirty' manner in which they operate. Corruption has a few meanings and in the case of the CPC I'd assign unscrupulous without reservation.

Whether or not you cared for Dion and his policies, what they did to that man was shameful. The same goes for Navdeep Bains, Stronach, and many others. Calling people terrorists, unpatriotic, anti-military etc., is disgusting imo. Take that further and you have the PM lying about what the coalition meant and how our system of parliament works.

In other words, they'll do anything to gain what they perceive as advantage, (In and Out?).

How they are using Mulroney is not only obvious, it's just the latest example of how they have no qualms in throwing anyone,even their own, under the proverbial bus.

Yes, I'm tired of corruption and I'm especially tired of the current government corrupting our system of governance.

I believe that Harper's ruthlessness and incredible ego are going to do him, and the party, in.

KNB said...

Gayle, I would agree that Harper has lost the grasp he once had on his caucus.

Oh, they'll be obedient when they return to the Hill and he lays down the law again...until it affects them personlly.

Leaks like this do not happen unless your loyalty has waned.

KNB said...

Anon: Quit your whining, politics is blood sport, pretty much anything goes as long as it is not to the point of being actionable and brought to court in a civil trial.

That is precisely the attitude that will be the demise of this government.

KNB said...

Sir Francis: It looks more like he's throwing up

Lol. Oh, there are plenty of photo's out there. I never seem to have difficulty finding the expression I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...

Oh, really. The Liberals are still broke, hoping to be in the black side of the ledger by sometime n May or shortly thereafter, long,long way to go before being election ready.

Policy items for your convention, same old Liberal clap trap that got Former PMPM and the Liberals kicked out of government.


KNB said...

Oh dear. I forgot the little ones don't have school today.